Dawson's Creek

Season 3 Episode 7

Escape from Witch Island

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 1999 on The WB
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Episode Summary

In a bone-chilling installment, Dawson recruits Joey, Pacey and Jen to be his guerilla crew on a documentary for history class about Witch Island, a local spot shrouded in mystery for its reputation for being haunted by witches. They are haunted by tall tales of witches and love lost that has Dawson and Joey questioning their own romance and Jen and Pacey considering a new kind of friendship. Back at school, Andie takes her job on the school disciplinary committee a little too seriously when she tries taking back the halls of Capeside.moreless

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  • Dawson, Joey, Pacey, and Jen go to Witch Island.

    "Escape from Witch Island" is definitely one of the best episodes in season 3. I love how this is a teen drama, and they can pull off a horror-esque episode. I love the story about Witch island with how people thought a whole bunch of girls were witches, so they sent them to the island, and burned them in a church. My favourite scene in is when Dawson, Joey, Jen, and Pacey are all in the church and there's fire everywhere and they try to escape, and then they get the door open and there's no fire anymore. It's one of the most creepiest things ever. I also love how there's a love story about a witch and a boy, and how it relates to Joey and Dawson in this episode. Jen and Pacey doing a love spell was awesome. I love how they decide to be friends who have sex. Andie is just way to awesome. I feel so bad for her. She feels so guilty about cheating on the PSAT and then all these good things happen to her like being n the disciplinary committee and she feels way to guilty to be apart of it. I give this episode a 10/10.moreless
  • Dawson is filming a documentary on witch island where things go awry after jen tries to do a love spell...

    This was an awesome episode i loved it it was scary too the scares were funny though at the end when Dawson Jen Joey and pacey get scared away i think that the lady and boat man set that up to run them off the island or just to scare them and keep the legend about the island true so all in all it was a fantastic episode! i could watch it over and overmoreless
James Van Der Beek

James Van Der Beek

Dawson Leery

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Josephine "Joey" Potter

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

Jennifer "Jen" Lindley

Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson

Pacey J. Witter

Kerr Smith

Kerr Smith

Jack McPhee (recurring Season 2)

Meredith Monroe

Meredith Monroe

Andrea "Andie" McPhee (recurring Season 2)

Vanessa Dorman

Vanessa Dorman

Belinda McGovern

Guest Star

Wayne Pére

Wayne Pére

Boat Guy

Guest Star

Liz Vassey

Liz Vassey

Wendy Dalrymple

Guest Star

Obba Babatundé

Obba Babatundé

Principal Howard Green

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Dawson, Joey, Jen and Pacey are stuck on Witch Island after dark they use flashlights to see their way. However, it is very clear from the dialogue before that they never intended to stay after dark. They didn't even pack any snacks, why then carry the flashlights?

    • One of the supposed witches was named Mary and her lover was named William. There is an actual college in Williamsburg, Virginia, called The College of Willian and Mary. It was named for King William III and Queen Mary II.

    • Pacey: Smart*** sidekick, he never gets the girl.

      Interesting bit of foreshadowing for the season.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Joey: Dawson, don't you ever wonder where this is going, where we are exactly? I mean, is this just the first act or is our story ended and we're just too stupid to realize it?

    • Jen: I say witch is just a buzzword. For a girl who happens to follow her completely healthy, totally natural urges, and explore her sexuality. But see, you can't do that in school in the swingin' 1690's without getting the good townsfolk all up in arms. So what do these puritanical, impotent creeps do? Instead of reaching for the Viagra, they brand these girls as witches, they send them off to this godforsaken island to die a horrible solitary death.
      Joey: Well, lucky for you, Jen... I mean, we live in a world where you can follow your natural urges without fear of persecution.
      Jen: You're right. I would've been so burned at the stake by now.

    • Jen: I wonder if Pacey loves me yet?

    • Dawson: Hey, once upon a time, you yourself told me that some love stories never end. What happened to that girl?
      Joey: She offered herself to the boy she loved. The boy she thought loved her back. And he rejected her.

    • Joey: Serves me right for being that girl.
      Dawson: What girl?
      Joey: That girl who tries to rent the movie the night before an all-important paper is due because her debilitating attention deficit disorder's gotten in the way of her actually reading the book.

    • Joey: Dawson, you can't just will a friendship into existence.

    • Joey: Well, you know, if I blow off the paper, then I'll probably fail the class, and if I fail the class, well, that could be the beginning of a long and tragic downwards spiral that dooms me to wait the tables of Capeside's greasy spoons for eternity, so... count me in.

    • Dawson: If he did meet somebody else and forgot about her than obviously they were never meant to be in the first place. See my point?
      Joey: Could you be any more naive?
      Dawson: Could you be any more cynical?
      Jen: Could you be any more irritating?

    • Pacey: (To Jen) Well, not to be a naysayer, no actually, to be a naysayer, my belief in the power of spells is somewhere up there with my belief in the validity of sea monkeys.

    • Pacey: Doesn't that just warm your heart. Kevin and Winnie taking those first tentive steps back to the Wonder Years.
      Jen: Actually, it just makes me really glad that you and I had the forethought never to hook-up.
      Pacey: Amen Sister Christian.

    • Dawson: Mind if I ask you a couple of questions, I'm making a movie.
      Boat driver: Only if you return the favor. Alright, so what's your movie about?
      Dawson: I'm making a documentary on Witch Island. What's your movie about?
      Boat driver: I'm making a documentary about all the people making a documentary about Witch Island. Ever since Blair Witch hit every geek with a camcorder and a dream has been out here, so with a little luck this baby'll get me on the festival circuit, right?

    • Pacey: Well, alright then. Okay. (Pause) Did you want to do it right now?
      Jen: Umm, do you?
      Pacey: I'm kinda tired, actually.
      Jen: Oh, fine. Roswell's on in five minutes anyway. You just let me know when you want to do it and I'll do it.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Music featured in the episode included:
      Puzzle Girl by Kim Stockwood
      Gone by The Tea Party
      If by Dragmatic

    • In the last five or six minutes of this episode, when Jen is talking to Pacey she says "Roswell's on in five minutes..." This is ironic because Roswell was actually going to be on in five minutes.
      Also, as a previous interest of Jen's from the previous season (Jason Behr who played Chris Wolfe) stars in Roswell.

  • ALLUSIONS (11)

    • Dawson: Hey, once upon a time, you yourself told me that some love stories never end. What happened to that girl?

      Joey: She offered herself to the boy she loved. The boy she thought loved her back. And he rejected her.

      This is an allusion to episode 3x01 Like a Virgin.

    • Joey comments on the entire experience as "an X-File we will never solve."

      The X-Files is an American science fiction television series whose main features are the mistrust of governments, the interest in conspiracy theories and spirituality, and the belief in the existence of extraterrestrial life.

    • Pacey: I'm... brooding... and comely.

      A reference to Bree Sharp's song David Duchovny, which uses the exact same lyrics. Later, Joey comments on the entire experience as "an X-File we will never solve."

    • The title of this episode, Escape From Witch Island, is a play on the title of a 1970's movie, Escape from Witch Mountain.

    • Pacey: Doesn't that just warm your heart. Kevin and Winnie talking those first tentive steps back to the Wonder Years.

      Reference to a 1980's tv show called the Wonder Years, about two best friends and neighbors who share the ups and downs of growing up in the 60's.

    • Pacey: Amen Sister Christian.

      REO Speedwagon had a song popular in the mid 80's called Sister Christian.

    • Bessie: One time in high school this kid disappeared there, he was a big stoner. One of those guys that has Led Zeppelin fore playing in his head at all times. Everybody said he probably got wasted and drowned. I don't know, some people say the witches got him.

      Led Zeppelin is a popular band from the 70's.

    • This episode is a takeoff on The Blair Witch Project.

    • Boat driver: I know you kids think it's all spooky fun and keetchy cool and all that but don't get so caught up in your little Scooby Doo adventure that you get stuck out there past dark. This is a reference to the cartoon Scooby Doo and the four kids and Scooby himself who solve mysteries.

    • Guy in Rowboat: You think they're (the witches) not capable of taking out their anger on a few errant teeny-boppers every once in a full moon.

      This is a play on words for the phrase "once in a blue moon".

    • Jen: Roswell's on in five minutes.

      The TV series Roswell features Jason Behr, who also appeared earlier on Dawson's Creek as the infamous Chris Wolfe.