Dawson's Creek

Season 6 Episode 9

Everything Put Together Falls Apart

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

Todd tells Dawson how lucky they are to have Max on the film. Natasha is just as excited. When Max arrives, his is an amalgamation of every slick, cheesy actor stereotype know to man and he immediately starts his quest to get Natasha into bed. Dawson gets jealous and when she doesn't know he can hear her, Natasha tells Max that Dawson isn't her boyfriend and says he's just a P.A. Todd hears the conversation too and tries to get Dawson away before anything more can be said. Later he tells Dawson that he should just ignore it if he wants to keep sleeping with Natasha, establishing that that is a driving force in Dawson's relationship with her. Later, he sees her in the hall, hanging on Max. He goes back to his room and Natasha arrives. She lies and tells Dawson she has been home most of the night. She puts the moves on him and he caves - erasing any doubt that having sex with Natasha is definitely important to him - even if his self-respect isn't. Across town, Joey can't find a decent place to study. Eddie offers her his place and he later comes home to see her asleep on the couch. They chat (she asks him about his figure skates - he's supposedly the owner of masculine grace) and Joey tells him how she doesn't sleep with guys on the first date - but that she'd like to change that with him. Afterwards, when they wake up they realize that Joey is two hours late for her final in Professor Hetson's class. She comes unglued, arguing that it's Eddie's fault for not waking her up. He takes her to the test - but she only has thirty minutes left. She tries to reason with Hetson, who rebuffs her, saying that if he gave her a break he would have to do the same for everyone - she failed the test, bringing her grade down to a D. She goes back to the bar and tells Eddie that it's over: she's going to lose her scholarship and have to leave school. He tells her she's being melodramatic and she explodes about how she doesn't even know him. He tells her that he doesn't want her to regret what happened between them - but it's clear to him that she does. Later Hetson comes in and bates Joey. Eddie tried to intercede, but Hetson is blatantly cruel and vicious with him - about how Eddie's a loser and Joey's going places - ending in Eddie punching out Hetson. Later Eddie leaves to find Joey waiting for him. He informs her that he's been fired. She apologizes. He offers to take her somewhere where they can relax - the end up at an ice rink where Joey decides that he does indeed possess some masculine grace. Pacey offers to pay Emma to go to a holiday party with him. He'll even buy her a new dress. She agrees and they go and find a dress. Later at the party, she shows up and has added her own touch to it (cut it to shreds and hooked to together with safety-pins). Pacey's boss Rich mocks her but she holds her own slamming him right back. In the bathroom she overhears that the evening is a contest where the guy with the hottest date gets $1000. She leaves and Rich warns Pacey to remember that he is the boss and threatens that he holds Pacey's future in his hands. Later Pacey arrives home and finds Emma there. She asks him why he brought her - to make fun of her? He says that she was the most beautiful woman there. They look into each others' eyes and lunge for each other, kissing. Then Jack comes home and they dive on opposite ends of the couch - pretending nothing has happened. Jack sits between them, oblivious of the new dynamic in the house.