Dawson's Creek

Season 4 Episode 2

Failing Down

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 2000 on The WB

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  • How to make a huge drama about failing a class

    Pacey is in some problems. Apparently he has failed ( and this is very good of him ) 3 classes last year. He did manage to pass to the next class ( but I don't really know how that works in America ) and now he has a huge chance that he won't graduate. They worked this storyline out in a fine way but they did made it a little too dramatic.

    Pacey has had some problems before, and by all means: when you screw up this bad it's your own fault! Too bad for him, but perhaps he should've worked a little harder last year. He's just so easily distracted. He always needs someone to get him back on the right track. It's a problem for him. Probably even a bigger problem than the fact that he won't graduate. There will be a day when he's on his own, and then he needs to survive. And no one will support him.

    Joey is absolutely crazy about little old Pacey. I just love seeing those two together. Pacey's speech was great too. Her job was ok to see, but not that interesting. I did like Drue though. He has some great eyes... (L) ;)

    I think Pacey can be happy with a 'friend' like Dawson. I think the way Dawson overreacted to Joey/Pacey was just wrong, really. She wasn't his and I get that he's mad the way he found out, but the way he's dealing with it is just weird. But that fact is: he's really mad at that guy. And still he manages to go to Joey to ask for help. He cares about Pacey. Which is good 'cause they're really old friends. I hope we might see those two talking again.

    As to a side story: Jen got dumped by Henry. Henry was weird, ugly, a stalker, and did I mention weird??? She deserves better than such a freak.

    One note: I know people who had to do their class over, and none of them liked it, but also none of them reacted like this. It could be me, but I just thought it was a little overdramatic. I didn't really mind though :)

  • Schools just started and Pacey learns he's not doing to well in school. Henry sends Jack an email that upsets Jen.

    "Falling Down" was a pretty good episode. Pacey failed 3 classes last year, and instead of going on summer school he goes with Joey on a boat trip. I like how Mr. Leary kinda acts like a father to Pacey in this episode. I liked the speech his sister made when she woke him off the couch. I liked how he came clean about everything to Joey at the end of the episode. Joey gets anew job in this episodes at a Yacht Club. The boss is such a witch. I hope she doesn't start sating that guy named Drew. Henry breaks up with Jen over email in this episode. Poor Jen. I didn't like Henry all that much anyways. I give this episode a 8.5/10.
  • Joey: Whatever it takes we'll fix it. Everything is gonna be okay. Pacey: How can you be so sure? Joey: Because I'm not going anywhere without you

    This is a very sweet and very powerful Pacey/Joey episode, as most of their episodes and let's fact it moments together always have been and always will be (can you till I'm a big P/J shipper? I thought so).

    When Pacey finds out that while he had the best summer of his life sailing the open waters with Joey at his side his return to Capeside high is going to be a little less seemless. As if the poor guy doesn't have it bad enough having to contend with Dawson's constant dirty look, especially considering the guy was his best friend for his whole life, now he has to deal with the possibility of not graduating with the rest of his friends and Joey. She'll be moving onto to brighter and better thing and he'll be left behind getting ready for another year at Capeside high school. It makes sense that this would sense the ever self destructive Pacey on crash course for fighting, which is exactly what he does. He repeatedly tries to pick a fight with Joey over nothing and basicly mopes and sulks his way through a good portion of the episode never thinking that maybe telling Joey could be the right, as he is not used to being part of a couple or a couple in that way. Thank goodness for Mr. Witter he has Ms. Potter now and there's no way she's going anywhere without him. How sweet is that!!!
  • School is starting after a great summer for Pacey with bad news...

    School is starting after the great summer. Pacey have to go to careers advisors office. And what a surprise: His advisor is Dawson’s dad and had only bad news for him…

    Falling three classes Pacey know that he is on the best way in the following senior year to lose any chance for higher education. However why he cannot speak to Joey? Ok, she have to be pride of him, but he knows also she is the only person which is able to help. On the other hand I think Joey has overreacting extremely on her first visit after she had heard it by Dawson. Anyway: She is mad!

    At the end of the average episode we won't be surprised about the reunion of Joey and Pacey. It seem the have now a good point to start over...
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