Dawson's Creek

Season 3 Episode 10

First Encounters of the Close Kind

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 1999 on The WB

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  • This episodes is a fine example of why Dawson's Creek became a hit. It had a couple of drawbacks, like every episode, but it was still good enough to hold a cell in my brain.

    This episode didn't go down in history as a very important episode of Dawson's Creek but it did to me. It's one of the few episode that doesn't have Pacey in it at all and neither does it have Jen. Not that I have anything against them at all, I just like it when a show doesn't "need" the characters that it relies on. This episode had a great introduction to someone who could've been one of the best additions to the show since Andie or Charlie. Nikki Green, a sweet and honest girl, who seems to remind me of Dawson a lot. Next to being a possible love interest, I could've seen her being good friends with the rest of the group. It was just a horrible thing that he character got lost in the show along with many others whom we fell in love with in just one or two episodes.

    As for Joey's story, that was one of the weak points of the story. She meets a guy whom she shared her dorm with and he treats her like a little kid. The first half of the story was decent, but it messed me up completely when she said that she spent the last couple of years of her life revolving it around this boy(obviously speaking of Dawson). Now, that line wouldn't have pissed me off so much if she didn't already say that like 10 to 20 times. Soon enough, it all comes to show that she has still spend the remainder of the series being wrapped around by Dawson or Pacey.

    This was one of Andie's very episodes where she didn't stand hand and hand with Pacey. She never even mentioned him and I found that as a big step to her character. Andie was without a doubt a fan favorite on the show and I think it was refreshing for even the biggest Pacey/Andie fan to see her get some character development without walking in Pacey's shadow. Jack also took a big step as a character in this episode when he finally decided to face his fears over being gay. He always admitted it but it was like through out the show, he always held back. Well we finally see more than his head and foot leave the nest and this was the episode that gave him a gigantic step into being gay. These are the episodes of Dawson's Creek that I seem to treasure most. Developing story and character without taking a dramatic step. The slow and fun episode. This is a prime example of just that.
  • Dawson, Joey, Andie, and Jack visit a college.

    "First Encounters of the Close Kind" was a very good episode despite having a couple of boring scenes. I didn't like that Joey's roommate was a guy. He came off as a huge jerk at first. I love the scene where Joey explains why Little Woman is her favourite book to A.J., and A.J. was sort of cooler after that moment. I liked how he decided to show her the fun side of college. I didn't understand Andie wanting to meet The Dean. It didn't make sense at all. But Andie is completely awesome and I loved how she poured her heart out to that secretary. Nikki was so harsh at the beginning of this episode. When she didn't win, I liked how Dawson complimented her on her movie saying it was the best. I love how Nikki revealed that she was Principal Green's daughter. Jack's adventure in college was most interesting. I love how he goes to a gay bar and then he gets scared and runs off. It was so cute how he met Ethan on the bus. I give this episode a 8/10.
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