Dawson's Creek

Season 3 Episode 9

Four to Tango

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 1999 on The WB

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  • Joey and Pacey take dance lessons.

    "Four to Tango" has to be one of the funniest Dawson's Creek episodes in season 3. It was so funny to see Pacey and Joey sign up for dance lessons so that Joey can learn to dance to get a scholarship. It gets even more funny when Jen and Dawson follow Pacey and Joey and catch them dancing together. I love the seen where they keep switching dance partners. It's interesting to see everyone's reaction to everything. I like how Jen founds out about Pacey having feelings for Joey and she completely supports him. I love how Joey overreacts to Pacey and Jen's arrangement. It really shows that she does have feelings for Pacey. Andie is once again so awesome. I love how Jack gets an email from another gay guy who saw Dawson's documentary. It was funny how Andie was more excited about the email than Jack. It was so cute how Jack didn't go into that coffee shop to meet that guy because he wasn't ready. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • This is the episode where we finally begin to realize that Joey and Pacey haven't just become friends, but they really are into each other...romantically...

    Oddly enough, "Four to Tango" is one of my favorite episodes in the history of Dawson's Creek. This episode is pivotal to the whole structure of the third season, because this is the episode that reveals hidden feelings that both Joey and Pacey have for each other. I will go through one storyline at a time:

    *Jack~ I thought this was a good storyline for the Jack character. He finally had the chance to go out with a guy who can relate to him and what he is feeling. I was so angry at Jack for not just opening the door and going in to see that poor guy. He shouldn't have stood him up and he should have gotten over his fear. Once again, he should have listened to Andie, because Andie know all.

    *Pacey & Jen~ This whole storyline is different, but kind of screwed up. I mean, Pacey and Jen have absolutely NO chemistry as a couple and should not be tgether just for casual sex. I agree with Joey on this one. PACEY + JEN = NO. That's all I'm gonna say.

    *Pacey & Dawson~ I do not like Dawson. I don't. I haven't liked him since the very first DC episode. Why? Because he is so self-centered! He needs to get over himself and realize that Joey is not his girlfriend anymore and hasn't been since...the first episode of the second season. So what if Pacey wants to move in on Joey? Joey isn't Dawson's turf anymore, so Dawson shouldn't care if Pacey is having sex with Joey. Dawson's annoying. (sorry to all you Dawson lovers. I don't mean to affend you in any way, it's just my own opinion)

    *Pacey and Joey~ This is where it gets good. I understand that Joey asked Pacey to come to the dance lessons with her because he owed her something, but I do think she asked him for her own personal reasons as well. That is obvious by her little blow up at Jen and Pacey in the coat room when she found them making out. Her face was so funny when she walked in on them! She obviously was jealous. There was no other emotion to explain it. By the end of the episode I was convinced that both Pacey and Joey have feelings for one another and I knew that the DC writers were going to persue that relationship further. I loved Joey's little smile when Pacey volunteered to take more dance lessons with her so she could get her scholarship. It was so adorable!

    I loved this episode so much!

    ODD 'N ENDS:

    *I loved the line "There's enough sexual tesion here to power a Kiss tour". At least she said something around those lines.

    *Darn you Jack! Grrr! Get over it already.

    *Did they ever actually learn how to tango?
  • Very funny

    I love this episode ! This is the first one where we get the idea that Pacey and Joey could be a couple . Joey signed up for a dance class and because Pacey owed her a favour she asked him to be her partner . Dawson was suspicious that something was going , and when he and Jen saw them together thay desided to follow them and discovered that it was nothing but that still dodn't stop Dawson to ask lot of questions while they were dancing and switching partners all the time . It was hilarious ! !
  • Pacey and Joey take dance lessons. Jack debates going on his first homosexual encounter.

    This is my favorite episodes in the season. This is the key point when you finally realize there are feelings between Joey and Pacey. The feelings aren't expressed clearly between the two but everyone else seems to think there is. There was a bit of foreshadowing when the dance instructor says they are in the beginning stages of some weird mating ritual and that they are hot for each other. This episode was well written. The episode finally brings up Jacks homosexuality because up until this sode he never mentions any interest in men. This is definetely one of the best episodes in the series.