Dawson's Creek

Season 2 Episode 5

Full Moon Rising

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 1998 on The WB

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  • Pacey asks out Andie. Jen prepares for a date with Vincent. Jack and Joey are stuck at work with a mysterious customer. Mitch and Gail's open marriage breaks to pieces.

    "Full Moon Rising" was an awesome episode! I like that Pacey asks out Andie. I really like how you get a little bit of a backstory on Andie. It's sad that the mother is crazy , but I'm glad that Andie explained to Pacey that her oldest brother Tim is dead. I liked how Pacey held Andie as she cried. I actually enjoyed Jen's plot in this episode. I love how Abby was in Dawson's room spying on Jen and Vincent from the window. I liked how Jen and Vincent were about to have sex and Jen realizes she's way too young for this guy and so she stops it. I didn't like how Vincent didn't care that she was 16. I love how Grams came in and scared him off. It was sad when she started crying about it. I love Jack and Joey's kiss. It was all out of nowhere and it was fun. I don't like the Mitch and Gail's open marriage. I'm glad that they decide that they will live apart because the characters get less annoying. I love the ending montage. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • Great episode, as usual from Dawson's Creek, as Andie and Pacey get closer and so does Jack and Joey.

    Pacey and Andie decide to go on a date, and I feel like it was about time. I thought they had chemistry since they crashed each other. The date didn't go quite as planned but they ended up getting closer. It's a full moon and Joey knows something weird can happen. Jack kisses Joey and they can barely look each other in the eye after that, and this part was well-written because they seem to have a little chemistry also, but not as much as with Dawson. Also, Jen is about to have sex with the man that her and Abby met in the last episode, but she tells him thats she's only 16. It also looks like Grams is closer than ever to kicking Jen out of the house. I think the guy should have known that she was only 16, I mean, she doesn't look that old? All in all, it was another great, well put together episode.