Dawson's Creek

Season 4 Episode 4

Future Tense

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 2000 on The WB

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  • "Future Tense" ... or why we see a drunken Joey!

    Thinking about the future is an important but tough thing. We have to move on and find our own life. But sometimes there are other peoples involved, who stop us or let us to be in doubt about what is the way we wanna go… Exceptionally love inferences us - Joey too.

    As 4th in class she has the opportunity to choose the college she wants to study on but for Pacey it is a complete other story. He could be fall one or more classes at this senior year. Joey bothers that. She really fears to losing him by her choice and gives him the feeling to stand wide behind her.

    So she get drunken to forget about at the Jen’s fake birthday party, which was organized by Drue. The party highlight might be the following scene with our introverted Joey: Pacey can anticipate her to play strip poker only in last second. After a little argument between both, Pacey gives her the guarantee that wherever she wanna go, he will be by her side…

    Overall it is poor story and not a big deal. It is so predictable that Pacey would give any support whatever she will choose. I think at the ending only the way the spoke about is nice and let us feel great.
  • Future! Future! Future! Everyone's thinking about colleges and the future. Joey is worried about colleges. Drue decides to throw a Jen a birthday party even though it's not her birthday.

    "Future Tense" is a pretty good episode. The one thing I love about Dawson's Creek is everyone can act on that show. The one thing I'm not liking so far is the drama. There's not enough drama yet. In this episode everyone is thinking about the future. I'm not really into future episodes. I absolutely love the beginning of this episode. Congrats to Joey for being 4th highest! I love Joey drunk. It's the best thing in this episode. I also like Pacey's wit and humour. I hate Drue in this episode. I am so glad that Jen decided not to take those pills. I just will Drue would go away because I don't like his character very much. Poor Jack getting his elbow/arm/shoulder hurt during football practice. I liked Andie in this episode and how she's all controlling and excited about the future. I did like that little talk she had with Jack in the bedroom. I'm still wondering why Gretchen is in Capeside. I think Dawson likes her, but I reallhy hope they don't start dating. I give this episode a 7.5/10.
  • The gang must deal with the ever looming prospect of life after Capeside.

    Jen, in an effort to maintain the good image she worked so hard to develope since she arrived in Capeside fights her hardest to stay away from the things that once made her the wild party child that she was back in New York especially Drue Valentine and his all to eager to annoy, destroy and devestate her. Not to mention tempt her with a gift that she would have once taken without question.

    Jack, after seriously injuring himself costing him his spot on the football team has trouble readjusting to being just another student at Capeside. Without football he feels as though he just the outcast again and Andie's constant badgering about his college applications isn't helping matters. But that is just Andie's way, it's how she lives her life and she's dealing with the realization that next year will be the first year she won't have her brother around anymore.

    Dawson, looking to escape from his problems i.e. the Witter/Potter romance looks to hide from his troubles, on the other side of the world if need be. However he finds solice and advice in an unusual place, another Witter. Gretchen that is.

    Joey, must deal with the fact that even though she earned a fourth place class rank some of the doors she just assumed would open for her if she got grades and did well in school might not be a possibility. And the ever looming fact that she and Pacey, reguardless of where she ends up, won't exactly be in the same place next year which leaves her little chance to seek comfort in his arms. Looking for comfort elsewhere she gets drunk, solving nothing but shares quite a good talk with the ever wonderful boyfriend Pacey Witter.