Dawson's Creek

Season 4 Episode 6

Great Xpectations

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2000 on The WB

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  • Andie gets into her Harvard and since her medication makes it hard for her to be excited, she takes an ecstasy pill to make her feel happy. Dawson goes to the rave to celebrate Gale's and Mitch's decision to have the baby.

    I love this episode. There was so much drama in this episode. Andie gets accepted into Harvard in this episode. To celebrate everyone goes to a rave. Jen still has the ecstasy pills Drue gave her and Andie catches her with it. Andie still hasn't feel the excitement of getting into Harvard, so she takes the ecstasy. Normally I would find it funny with someone acting so high, but I felt the drama, which is good. I love the drama with her crashing, and ending up in the hospital. Poor Jack having to see his sister crash, I felt so sorry for him when he started crying. Mitch and Gale decide to keep their baby. I am so glad that they are keeping their baby. As much as I love drama, I hate abortions.I like the friendship speech Dawson made to Gretchen in this episode. I also liked the conversation between Dawson and Joey at the end of the episode. I liked when Pacey revealed that he misses True Love. I also like how Dawson points out the Drue is the male version of Abbey Morgan. Anyways since I love Andie and there was drama in this episode, I give it a 10/10.
  • The Dawsons gang go to a rave and don't have such a good night due to a variety of circumstances.

    This one happens to be one of my favourite episodes! Andi McPhee steals an extacy tablet from Jen Linely and ends up rampaging around the place high as a kite. Apart from a few puzzed faces, nobody really notices what's wrong with her. The rest of the gang (especially Joey and Pacey) aren't too impressed by the rave and Andi is further led astray by Drue Valentine. The night eventually ends in tragedy when Andi collapses on the bouncy castle and is rushed away in an ambulance. I like this episode because it paimts quite an accurate picture of the rave scene, but it is also very obvious that the Dawsons gang really don't fit in to that part of modern culture. Sometimes this programme can be guilty of ignoring the outside world and concentrating on small town life in a sometimes rather twee setting, so it was really refreshing to see a bit of gritty real life in a Dawsons context. Brilliant!
  • Everyone goes to a "Rave" with almost tragic results as Andy takes (steals) an estacy tablet from Jen, which has a reaction with her anti-depression medicine, and is rushed to the emergency room.

    First impressions are lasting. Andy is rushed to the emergency room and Somehow the fact that Andy took the pill is overlooked and Jack holds Jen, who has a background of irresponsible behavior and drug use, responsible.
    As always they’re also the ongoing stories.
    Gail and Mitch decide to have the baby much to the delight of Dawson and Joey.
    Pacey and Joey notice the growing friendship between Dawson and Gretchen.
    Andy confesses that she is still in love with Pacey.
    Drew tries to convince Jen that he is the only alternative for her when her friends turn on her.
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