Dawson's Creek

Season 2 Episode 13

His Leading Lady

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 03, 1999 on The WB

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  • Dawson starts filming his movie. Pacey finds pills in Andie's garbage.

    "His Leading Lady" is an enjoyable Dawson's Creek episode. I love when Dawson is filming a movie because those episodes are the most fun. This episode is so interesting because Dawson is filming his life with Joey. I like how Joey is upset with Dawson for filming their lives. The beginning of the episode was funny with Pacey checking out his butt in the mirror. In this episode Pacey finds pills that Andie is taking and I'm glad he confronted her about it and that she told him the truth about the pills. Grams was so awesome in this episode. I love how she tells Jen that she's proud of her. I love how Jen becomes interested in this guy named Tyson and at the end of the episode he brings her to a bible party. It's funny because she's made it clear since season 1 that she's an atheist. I give this episode a 8.5/10.
  • Dawson and Joey discover the story behind the story when they see their whole history played out before their eyes.

    Dawson begins filming his autobiographical movie which has some interesting results. Joey becomes upset when she sees the scenes because they cause her to relive some heartwretching moments over again. She and Dawson have a confrontation and eventually tells him she hasn't moved on yet even though he has. She also reprimands him for putting their most private, painful moments out there for everyone to see. Andie tries to push Pacey away but Pacey persists and in the end she relents. This episode is one of the best in that you see the raw emotions of almost all the cast members at some point. You see their pain, their happiness or their disappointments. It's a very eye-opening episode.
  • Another typical drama filled day in Capeside.

    Dawson finally finds the perfect girl to play Joey (guest star Rachel Leigh Cook) and begins filming "Creek Daze", based on the relationship between him and Joey. Having their love life acted out in front of them causes both Dawson and Joey to come to the realization that they haven't moved on.
    Andie's doctor has taken her off of her medication and instead recommended therapy for her mood swings which are out of control in this episode. As the prop person for Dawson's movie, she loses her temper and blows up over the tiniest things that go wrong and when Pacey tries to calm her down, she breaks up with him. She says that she keeps adding more and more things to her life, never subtracting anything, and he's the one thing that can, and has to go. But Pacey can't be driven away that easily and by the end of the episode the pair is back in eachother's arms.
    Jen is introduced to adorable "Ty" by her grams and there is massive flirting between the two all throughout the episode. Finally, Jen asks him out and he takes her to his friends "party" which makes Jen extremely uncomfortable when it turns out to be a bible study get together.

    The episode is basically classic Dawson's Creek. Plenty of drama, most of which, of course, is from Dawson and Joey and their complicated "relationship".
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