Dawson's Creek

Season 3 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 06, 1999 on The WB

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  • Pacey and Joey go on a road trip to pick up Andie.

    "Homecoming" has both drama and comedy. It's a very enjoyable Dawson's Creek episode. Andie is my favourite character and so of chorse I love this episode. It was very entertaining to see Pacey and Joey trying to pick up and Andie. I love how Joey distracted the secretary while Pacey sneakes in to get Andie. It's so sad that Andie cheated on Pacey. I hate that they break up in this episdoe. Dawson and Eve had the most fun plot with almost getting caught having sex by the entire school. Then I love how intense the scene got afterwards when you see her reaction to Dawson and Eve. It's awesome that Jack joins football. I'm glad that he found something that he's good at. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • The end of Pacey and Andie. =(

    This is a great episode. Andie returns to Capeside and Pacey is ecstatic. However, he notices that that something is wrong. He demands that she tell him what is wrong. She tells him that she met someone at the treatment center in Providence, Mark. Andie and Mark became friends. Andie tells Pacey that they have been through the same thing and that nobody understood her like Mark. Then Andie tells Pacey that he had a girlfriend waiting for him at home, whom he was "anxious to get back to." Pacey then says, "you slept with him?" Pacey is heartbroken. Andie deeply regrets sleeping with Mark and asks Pacey to forgive her. He then tells her that he can forgive her but he "can never forget." I believe that Andie in Pacey had ten-fold the chemistry than Joey and Pacey ever had.
  • Andie cheated on Pacey while recovering.

    Dawson and Eve are developing a relationship. When the school asks Dawson to do a videotape on the school he agrees to it. When the video is airing he sits on the controls and accidentally brings the screen coming up and everyone sees Dawson and Eve about to have sex.

    Joey is mortified at the shock of this. Just a few weeks earlier she tried to put the moves on Dawson and have sex with him and he turned her down.

    Jen decides to try out for the cheer team. She makes a statement in front of the whole cheer auditions and this statement touched the whole cheer team that she was made Cheer Captain.

    Jack is playing football with some friends and Mr. Leery thinks he would be a good football player so he is put on the football team. So now he and Jen are cheerleaders and football players.

    Pacey wants to surprise Andy by getting her of the clinic a day early. Ever since she got out she was acting a little weird around him. He finally confrots her about it and she tells him one of the most shocking things.

    I was holding on strong for that couple and they just blew it. I was like what NO!!!! That can't be over. I loved the whole idea of Andy and Pacey. Seems like they are over for good now. I am getting used to the idea now but i didn't like it one bit.

    For me this episode was ok. Wasn't a favorite but we did find out one thing that i have been dying to know. Why Andy and Pacey really did break up.
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