Dawson's Creek

Season 4 Episode 13


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2001 on The WB
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Episode Summary

The senior trip is coming up and Joey needs to get the time off from work -not an easy task seeing that Drue's mom is her boss. However, she decides to give her a few days off... if she agrees to go on a double date with Pacey to accompany Drue and a wealthy girl named Anna Evans and make sure that Drue behaves himself. Of course this isn't an easy thing to do, and during their night out, Joey starts to get concerned over all the attention that Anna is bestowing on Pacey.

Dawson has his own problems when he and Gretchen go out with her friends and he realizes the span in between their ages. Jack also (finally) gets some positive attention from Tobey.moreless

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James Van Der Beek

James Van Der Beek

Dawson Leery

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Josephine "Joey" Potter

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

Jennifer "Jen" Lindley

Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson

Pacey J. Witter

Kerr Smith

Kerr Smith

Jack McPhee (recurring Season 2)

Meredith Monroe

Meredith Monroe

Andrea "Andie" McPhee (recurring Season 2)

Sabine Singh

Sabine Singh

Anna Evans

Guest Star

Rachel True

Rachel True


Guest Star

Deron Barnett

Deron Barnett


Guest Star

Sasha Alexander

Sasha Alexander

Gretchen Witter

Recurring Role

Mark Matkevich

Mark Matkevich

Drue Valentine

Recurring Role

David Monahan

David Monahan

Tobey Barret

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: When Gale is talking to Dawson after his evening out, she stretches back in the couch and the outlines of the padding she wears to fake her pregnant womb can be seen.

  • QUOTES (34)

    • (About having sex)
      Pacey: Not at all. I'm agreeing with you. I'm saying that we have a problem and this is something that we need to talk about. I'm not saying that in anyway it's your fault, somehow...
      Joey: 'Cause it's not. I mean we talked about this, Pacey. And you were fine with waiting.

    • (To Gretchen)
      Dawson: Earlier tonight you said I would never be the kind of guy who would shred your heart. You're right.

    • Dawson: As much as I hate to admit it, I think you were right about Gretchen.
      Gale: No honey, I'm not. I was wrong. And I've been sitting here all night long, regretting what I said to you earlier.

    • Drue: (To Joey about Pacey and Anna) They look kinda cute together, don't they? They have that warm wondrous glow of two people who've had sex. Not with each other, of course, erm, you know... you get my drift. Whoops, I forgot. That's a subject you know absolutely nothing about.
      Anna: (Walks up) I can't believe you spent the whole summer on a boat. My dad could totally use someone like you.

    • Kiera: Uh, wait. How often have I heard that before? (To Dawson) Look, for all of Gretchen's strong points, she's not the best judge of men. But I'm sure that doesn't include you. You seem nice.
      Dawson: Why does everybody keep saying that? I'm not really that nice.
      Gretchen: Well, Dawson, I think she just means you're not the kind of guy who would take me to a concert, meet another girl in line, than dump me and leave me to find my own ride back to school.

    • Anna: I fell into bed too easily. If I hadn't, do you think he might have liked me?
      Pacey: I can't answer that. But I can answer you this. I only just met you and I can already tell that there are a lot of nice things about you, besides the way you look. And if Drue Valentine can't see that, than that's his loss, not yours.

    • (To Anna)
      Pacey: You know how some people are good at books? I'm not at all good at books. Kinda like you and I. We just have to figure out what our thing is, than become good at it.

    • (To Gretchen)
      Dawson: I've never felt so 17 my entire life.

    • Gale: I am trying to protect you.
      Dawson: From what? The dangers of having a good time with my girlfriend? Come on!
      Gale: No, the dangers of getting hurt by a woman whom, as perfect a person as she seems right now, might actually be in a different place in her life.
      Dawson: Mom, it's not like that with Gretchen.
      Gale: Honey, I'm not so sure.
      Dawson: Well I am. And you know what? It really doesn't matter what you think because it's my life and it's my relationship. If you want to express a little last minute maternal control, you're gonna have to wait for the next one to come along because I really don't want that from you right now.

    • Anna: I don't understand why people are always honking their horns. Like I don't know they're behind me?
      Drue: Gee, could it be because you're camped out in the middle of the intersection, rethinking your eye makeup?
      Anna: Well, it could have been smudged. (Asks Joey) It isn't smudged?
      Drue: Relax. Potter here knows about as much about makeup as I do.

    • Joey: You want me on our Senior trip, don't you?
      Pacey: Of course. You know me, I want you on a boat, ski resort, parking lot... I'm not choosy.
      Joey: Look, Pace... we're not here to have a good time, okay?
      Pacey: I wouldn't even dream of it.
      Joey: And this Anna person, whoever she is, she's the one having the good time. And no matter how high she registers on the over-privileged bitch-o-meter, just promise you'll be nice.

    • Tobey: Jen told me that you like working with kids. Well, here's some kids who need you to teach them. Are you interested or not? It's that simple.
      Jack: I'll tell you what I'm not interested in is a repeat of the soccer incident.
      Tobey: Hey, everybody at the council knows I'm gay. Nobody cares. It's not an issue.
      Jack: I don't know. I don't think I want to get into something like that right now.

    • Pacey: Nothing's up.
      Gretchen: Well, if something were up and you wanted to talk about it…
      Pacey: Then I would. I absolutely would. But I'm not going to, cause guess what's up?
      Gretchen: Something.
      Pacey: Nothing.

    • Gretchen: I was thinking. Maybe it's time that you and I progress to the next stage. You know, after a few weeks coupling it's time that we go out amongst others and meet the friends.
      Dawson: As in your friends?
      Gretchen: Yeah, aren't you a little curious to meet my friends?
      Dawson: Yeah. Someday.
      Gretchen: How's tomorrow?

    • Joey: I'm sorry, but I'm scared.
      Pacey: Good! Do you think I'm not scared? I'm terrified, Jo!

    • Pacey: I have been fine with waiting. I have been too scared to sleep with you too soon. I don't want to do anything that is going to jeopardize the more amazing relationship that I've ever had. Jo, I am happy that you and I took the time to really fall in love with each other. But we're here now, Jo. This is 8 months and counting. So, I just... I want... I need for you to know that if our relationship is not going to be progressing on to that next level, it's not because of me.

    • Dawson: I would never intentionally hurt you, but... I can't be the nice guy you date after a bad relationship because there's no risk involved. I need to know that I made some sort of impression.
      Gretchen: It's already done.

    • Dawson: I don't want to be some guy who holds you back from what you want to do.
      Gretchen: I'm doing exactly what I want to do. I'm with you.

    • Gale: Like it or not, I'm going to have to let my first baby go.
      Dawson: Well, I probably will get hurt. Gretchen's just got a lot more life experience than I do.
      Gale: All of her experiences make her the person that she is.

    • Jack: Tobey, we don't click. And even if you wanted to change that, you couldn't. I mean, that's just the way it is. I don't know if this is going to make you feel any better, but I really did wish we had something.

    • (When discovering that he's been holding his medication for weeks)
      Grams: How could I possibly understand something like this?
      Mr. Brooks: Because you know living without dignity is not living.
      Grams: This is in God's hands, Arthur. There is a natural course of events.
      Mr. Brooks: As long as I can think for myself, I determine them. I mean, this doesn't belong in God's hands or in yours. It belongs in mine.

    • Mr. Brooks: I'm glad that Leery kid stole my boat.

    • Gretchen: Don't worry, Dawson. You're way too nice of a guy to end up on my losers' list.

    • Club Bouncer: Let me see your left hand. (Stamps a red 'Under 21' on it)
      Dawson: You have no idea how perfectly this encapsulates my life right now.

    • Drue: How come beautiful girls who are dumb as a box of rocks, will only put out if you tell them they're smart. But the ones who actually are smart, won't perform sexual favors until you tell them they're beautiful.

    • Mr. Brooks: Still young enough to fall in and out of love a few more times before you get it right.
      Dawson: That doesn't sound like a lot of fun.
      Mr. Brooks: It isn't. It is. And it isn't. It's worth it every damn time.
      Dawson: Someone's on a prophetic role this evening.
      Mr. Brooks: Pancreatic cancer would make a prophet out of anybody.

    • Mr. Brooks: Lock the picture, do your credits and run it for an audience.
      Dawson: You don't think a tweak here will make it better?
      Mr. Brooks: Could be better, could be worse, could be just different. The best thing to do now is let it go.

    • Pacey: I was just getting mentally prepared for yet another night of being the perfect boyfriend. It's a thankless job. Long hours, very few rewards. Not that I'm in it for the rewards of course.
      Gretchen: No. Of course not. True love waits.
      Pacey: And waits and waits...

    • Mr. Brooks: (Pulling out a form) Here. Sign these. It's just lawyer talk. Legally, it's gobbledygook.
      Dawson: Designating what exactly?
      Mr. Brooks: Well, it designates you as my gopher. Gives you the right to go get my medicines for me if you want.
      Dawson: I'm flattered you asked.

    • (After arguing about the shortness of the sweater; to Gretchen)
      Pacey: Have fun workin' the boulevard.

    • Joey: You have this whole witty Drue routine you do. But it's just a front for some really scared kid who's desperate for people to love him and desperately trying to keep any sort of intimacy away.
      Drue: How insightful.
      Joey: It doesn't take a PhD to interpret your behavior. Classic first grade. And you know what? Keep acting like this and your worst fear is going to come true. You're going to walk through life alone.

    • Pacey: Are we in agreement here that punching him in the face has now completely entered the appropriate zone?

    • Mr. Brooks: Picture's not half bad. (Chuckles) And not just because it's about me either.
      Dawson: We should make another one sometime.
      Mr. Brooks: Any time kid... anytime.

    • Pacey: I'm offering a brother's opinion, okay, and as your brother, I can firmly tell you... that is not a leaving-the-house kind of outfit. That's like the bottom layer of something that will become a leaving-the-house outfit when you put on a sweater or something.
      Gretchen: This is a sweater.
      Pacey: A sweater is a big, baggy, shapeless thing which hides the human form. They design them specifically for sisters on dates.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Mr. Brooks: I'm glad that Leery kid stole my boat.

      Refers to season 4 episode 3 Two Gentlemen of Capeside.

    • Dawson: It's, well... we're not dropping in on Studio 54, we're having dinner and seeing a band.

      Refers to the disco club Studio 54.

    • Anna: Don't listen to him. The natural look is so in. I totally read about it in the new Allure.

      Refers to the fashion magazine Allure.

    • Gretchen: Yeah, me as Pacey's sister and her ever trusty barkeep, maybe. Me as Mrs. Robinson, maybe not.
      Dawson: Come on, three years does not make you Mrs. Robinson.

      Refers to the movie The Graduate.