Dawson's Creek

Season 4 Episode 13


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2001 on The WB

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  • Dawson spends that night with Gretchen and her best friends feeling his age makes a different in his relationship with Gretchen. Joey and Pacey go on a double date with Drue and a girl name Anne. Tobey asks Jack to help him help kids learn to read.

    This episode was very awesome! Much better than the last episode. Let's start off with Dawson. Dawson goes out with Gretchen and her friends Keira and Jessica. I find their whole night funny. I liked how Dawson felt like a younger kid because of his mom giving him a curfew and being stamped under 21. Though his mom was out of character, I let it pass because she's pregnant. Gretchen did seem a little shallow with her friends, but I guess that happens when your catching up with old friends. My favourite scene is when Mr. Brooks asked Dawson to help him up and then he gives Dawson a hug. Oh and Poor Grams finding out that Mr. Brooks isn't taking his medication. And poor Dawson at the end of the episode finding Mr. Brooks dead. Well, I think he was dead anyways. Drue's mom asks Joey to go on a double date with Drue, Anne, and Pacey, so Joey can go on a The Senior Trip. Anne was a little dumb at first but she get better during the episode. I love how Drue opens up to Joey. I think Joey is the only who understands him. I liked the end of the episode where Pacey and Joey reveal to each other that they are scared to have sex with each other. Tobey is seriously crushing Jack, and Jack decides to give their friendship a chance. Jack is awesome with children by the way. Anyways I'm starting to like the character Tobey. I kind of felt sorry that Jack blew him off. But I'm glad they are remaining friends. I give this episode a 8/10.