Dawson's Creek

Season 5 Episode 8

Hotel New Hampshire

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 2001 on The WB

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  • Dawson brings Jen to a film festival in New Hampshire. Jack invites Joey and Audrey to Frat Party. Pacey takes Karen on a date.

    A lot of awesome stuff happens in this episode of Dawson's Creek. Dawson brings Jen to a film festival in New Hampshire. I am so glad that Dawson is happy for once. And that guy named Oliver is funny. Dawson and Jen sleep together. Dawson is finally not a virgin. Anyways it seems like they are going out with is good because I loved it when Dawson and Jen went out in season 1. Jack's Frat is having a party and they want Jack to bring Joey and Audrey. Jack was a real jerk in this episode. But I do love the conversation he had with Joey at the end of the episode. It seems that he realizes he's jerk and hopefully he stops acting all jerkish in episodes to come. Pacey takes Karen out on a date. Then he sleeps with Karen. Then Karen quit her job, and Pacey quit his job, and now Karen is leaving, and she wants Pacey to keep his job. I really wanted Pacey and Karen to be a couple, but since she's gone, that can't happen. Oh, well. I give this episode a 8.5/10.
  • I really enjoyed this episode because

    I really enjoyed this episode because it proved to me that I really wanted Jen and Dawson to be together. They were a great couple together and its a pity they didnt end up together. However in this episode they finally sleep together and become a couple again, at least for a little while.
  • Jack sets up Audrey for one of his frat brother, Pacey and Karen go to dinner and Jen, hurt when she learns that Charlie has been trying to make up with Nora instead of her, accompanies Dawson to a New Hampshire film festival.

    I rate this episode higher than the community because I have always thought that Dawson and Jen made a great couple. This opinion conflicts with a natural desire to see Joey and Dawson together. That can never be because this is a series. unlike a feature, a series needs the conflict of unrequited love to maintain the drama. If Dawson and Joey ever got together for longer than an instant the series would die.

    The option of Jen turns of many people because of Jen’s history of promiscuous behavior and self-destructive relationships. For many people Jen will always be “the slut” and not good enough for Dawson. On the other hand Jen is due for some good fortune. Other that the season four romance with Henry, Jen’s only long-term love is Jack. With Dawson she can find love with a “nice” guy who will treat her right.

    But why, with her history, does she deserve Dawson? We learned in the first season that Jen had sex at thirteen with an older guy. She combined drugs and drinking until at fifteen her father found her having sex in his bed and she was sent to Capeside to live with her grandmother.

    It is not until season four in “Eastern Standard Time” we learn that thirteen-year-old Jen walked in on her father having sex with a young friend of Jen’s and she ran away into the city, sleeping first in a parking lot then the backroom of a club and finally with a guy she met in his dorm room. With that understanding we see that Jen is more a victim than a rebellious “wild child”.

    When they are thrown together in Hotel New Hampshire Dawson is emotionally hurting from the guilt he feels for his father’s death and he is unable to be comfortable around Joey. Jen is still hurt from her affair with Charlie.

    Dawson sees Jen as a good friend who he assumes is not physically attracted to him. When nature takes its course Dawson and Jen find they have both a physical and emotional need for each other and when they return to Boston, unsure how to tell their friends that they are a couple, they know that they want to stay together.

    Fans of the series who dislike Dawson and Jen may be the same people who are suffering angst over Katie Holmes being with Tom Cruise. They see Katie as an idealized Joey who they forgive for her adventures but they want to reserve Dawson for her to come back to when her voyages of discovery conclude.
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