Dawson's Creek

Season 5 Episode 16

In A Lonely Place

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2002 on The WB
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In A Lonely Place
Jen and Audrey are tempted to risk their new relationships with Dawson and Pacey after interviewing a couple of cute musicians. Meanwhile, Pacey's caught by surprise when he realizes Jack has taken him to a gay bar, and Dawson's curious upon seeing Joey's reaction when she catches Professor Wilder on a date.moreless

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  • Dawson and Joey go to the movies. Jen and Audrey interview musicians. Jack takes Pacey to a gay bar.

    Pretty good episode, and some very funny parts. Dawson and Joey go to a movie. I think it's so sweet that Dawson doesn't want to leave Joey after what has happened. I am glad Dawson found out about Joey's relationship with her professor, because they need to get to know each other better. The professor was so rude to Joey at the beginning of the episode. But I've wanted them to break up for such a long time, and I'm glad they are broken up. Well, they never really had a relationship, but I'm just glad they didn't start one. Jen and Audrey interview some musicians. Usually, I find all the Jen scenes funny, but in this episode, it was a bit boring. The Jack and Pacey scenes were hilarious. I can't believe Jack took Pacey to a gay bar. I love it when Pacey tries to explain to that guy that he's straight, and he ends up telling him that Jack's his boyfriend. I also find it very ironic, that Pacey talks to this guy all night, and this guy ends up giving Jack his number instead. I also find Audrey's superstition funny. I love how she and Pacey get together in the end. I give this episode a 8.5/10.moreless
James Van Der Beek

James Van Der Beek

Dawson Leery

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Josephine "Joey" Potter

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

Jennifer "Jen" Lindley

Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson

Pacey J. Witter

Kerr Smith

Kerr Smith

Jack McPhee (recurring Season 2)

Mary Beth Peil

Mary Beth Peil

Evelyn "Grams" Ryan

Drew Wood

Drew Wood


Guest Star

Nick Cornish

Nick Cornish


Guest Star

Amy Wray

Amy Wray

Female Colleague

Guest Star

Ken Marino

Ken Marino

Professor David Wilder

Recurring Role

Busy Philipps

Busy Philipps

Audrey Liddell

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (34)

    • Jen: Do you think that when, uh, when 2 people are in a relationship, that they should be passionate about the same things in order for it to work?
      Dawson: No. Not as long as they're passionate about each other.
      Jen: And we are. Right? We're passionate about each other.
      Dawson: You're not having doubts about us, are you?

    • Dawson: I don't know. I just... well, like, talking to her tonight, I just realized how much time has passed... how much we've all changed.
      Jen: And it's so bad?
      Dawson: Not necessarily.

    • Dawson: Would you believe she almost had an affair with her English professor?
      Jen: Joey?
      Dawson: Mm-hmm.
      Jen: Joey Potter?
      Dawson: Yeah.
      Jen: Wow.

    • Pacey: (To Audrey) You are much more afraid to have sex with me the second time than you were the first.

    • Audrey: (To Pacey) Happiness, it freaks me out.

    • (About Pacey)
      Jen: Go on. Make him happy.
      Audrey: Why would I wanna do a thing like that?
      Jen: Ok, fine. Go make him miserable. I don't care. Just go to him.

    • Jen: Sorry I took the single one.
      Audrey: Nah, it happens. You know, maybe it's God's way of telling me I'm not as single as I thought I was.

    • Jen: (To Steve) Just because 2 people are friends first doesn't mean that they don't have any passion in their relationship.

    • Jack: (To Pacey) That's kind of the essence of Audrey, isn't it? I mean, she just zeros in on the one thing that you're slightly afraid of, and then she just does not take no for an answer. That's a good quality to have in a person.

    • Joey: Did you ever meet someone who saw you... I mean, really saw you... but somehow, only saw the best?
      Dawson: You mean besides you?

    • (To Joey)
      Professor Wilder: In 5 years... you're gonna know everything I know and more. And I will seem like the biggest dork you ever met.

    • Joey: So what is the best ending in all of literature? Don't say Ulysses. Everyone says Ulysses.
      Professor Wilder: That's easy. Sentimental education by Flaubert.
      Joey: And what happens?
      Professor Wilder: Nothing, really. Just two old friends sitting around remembering the best thing that never happened to them.
      Joey: How do you remember something that never happened?
      Professor Wilder: Fondly. You see, Flaubert believed that anticipation was the purest form of pleasure... and the most reliable. And that while the things that actually happen to you would invariable disappoint, the things that never happened to you would never dim. Never fade. They would always be engraved in your heart with a sort of sweet sadness.

    • Professor Wilder: I'm trying to get you to hate me.
      Joey: Well, it's working.

    • Jeff: (To Pacey and Jack, assuming they are a couple) If you guys ever break up, give me a call sometime. (Hands Jack one of his cards)
      Pacey: What just happened right there? I think that I should be insulted on several different levels about that.

    • Steve: Life is supposed to make you feel. Art is supposed to make you feel good.
      Jen: Is that all that art is supposed to do?
      Steve: No, but if you need it to do more, then... maybe there's something wrong with your life.

    • Audrey: This whole thing with Pacey is just too...
      Wynn: Too what?
      Audrey: Easy.
      Wynn: Maybe that's your sign.

    • Audrey: God, please let Joey be ok. Like, really and truly ok, and I will walk the path of moral righteousness. I will do everything right for a change.
      Wynn: So no more trying to pick up guys in rock and roll bands?
      Audrey: (Laughs) Well, god doesn't want me to be nun.

    • Audrey: My roommate... she got mugged the other night.
      Wynn: I'm sorry.
      Audrey: Anyway, she... left me this message, which, of course, I didn't get until the next morning, because I was having sex with her ex-boyfriend.

    • Dawson: Joey? Do you have a crush on your English professor?
      Joey: What? No.

    • (After being hitted on by a gay)
      Pacey: I think for the first time in my life, I understand what it must be like to be a woman, a really hot woman.
      Jack: Oh. Uh... not that hot.

    • Audrey: I think of relationships as being more complicated than that.
      Wynn: They are. Bad relationships.

    • Audrey: It doesn't seem very rock and roll, does it?
      Wynn: What, monogamy?
      Audrey: Yeah. Come on. Don't you ever get the urge to do something bad?

    • Joey: I only pretended to know stuff like this so that you would be impressed with me.
      Dawson: ([Laughs) You are way more of a girl than I ever imagined.
      Joey: Yeah, well, you're way more into French cinema.

    • Audrey: Just let me have the lead singer, all right?
      Jen: Ok, fine, but you know what? Uh, just to set the record straight, you may be here on some misguided, hormonally charged attempt to get the Pacey out of your system.

    • Pacey: So... what are you doin' tonight?
      Jack: Actually, I know this bar that does not card.
      Pacey: Sold.

    • Jack: Pacey. Why are you throwing rocks at my window?
      Pacey: That's not Jen's window?
      Jack: (Laughs) No.
      Pacey: Oh. (Laughs) Eh, my bad.

    • (To Joey)
      Professor Wilder: You saved my life that night, my life and possibly my career... neither of which are so impressive that they deserve to be saved, but... uh, I guess what I'm trying to say is... I don't need to know why you didn't come back that night. I just need to say thank you.

    • Professor Wilder: I'm afraid we're at an impasse here.
      Joey: So... that's it? The whole thing is over just like that just because you say it is?

    • (To Joey)
      Professor Wilder: You're the girl in the 19th century novel who would perversely refuse to marry for money no matter how much it would raise her station in life, the girl who would say yes, sleep on it... recover her moral principles, and then break the guy's heart the next morning, which, of course, only increases your appeal. Principles are incredibly sexy, you know?

    • Audrey: Pacey, I don't know how to tell you this, so I'm just going to tell you. Um... the other night... I'm afraid that's just gonna have to remain in that beautiful memory category.
      Pacey: (Sighs) I should've called, right?

    • Jen: (To Dawson) I just wish that we had a clean slate sometimes, that's all.

    • Joey: So are you guys doing this baby-sitting thing in shifts or what's the pattern here?
      Dawson: Your friends just wanna spend some time with you.

    • Joey: (To Dawson) So this is really your homework? You just sit around and watch movies all night.

    • (Talking to Joey)
      Dawson: You kissed your professor. You kissed the guy who gives you grades!

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music featured in the episode included:
      Into Thin Air by Trickside
      SOS by Nick Nolan
      Every Song On The Radio by Pillbox
      Beerball by Schnockered
      And She Flies by Swivelbox
      Hey, Hey by The Elms
      Bigger Than Ourselves by Wideawake
      I Want All Of You by The Verve Pipe

  • ALLUSIONS (12)

    • Audrey: What else happened very late on Friday night?
      Pacey: Uh, well, Joey had her little minor run-in with the criminal element, but she's fine. Reference to previous episode 5x15 Downtown Crossing.

    • Professor Wilder: Sentimental education by Flaubert.

      Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880) was a French writer who is counted among the greatest Western novelists.

    • Professor Wilder: Like Medea.

      Medea in Greek mythology was the daughter of King Aeëtes of Colchis, niece of Circe, granddaughter of the sun Helios, and later wife to Jason. In Euripides' play Medea, Jason leaves Medea when Creon, King of Thebes, offers him his daughter, Creusa. The play tells the story of the jealousy and revenge of a woman betrayed by her husband.

    • Dawson: Uh, Humphrey Bogart is a struggling screenwriter, uh, accused of murder.

      Humphrey DeForest Bogart (1899-1957) was an American actor.

    • Dawson: How could you not love a movie where the guy's fake name on the passport is Laszlo Kovacs?

      László Kovács, A.S.C. (1933-2007) was a cinematographer.

    • Professor Wilder: Best ending in all of literature?. And don't say Ulysses because everybody says Ulysses.

      Ulysses is a novel by James Joyce.

    • Professor Wilder: Hmph. Ok, bad example. Maybe... maybe, uh, uh, Fanny Price perhaps or... or Jane Eyre maybe.

      Jane Eyre is the protagonist of the so called novel by Charlotte Brontë.

      Fanny Price is the progatonist of the novel Mansfield Park is a novel by Jane Austen.

    • Professor Wilder: Well, you ruined the very writerly effect you created when you left... the assignation made but never kept, doomed love at its finest. It's very Henry James, slash, Edith Wharton.

      Henry James, O.M. (1843-1916) was an American-born British author. He is one of the founders and leaders of a school of realism in fiction.

      Edith Wharton (1862-1937) was an American novelist, short story writer and designer.

    • Pacey: Hmm. Well, I don't know how to tell you this, but those guys in Ghostbusters, they're not real scientists.

      Ghostbusters is a 1984 sci-fi-comedy film about three eccentric New York City parapsychologists-turned-ghost exterminators.

    • Dawson: He directed "Rebel without a cause". Huge influence on the French new wave to the point where Truffaut wanted people who couldn't appreciate his work banned from movie going entirely, which is why you should go.

      François Roland Truffaut (1932-1984) was one of the founders of the French New Wave in filmmaking, and remains an icon of the French film industry.

    • Joey: And Nicholas Ray would be?

      Nicholas Ray, born Raymond Nicholas Kienzle, (1911–1979) was an American film director.

    • Dawson: Oh, it's not about getting it. Pauline Kael said that you could find Goddard incomprehensible and still be shattered by his brilliance.

      Charles William Goddard (1879-1951) was a playwright and screenwriter who began writing Broadway plays before turning to film, adapting a number of his stage works to film.