Dawson's Creek

Season 6 Episode 4

Instant Karma!

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 16, 2002 on The WB

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  • Dawson ex girlfriend is the lead actress in the film Todd's making. Joey has to deliver food to Dawson's work place. Pacey lies to Audrey. Audrey, Jack, and Jen all go to a party.

    Good episode. Dawson is Todd's assistant. The lead actress in the movie is the girl Dawson dumped for Joey. She's drunk, and she won't work until Dawson is fired. Dawson gets fired, has a moment with Joey, girl notices moment, and get's Dawson his job back. Dawson has changed a lot. Joey is working with Eddie. They have this big order and they go to Dawson's workplace. I know Eddie is just trying to be realistic, but that's something that Joey doesn't want to hear. It takes the fun out of everything. Audrey, Jack, and Jen go to a party. They all basically get drunk. Audrey get very drunk, and it's all because Pacey lied to her. Then some guy tries to take her to his room, but luckily Jen, and this other guy, stopped the guy from taking Audrey to his room. I liked the end where Audrey just asked Pacey to hold her. I liked Jen's conversation with that guy which I don't know the name of. I like how she spilled out some of her feelings and said she knows what Audrey is going through. Jack meets his teacher that he likes at the party. Teacher tells him his wife is pregnant. Later on in the night, he takes Jack home, and he makes a move on him. I love how creeped out Jack is because of that. Pacey is definitely out of character. I hate the job he has. I give this episode a 8/10.
  • another let down

    At the start of this episode it show Dawson at work and I really don't like he boss. I really felt sorry for him after everything that just happen I hope that this episode turns out better than the last one. OMG I could not believe that the actress that starting in the movie is Dawson's ex girlfriend. Why does everything bad happen to Dawson? Plus Natasha seems like a B*TCH I felt bad for Audrey when she saw Pacey with his boss. I like them together. What Pacey said to Audrey was really mean plus Pacey boss is mean too. Omg when Joey went to deliver the food to the set I couldn't wait to see what would happen. When they were talking they went straight to fighting and as soon as Todd came into the scene I knew that something was going to happen. Natasha was such a b*tch to Joey it wasn't her fault. I was feeling bad for Dawson but as soon as I saw this I felt bad for Joey. Katie Holmes played it so well. If you ever been in Joey situation which I have, It look so really. When Joey walked away I was yelling at the TV for Dawson to go after her. I think that they wouldn't work out together really well. You can tell that when he asked Joey if it would work out that Dawson hates what Joey say and that he really loves her. Why can't they just wake up and realize there meant to be together.
    I felt bad for Pacey at the end for Pacey but when Audrey let him in it shows no matter what they care about each other.
    At the end I think what Natasha did was really great to tell Dawson how she felt it made him understand that she felt the same just like he did when Joey broke he heart. I was soooooooooooo mad at the end when Joey kissed that guy. She doesn't take long to get over Dawson like in season 2 when she broke up with Dawson she went straight to jack. Joey needs to grow up and realize that she hurting everyone.