Dawson's Creek

Season 6 Episode 22

Joey Potter and Capeside Redemption

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 07, 2003 on The WB

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  • With a loss of his movie funds, Dawson starts to shut down his film project. But Joey, Audrey, Jen, Jack, and even Pacey are determined to help raise the money lost for Dawson and get his movie back up and running! Jen, Jack, and Grams leave for New York.

    I loved this episode. And I absolutley loved the way they had Jen leave Capeside the exact same way she came. When I wached it, it was even more sad to see her go becasue it made me realize everything she and the rest of the gang had gone through since that moment when Jen came into their lives. The idea to have Dawson recreate the movie scene (that was in the Pilot episode) was a great ending. It also showed me how much everyone (esspecially Dawson and Joey) had changed since their sophomore year in high school.Another classic episode!
  • Yay Dawson's Creek has returned to the good ole days where it was about a group of friends working together to work on one of Dawson's films.

    It's so great to see how the friends all work together on one of Dawson's films. The fact that so many characters are brought back to Capeside to work together on this project is amazing and returns to the core of what the series is about - friendship. The scene where Jen, Jack and Grams are all saying goodbye is so sweet and great to watch. This scene shows how close all the characters are and how important each one is the others. Overall this is a great episode to watch and shows what the show is really all about.
  • Everyone works together to help make film Dawson's movie.

    Brilliant episode! It's like it takes you back to the beginning of where it all happened. I love that they mentioned Andie's name because she's a huge part of what happened to all of them. I love how they all work together to make this film happen. It looks like Dawson and Pacey will be able to friends again. I'm glad that Joey was able to finally be able to go to France. It looks like Jack, Jen, and Grams are moving to New York. The episode had a happy ending. I'm not sure about Audrey as she's new, and she had no conclusion, but I'm glad she played the part of Mrs. Jacobs. I give this episode a 9.5/10.
  • Joey\'s monologue was worth the entire episode.

    The episode itself wasn\'t that good, the whole \"helping out Dawson\" thing doesn\'t cut it for me anymore, way too first season, if you ask me, but then there is Joey\'s monologue in Paris, that seems just PERFECT. For me, the show could have ended just there and it would be just perfect. That would really show the audience that Joey was never deciding about the boys, but searching herself all this time. That makes it clear that Dawson was never the real lead in the show, but Joey. I know that viewers would never be satisfied if she didn\'t pick any of them, but for me it was never really necessary!