Dawson's Creek

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 03, 1998 on The WB
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Episode Summary

While working on the film class's movies, team player Dawson has a hard time being stuck in the background. Meanwhile as he plots to give Jen the "perfect kiss", Joey is swept away by a handsome stranger and Pacey tries to graduate to manhood.

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  • Dawson works with his film class while he tries to figure out the right way for him and Jen to have their first kiss. Pacey flirts with Tamara. Joey meets a rich boy and she pretends to be rich.moreless

    Amazing episode! I love the beginning of the episode with Joey and Dawson bickering. I love Dawson's plot in this episode with having to deal with the other students in his film class. I love how he proves himself worthy of being in that class by showing them how to film one of the scenes more effectively. His first kiss with Jen was sort of creepy with him wanting to film it. But I love how they kissed anyways. Pacey and Tamara were probably my favourite part of this episode. I love how Pacey continued to flirt with her and then at the end of the episode it was so awesome how Pacey and Tamara had sex and Dawson camera was on filming it. I love Joey's plot in this episode. I love how she pretends to be rich, goes sailing with this rich guy to an island, they kiss, and she throws away his number. I give this episode a 9/10.moreless
  • Everything is still being rushed and some bad writing.

    Storyline ? Joey meets a rich stereotype boy who she starts liking. She goes sailing with him and ends up lying to him about who she is. She started out as this confident girl and all of the sudden the writers decide to changer her personality. Dawson helps out with shooting of " The helmets of Glory " and him and Jen have this argument about why he was going to tape them kissing. Jen and Dawson's kiss ? That was good. It took them three episodes. It was done beautifully and in the right time. Joey's kiss too. It's good that they are giving the whole Joey/Dawson sotryline some time. Pacey and Mrs. Jacobs ? Ewww ewwww and ewwwwww !!! Call me old fashioned but the whole twenty years difference thing disgusts me !! So not a particularly bad episode since It was fun to watch and lighter than the the previous two but still the writers need to slam some sense into their minds and decrease the cheese factor in their writng. The acting ? Completely brilliant !! Katie Holmes in particular did a great job in this episode.moreless
  • Great episode!

    Dawson tries to create a romantic environment for his first kiss with Jen. Joey meets a rich boy, Anderson and they have a fun-filled day, but it's full of lies as Joey lies about who she is. Pacey is still on the pursuit for Ms. Jacobs and he finally gets it when he loses his virginity with her and they are caught on tape. Dawson and Jen do kiss and Joey kisses Anderson.

    This episode was great! Although, I don't think it was a good idea to sleep with Ms. Jacobs or to lie about who you are. This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • Dawson plans and gets his first kiss with Jen. Joey takes on a role as a rich New Yorker who is sailing into Capeside, when she meets a boy doing the same. Pacey takes reluctant Tamara to the next step when he loses his virginity.moreless

    I think this episode was one of the better ones. I love the allusions the show gives, for example: When Pacey and Tamara are laying on the ground at the Ruins, it is the same shot as it is in the Graduate. Overall, I think this was a good episode besides the fact that Dawson is so oblivious to Joey\'s feelings for him. That is what frusturates me about this season but oh well. =]moreless
  • One of my favorites...

    I just re-watched this on DVD the other night, and forgot how good this show really could be. People who rag on it, never really have seen it for what it is, a good simple drama. It doesn\'t hurt that Rob Thomas wrote the episode, who went on to make both Cupid and the amazing, Veronica Mars, but really, it is all about the Joey storyline.

    This is just one of those heart-breaking episodes that make you hate and love the show at the same time, you just want to shake Joey and tell her to get some self confedence and get over it.

    Watch it and you will see.moreless
Ian Bohen

Ian Bohen

Anderson Crawford

Guest Star

Christopher Berry

Christopher Berry


Guest Star

Patrick Tucker

Patrick Tucker

Football Player #2

Guest Star

Mitchell Laurance

Mitchell Laurance

Mr. Benjamin Gold

Recurring Role

Obi Ndefo

Obi Ndefo

Bodie Wells

Recurring Role

Scott Foley

Scott Foley

Cliff Elliot

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: Joey goes sailing with a preppy visitor to Capeside. At one point, the reflection of a smaller boat with crew and equipment can be seen on the side of the yacht.

    • Goof: When Joey and Anderson are talking in the pier for the first time, Joey's arms are in a different position depending if she is shot from the front or from the rear. Apparently, the shots of Joey from the front and from the rear during this scene were filmed at two different times.

    • Famous Firsts: Joey's first kiss (with Anderson Crawford). Pacey loses his virginity (with Tamara Jacobs). Dawson's first kiss (with Jen Lindley).

    • Goof: When Joey is talking to Anderson for the first time outside of the Ice House, she takes off her apron and hides it behind her back so that he doesn't see it. But when it shows her from the back, the apron is gone and her hands are at her side.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Pacey: I'm a firm believer that sometimes it's right to do the wrong thing.

    • Anderson: (After he finishes playing the violin) No applause, just send money!

    • Joey: Clap hard Dawson. You may be Tinkerbell's last hope.

    • Pacey: What makes a woman horny?
      Joey: Your polar opposite?

    • Anderson: Are you here with your parents? Are you guys on a boat?
      Joey: Umm, actually we brought the chauffeur. Mother hates to sail. She doesn't like the sun, she burns easy.
      Anderson: What about you?
      Joey: I wear lotion.

    • Joey: I'm personally offended by this movie mentality that would have us believe that Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock are gonna magically drop from the sky and sweep us off our feet.
      Dawson: I didn't know you had a thing for Brad Pitt.
      Joey: I don't it's an analogy.
      Dawson: Sandra Bullock?

    • Dawson: That moment on the beach could be yours. You could be Deborah Karr.
      Joey: Hmm. Sand in my crotch. Heaven.

    • Joey: It's not reality Dawson. These movies that you're watching are false images that don't exist outside the city limits of Hollywood.
      Dawson: Not true. They're images grounded in the reality of imagination.
      Joey: Did you just pull that out of your butt or what?

    • Anderson: My name's Anderson, Anderson Crawford.
      Joey: Congratulations.
      Anderson: So, you come with a name or just an attitude?
      Joey: Just an attitude.
      Anderson: And people find this charming?
      Joey: I haven't asked.

    • (Joey is staring at Anderson at the Ice House)
      Pacey: Could it be? Joey is finally discovering the opposite sex!

    • Joey: (To Dawson) You know this Peter Pan world you live in? It will be your downfall.

    • Joey: (To Pacey) I'm gonna kill you. One night in your sleep, a slit throat maybe, or a screwdriver to your temple. Be ready.

    • Dawson: Joey, Joey, Joey. You bitter, cynical, jaded, thing.
      Joey: You used to be bitter and cynical too. You were far more interesting.
      Dawson: But now I choose magic.

    • Dawson: I've never met anyone like you before. You scare me.
      Jen: I scare you?
      Dawson: I love the way you scare me.

    • Ms. Jacobs: What do you want from me?
      Pacey: You. I want you.

    • Ms. Jacobs: What, is this your first time, Pacey?
      Pacey: (Embarrassed, quiet) You know that it is.

    • Pacey: I got a maybe-kind-of-sort-of date this evening.
      Joey: Hmmm... who's the lucky farm animal tonight?

    • Pacey: I need a slave driver. Somebody with a whip, maybe?
      Ms. Jacobs: Pacey! We can't interact like this.

    • Joey: Dawson! These movies aren't real. They're not kissing with their tongues. It's take 22. The girl's bored. The guy's gay. It's celluloid propaganda.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Movie References:

      Brief clips are shown of:
      From Here to Eternity (1953)

      The dialog includes references to:
      The Way We Were (1973) and
      Peter Pan (1953).

    • Joey: Clap hard Dawson. You may be Tinkerbell's last hope.

      This is a reference to the 1953 movie Peter Pan. Joey is comparing Dawson to Peter Pan who never wants to grow up.

    • Joey: Gap ad has a tattoo.

      A reference to the Gap clothing company.

    • Nellie: Could someone please tell Tommy Tune back there that the discussion is limited to non-asinine ideas?

      Tommy Tune, dancer, singer, choreographer, and director is the winner of nine Tony Awards, and the only person in theatrical history to win in four different categories and to win the same two Tony Awards two years in a row.
      (Source: Official Biography)