Dawson's Creek

Season 4 Episode 9

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2000 on The WB

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  • It's Christmas time down at the Creek. Dawson asks Mr. Brooks advice on writing an essay. Joey drags Pacey to this college dinner party where she needs to impress everyone. Jack and Grams are trying to get Jen to fill in her college applications.

    This episode of Dawson's Creek was very good. Not a lot of drama but it was very good. Dawson needs to write an essay on why he wants to be a director or film producer. He asks Mr. Brooks for advice. Mr. Brooks is growing on me. I like that Dawson and him had their moment. Though, I did think Mr. Brook flirting with Grams was strange. Joey has this big dinner party for her one of her colleges she's going to and she drags Pacey along with her. I like how Pacey said all this nice stuff about Joey. Finally the writer's got Jen and Grams on speaking terms in this episode. Seriously they wrote them in the past couple of episodes to be so out of character IMO. I'm glad that Jack and Grams filled out Jen's applications. I found the part where Jack read Jen's Journal funny. And hoe Jen has this sexy dreams about Jack. Hilarious Moment. I also liked the Dawson and Pacey's sister (I forget her name already) kiss. I give this episode a 7.5/10.