Dawson's Creek

Season 3 Episode 1

Like a Virgin

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 1999 on The WB

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  • Dawson comes home from a summer at his moms and meets a girl named Eve.

    "Like a Virgin" was an awesome season 3 premiere. I love the character Eve. She's so mysterious. I love seeing Dawson's wild side in this episode and he crashes his father's boat, goes to strip club, throws a party with stripper, and then gets caught by his dad. Joey throwing herself at Dawson was pathetic but it was highly entertaining. I love the end of this episode where Pacey rows his boat to Joeys and they bond. Jen becoming a cheerleader is so awesome. It's something that she would never do and so it's very entertaining. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • Great opening to a new season..

    This episode was pretty great but did have some boring parts to it.

    Dawson comes home from staying with his mom all summer in Philidelphia and he meets a beautiful girl on the bus ride back. Her name is Eve. When Pacey sees how depressed Dawson is about Joey he knows he has to get him away from her so he takes him to a stripper club. Eve winds up being there.

    Later that day Dawson walks into his house and Eve standing right there hoping to talk to him for a little while. Pacye persuades Dawson to take the boat out on a spin. Dawson agrees to the offer so him and Eve go out on the boat. They are to busy kissing and they run into the dock at the Ice House.

    Joey flips out when she sees them together. She thought the first time they see eachother after all this time they would look into each others eyes and know at that moment all was forgiven in the world.

    In the end the fixing up for the dock at the Ice House was 3,000 dollars so Pacey and Eve come up with an idea to get some money. They host a stripper joint at Dawsons house and they have to pay $20 to get in. When they reach the limit of how much money they need they will let people in for free.

    Joey is hiding out in Dawsons room when he goes up there to lie down for a little while. She tries to get him to have sex with her. He kindly declines the offer because that isn't how it is suppose to be. He says he doesn't want to be with. Not yet anymore. She runs out the window crying.

    Dawson goes downstairs to tell Pacey to go make sure Joey is alright. He rows over to Joeys Dock at her house and holds her and tells her he understands what she is going through. Sometimes you love someone but you have to let them do whats best for them first before you can be together is pretty much how he put it. Eve asks Dawson to take a risk and come with him on the boat. The boat that coworker of hers let her borrow. He politely refuses the offer. In one of the ending scenes Dawsons dad shows up at his house early and now Dawson is in trouble. We don't see anything else of that scene beyond that.

    For me this was a rather good episode. It kept my attenion this whole time.
  • The beginning of things to come.

    Now that Dawson is back from summer vacation in Philly, his feelings for Joey have changed. As have Joey's for him. Though, that doesn't mean they reunite and run off into the sunset together. No, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship we see starting to blossom between Joey and Pacey. One that they never really shared before. When Dawson asks his best friend to look out for Joey, he may get more than he bargained for. We have seen the sexual tension between them for the last two seasons. Though it's been cloaked in what seemed to be pure hatred for one another. We see the softer side of Pacey, the more vonurable side of Joey, and the wild side of Dawson.
  • On his way back from Philly, Dawson meets seducive, Eve and gets more then he asked for when he crashes his dad's boat. Joey who froze Dawson out all summer, realizes she's not over him and presents him with a choice that could change both of their lives.

    I think I agree with Kevin Williamson when he says the Eve story line was propostorious. It just made Dawson look like a bigger goof than he was in his adolescent years. I think the show would have been better if maybe Dawson had still not taken Joey on her offer, but gave the relationship another chance. He had no reason to deny her and it just sounded unrealistic.