Dawson's Creek

Season 6 Episode 10

Merry Mayhem

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 11, 2002 on The WB



  • Quotes

    • Jen: What are you even doing here?
      Audrey: I missed my flight, bitch, which is really terribly unfortunate because if you think that spending Christmas here on Walton Mountain is my idea of a good time, then you all are about as high as I am right now.
      Gale: Audrey, why don't you go lay down?
      Audrey: Oh, you know, thanks for that, Gale, really, but I think I'm kind of just getting started here. Do any of you have any idea how incredibly hypocritical this whole little gathering is? I mean, I may be flying high on a pleasingly potent cocktail of vodka and painkillers... and thank you, by the way, Gale, for the painkillers, but I seem to be seeing things a little bit clearer than any of you. Dawson. Pacey. You guys hate each other, don't you? You're never going to be able to... to mend this little rift that exists between the two of you, so why do you even bother with the charade? And Dawson and Joey. (Audrey laughs) Here you are, both of you, all grown up and so very pleased with yourselves, and each with your little significant other by your side respectively and while, you know, I will give you that it does make for a pretty picture, the truth of the matter is you guys finally slept together, and you've never really dealt with it and neither of you are going to be able to have a relationship with anyone else until you just finally deal with your crap once and for all and... as for you, Pacey, I am really sorry that Audrey Hepburn next to you broke your heart all those years ago, and it's prevented you from ever fully committing to an adult relationship, but you know what? Just grow up. Merry Christmas, scum suckers. Peace Out.