Dawson's Creek

Season 6 Episode 24

...Must Come to an End (2)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 14, 2003 on The WB

Episode Recap

(Part 2 of 2 - last 60 minutes of a 2 hour special)
Joey, Pacey, Dawson and Jack are in the hospital with Grams while Jen is being examined. Grams tells them Jen has always had a heart condition but they didn't find it until she got pregnant. The doctor comes out of Jen's room and calls out for Grams. She speaks to him then comes back to tell them to go home and rest because it's nothing serious. Jack decides to stay, Dawson, Joey and Pacey leave. In the car, Pacey makes a joke about them as a love triangle. Joey's boyfriend, Christopher, calls her on her mobile. When she answers, Dawson wisely points out: And the triangle becomes a square. Well put, my friend. Well put, Pacey replies.
Back in the hospital, Grams is called by the doctor once again. After they speak she turns to Jack and cries in his arms. He then enters her room and she tries to chit chat but he is in too much of a shock to do so. He cries to her and she explains exactly what is wrong with her, and then tells him she needs their usual meaningless conversation to get past all that is happening. He lays in her arms and they talk about the male nurse he flirted with to get inside her room after visiting hours.
Then, Jack goes over to the Ice House and gives Pacey the sad news, then to the Potter's B&B to tell Bessie and Joey then calls Dawson on the phone. They are all in shock. Dawson's doorbell rings. It is Joey. She looks at him with wet eyes. He holds her and they cry.
In the morning, Joey, Pacey and Dawson go over to the hospital to visit Jen and Jack tell them they are not supposed to cry or else they will be banned from the hospital because those are Jen's rules. They send Pacey in first. He enters the room, smiles at her and says: Well, Jack tells me you're dying. Other than that, everything is just great. They laugh together.
In the waiting room, Deputy Doug shows up bringing her flowers. He asks Jack if they can put things behind them for the time being. Jack agrees.
Pacey comes out of the room and they all enter together. Pacey and Jen start joking about death, horrifying Joey and Dawson, but Jen tells them it is the only way she can get through this horrible situation.
Joey goes home and we see her avoiding her boyfriend's calls. Bessie tells her that she is not answering because she knows it is over but she is too much of a chicken to tell him that. She denies it a couple times but eventually agrees. Bessie then tells her she is still in love with her high school sweetheart. Joey denies it and Bessie corrects herself telling Joey she is still in love with her high school sweethearts, plural. Joey calls him back to say it's over.
Joey goes to the hospital to help Jen get ready for a tape she is recording for ber daughter, Amy, and they start talking about Dawson's show, The Creek, a conversation that develops into the subject that really matters: who does she choose, Dawson or Pacey. Jen tells Joey she will make her dying wish that she picks one of them. Joey tells Jen she always knew who she is supposed to end up with, but her quest was never about the boys, just about herself. Jen asks her who is it she always knew she was supposed to end up with and, as Joey is about to answer, Dawson enters the room.
It is a beautiful sunny day when Dawson takes Jen to the hospital's garden and sets up the camera for her. Jen tell Amy about all the things that matter in life: love, family, education, friends and God. She tells her daughter to make a lot of mistakes so she can learn from them.
Joey meets Dawson in the garden, they talk about his show, her career, and how they all have moved apart through the years. She tells him he should consider himself lucky to be a writer, because that way he can live life twice.
Pacey takes Jen a videotape he borrowed from Dawson 6 years earlier with all of them goofing around in front of the camera. Jen brings up his feelings for Joey and tells him that friendship can never be under or overestimated and she hopes the three of them can remain friends forever. She then breakdowns. I hate this! I don't wanna do this! I don't wanna... die! Remind me to never do this again!. She says she is scared and she doesn't want to leave her baby alone. Pacey holds her and promises Amy will not be alone and he will spend every Saturday with her. She calms down but remains in his arms.
Night falls and Joey goes by the Ice House and tells Pacey she hasn't eaten anything all day. They go into the kitchen so he prepares pasta for her. She tells him how proud she is of him and his restaurant and he says he is only this happy because he is with her. She throws a tomato at him. They have a food fight. Joey suddenly stops and asks him if it is ok for them to be laughing like this and he replies that it is, more than ever.
Jack is in the hospital with Jen and they bring up the matter of Amy, and he tells her he wants to keep her, as he is her godfather. Jen tells him that is what she wants for her baby, but she wants Amy to belong. She says she always felt as if she never quite belonged. Jack cries to her and tells her she always belonged to him. You are MY soul mate. They hold each other.
Everyone spends the following couple of days in the hospital, waiting for the inevitable. One morning, Jen is lying in her bed and Grams is asleep on the chair beside her. Jen awakes, looks at her grandmother and smiles. Her eyes shut once again. Grams awakes and looks at her. She takes Jen's pulse and finds she is gone. Grams kisses her forehead and whispers: I'll see you soon, child.
Pacey hosts the funeral dinner at the Ice House. Jack and Grams hold Amy as Pacey and Doug talk about him. Doug looks at Jack with tenderness in his eyes. Joey and Pacey meet, alone, in the kitchen, and he tells her she is off the hook, that he loves her but that is just enough, he does not need for her to love him back. She tells him she loves him too, and she loves Dawson as well, and she can't be let off the hook, I might just get the notion it is ok to keep running, she tells him. He asks what does that mean, but as she starts to answer Gale enters the kitchen and hugs them both. When Joey is about to start speaking again, Bessie enters and requires her help. She leaves without telling him what she was going to tell him.
Jack is with Amy at the beach when Doug approaches them. Jack tells him he might leave Capeside for Amy's best interest, because he doesn't want her to be the only kid with a gay parent in a small town and he doesn't want her to fall. Doug tells him that she will be that kid no matter where they go. He also tells him that being a good parent is also knowing your kids are bound to fall down, and that he would like to be there for them. Jack says he doesn't want his pity, Doug says it is not about that. They kiss. Jack points out an elder couple passing by and Doug tells them he was just kissing his boyfriend. They smile at each other and hug.
Dawson is sitting in his front yard, by the creek, trying to write an ending to his own show. He has a vision of Jen coming out of her cab 6 years earlier and grins. Joey comes by. She sits with him and they talk about the ending for his show. She asks him to make it a happy ending. They talk about their friendship until it brings tears to their eyes. They are sharing a very intimate look when they hear Lily shouting at Alexander to climb up the ladder, just as Joey used to do when they were kids. They look at them, look at each other, smile and Dawson holds her.
In Joey's apartment, back in New York, the TV is airing The Creek's season finale, showing Sam (Joey's character) and Colby (Dawson's character) in a scene identical to Dawson's Creek's 1st season finale. She looks at him as says: I don't wanna wait for my life to be over. I want to know right now what will it be. Colby says: You and me. Always, and they kiss the episode ends. Joey smiles at the TV: Perfect. Just perfect. She talks to the person beside her. That person is crying. She jokes about it. Then she leans toward that person and we see it is Pacey. They kiss. She picks up the phone and calls Dawson, back in his office in L.A. They congratulate him on the episode. He then tells them he has a meeting with Spielberg the next day. The camera shows that, on Dawson's desk, a portrait shows an old picture of him, Joey, Pacey and Jen. And fades to black.