Dawson's Creek

Season 6 Episode 24

...Must Come to an End (2)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 14, 2003 on The WB

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  • It Broke My Heart

    There has never been a series finale, and I consider my quite the series connoisseur, to inflict pain quite like this one. Jen's death impacted me more than anything else involved with the show, and I don't think there has been a character on the show worthy of such a profound story line other than Jen. It was beautiful, heart wrenching, and nothing spoke to the show's abilities more than Jen's last glance at her grandmother before she takes her last breath holding her hand. It was beautiful, and I'll never get over how she and Jack took care of each other. It spoke to my heart, and I will carry that moment with me for the rest of my life. I try to not read too much into television programs but that was art, truly in its highest form, I don't care what anyone says, it was beautiful and poignant, and it changed me.
  • The best series finale of any show on television.

    This episode is truly remarkable and proves why the entire cast have become megastars
  • They criticized the show when it was on air but truly it was one of the best shows ever created

    When I first watched the show I knew that Pacey was going to be my favorite character mainly because I relate to him, but I was a fan that was for Joey and Dawson at first until season 3. I realized that it was never about Joey and Dawson being together it was about them understanding that they are forever going to be linked and just because your soulmates doesnt mean you have to be lovers and the final episode showed that. Joey and Pacey had a connection intimately that even Dawson couldnt shake and she knew it which is why she told Jen she always knew who she loved just was scared to actually love that hard even though she always felt it, Pacey and Joey was a perfect ending. Dawson has a perfect ending as well he is following his dreams since childhood he is meeting his greatest inspiration and he has his best friends in his life. Jen was sad to watch because she struggled all the time but the poetry is beautiful she created life that will live on and like she told jack, teach her to belong, Jen and Jack truly were soulmates as well and as you watch you realize that the point is just that, soulmates just means connected even after life is gone. A truly shakesphearing show drama, tragedy, and Love.
  • Wonderful Finale

    This is and will remain one of my favorite shows of all time! I watched it all when it orignally aired from 1998-2003 and I still watch it on DVD!

    I was very happy with the ending, well I was sad that Jen died and everytime I watch her doing her video message to her daughter it makes me cry!

    I personally am happy that Pacey and Joey ended up together I liked them better than her and Dawson. I also liked when Joey was talking to Dawson about different types of soul mates. Then in the back ground we see Lily and Alexander playing and we know they will be the next Joey and Dawson.

    I also loved that Jack and Doug (whom after the whole 6 season of Pacey bugging him that he was gay and 6 season of Doug denying it) that he is Gay and he and Jack end up together and they will raise Jen's baby!
  • sorry i'm like 10 years late

    this show was one of the best 90's shows besides Beverly Hills 90210 i loved this finale i forgot it was on Wednesday nights.... thats funny for us one tree hill fans :) anyways back to the review i LOVED this episode it was amazing acting by Michelle Williams and the grandmother.. sorry i never could remember her name but what a beautiful way to go out i loved how Jack man up and too responsibilty of Amy that was very cool of him to do :) i loved how it morphed into 5 years later and see where they all went after college that was also very cool it was just a good episode i loved it
  • So sad.

    This is such a sad ending and belive it or not I loved it ! I mean I cryed my eyes out but it was an amasing end . And ofcourse the fact that Pacey and Joey ended up together didn't hurt either . I have always been a huge PJ fan and I was afraid that they'll put her and Dawson together , but when I saw the ending . . . there are no words to describe how glad I was , because as Joey said, Dawson was her childhood love and it was great, but she belongs with Pacey. And they didn't have to kill Jen, but the fact that she had a baby was great, because that means she left her mark on the world.
  • Wow! That is all I can come up with when I think of this episode. It was so moving, I cried a lot. It was beautiful and perfect.

    I am so happy that Pacey and Joey wind up together, because I believe that they were meant for each other. Dawson and Joey were good together but they weren't meant for each other. My favourite line from this episode was when Jack said to Jen "...you're my soulmate." I still can't believe that they had her die. I couldn't imagine dieing so young and leaving a daughter behind. However I believe that Jack will be a terrific father to Amy and together they will survive with Deputy doug along for the ride. It would be neat to have another episode where Pacey and Joey are getting married. But that's just me.
  • Beautiful. Sad. Unbeleiveable.

    To start off, I just want to say that I haven't watched Dawson's Creek in over two years. I saw that the final episode was on, and decided that since I had never watched it, now would be a good time to finally finish the DC saga. It was perfect though. The way they ended it with Joey and Pacey together, but Dawson still being Joey's soul mate, and Jack with Doug. But the most important ending...Jens. When I realized Jen died I started bawling. Just the way she died. At first I thought Grams was the one who died, but when I found out that it was Jen I was just so over taken with emotion. And Dawson's flashback to when he first saw Jen. It was all so unbelieveable. I was happy though, to kno how it all ended, and how their lives all continued on. It still makes me teary to think about though.
  • Role model for every other teen drama

    I've never like Dawson's Creek so much in the first seasons, but when they grew older the characters started growing on me and I just loved this series finale. I think it's kind of a role model for every other teen drama. There was no point in ending the story at college, the time and place were just not suitable. But bringing them back together after some years apart and connecting it all through Jen's death was just amazing. I was so sad that she died, but the ending - with Pacey and Joey reunited and Dawson finding the perfect first season finale for his show - it was all a great match. I loved these two episodes and as I said: other shows should really consider doing their finales similarly!! Thanks, DC!!
  • Saying hello and goodby at the same time.

    Wedding day nears, everyone finally showing up for the big day.After the vows are giving everyone goes off to the receiption.Everyones eating, dancing have a good time. Jen is out on the dance floor dancing, all of a sudden she's not looking well, she passes out and falles to the floor.Gram says someone call for an amblems and wants to know if she took her medicine, Dawson said he saw her take it.Gram said that this should not be happening.Gram tells everyone she is dieing of a rear illness. Jen wants to see everyone , but she does not want to see anyone cry.She wants Dawson to help her make a little movie for her daughter, he agrees to help her.
  • Jen dies because of heart cancer and Joey finally decides between Pacey and Dawson and she choses Pacey

    I Love the fact that the Joey, Pacey, and Dawson love triangle finally came to an end. I always wanted Joey to end up with Pacey becuase I always thought of them as the perfect couple and loving eachother even when they knew they couldn\'t. I cried when Jen died. She was such an important person on the show. I think that its werid how everybody at first when you see the episode of the Creek they think that Joey is going to chose Dawson but then we see she chose Pacey. I liked how they were showing Dawson\'s little sister and Alexander just like Joey and Dawson.
  • 5years later Dawson, Jen, Joey, Pacey, and Jack come together again...

    It does not matter if your a Joey and Dawson fan or a Joey and Pacey fan because this episode gives closure to everyone. Joey loves them both but ultimatly chooses Pacey, not before making peace with Dawson. I think they both realized that they love each other and always will. They are also best friends and that is more important, they will share that for the rest of their lives.
    Jen has a child, and is very sick. We dont know that until she collapses and has to be rushed to the hospital. There we find out that she has a heart condition and will not make it. When Pacey is in Jens room and she breaks down because she is scared to die and leave her daughter is a very powerful scene, it still makes me cry. Jack decides to take Jens baby, and move. However Doug convinces him that nomatter where you go you cant run away from who you are and what people will say.
    This show ended in style with everything coming together in the end and even if we wanted Joey and Dawson to be together it seemed as it is more right this way.
  • I rate this so high because...

    I rate this so I because, unlike, a lot a other tv shows with romance and conflict, they gave us a final choice of Joey's decision between Pacey and Dawson. Some other shows leave it up to our imagination, which for me is not good enough! It made me so happy that she ended up with Pacey! I luv him, I would of been fine with either one of them, but Pacey and Joey were my Steven and Hyde (for the That 70s Show fans) Dawson was more of the Kelso (another That 70s Show character) I would of been fine if he was the one chosen (better then not choosing at all) That is why I luved it.
  • This episode is the last EVER episode of dawsons creek!!! It is set 5 years later and includes many shock discoveries and suprising choices especialy when it comes to the joey,pacey and dawson love triangle!!!

    I hate but love this episode!!! Dont get me wrong but i love it because it is a classic episode of dawsons creek but i hate it, one, because joey ends up choosin pacy over dawson and i for one have always thought she and dawson would make the perfect couple. Two, it's the last ever episode which means no more dawsons creek on a sunday afternoon. And i for one am very sad about this!!!

    I couldn't believe it when Jen died. I never saw that coming and i cried so hard while she was doing that film message for her daughter.

    Any way this was a very special episode of dawsons creek for me and i will be very sad over the departure of this fantastic programme that has entertained me for 6 glorious years!! But i gain some comfort knowing that i can buy all the box sets and therefore keep the spirit of dawsons creek alive for ever!!
  • Must Come to an End....

    I thought this was a perfect finish to an awesome tv series. The love triangle finally comes to an end, Jack finds his true love (I'm glad he ends up with this certain person). Although we lose one of our favourite charaters, it was a well put together episode which closed up all loose ends.
  • not all stories end well.

    This double episode is one of the best i have ever seen. it is filled with joy and tears, for all the right reasons. We get to see the final decision we do not expect and we see how most of them got a good life build. The one exception is the one probably the most likely to succeeed, and still the one with the bad apple to eat.

    This is one hell of a episode and the third on in my life bringing me close to tears. (dirty rotten writers!!).

    Happy to see Meredith Monroe one last time, and good to see the 5 year leap. It is a great end to a good TV series. The writers should be proud.
  • The best series finale that i have ever seen, for any show!!!!

    In this episode they flash forward 5 years to show you what the characters lives will be like. This is a very good episode, i can't think of any other show that has done a series finale in this way. This episode will not leave you feeling unhappy that the series has ended because you will know how their lives will be. I just loved how everyone was older, you got to see Lily older, Dawson has a tv show called "The Creek", Jen has a daughter, Jack has a boyfriend, and Grams is better. The ending my be surprizing.
  • ..Must Come to an End (2)

    Five years have passed and everyone is reunited in Capeside.
    The ending to this show was very well written. Joey finally decides between Dawson and Pacey.
    I know a lot of people thought the obvious choice was Dawson, and that they would finally end up together. But I think the writers really did do this one right.
    During the show, Joey and Dawson were not together long, and when they were, they were fighting. The storyline between Joey and Pacey was much more romantic.

  • The best Dawson Creek's episode.

    What began great had to end great, but I didn't expect it all. Amazing. Kevin did the real great, terrific job ending the way it did. The way it was written showed how he wanted it to end. Perfectly! There is no word to describe what it is. Joey was supposed to end with Pacey and in Dawson's show "Joey" had to end with "Dawson". I cried so much when Jen died, but there couldn't be any better for Jen. Completely amazing and perfect! We just have to congratulate Kevin and all the cast for the incredible six years of terrific job they did. The best episode and the best ending someone could ask for.
  • Brilliant writing made for a perfect ending to a great series!

    Series finales are a mixed bag. Some are great like the finales to Friends and Newhart. Some a terrible like the finales to Seinfield and Dallas. You never know what you are going to get. The best are normally those that stick to the character of the show. They don’t make extreme changes or have radical concepts. Nobody wants a series finale to be a concept episode.

    After hearing the finale of Dawson’s Creek was going to be set five years in the future, I was a little worried. But those fears quickly vanished when I found out Kevin Williamson was going to return to the series he created, a series that was based on people and events in his life. I just knew it was going to be great. And Kevin didn’t let me down.

    What Kevin did amazingly well was write the characters as they were first introduced to us. The main characters are the exact some ones as from the first season, with about 10 years of maturity. His writing was just brilliant. You could tell he lived and breathed these characters. They were like his best friends. People he had know his entire lives.

    Dawson was a mirror version of Kevin. A brilliant filmmaker creating a TV series based on himself (ala Kevin Williamson). Pacey to a degree was his same laid-back self, just more mature and as fun loving as ever. Jen, oh so complicated Jen. Always so much going on behind the scenes. Joey, still her indecisive self. Always on the look out for more. Never sure of herself. And Jack… a confident mature gay man, wanting to be loved. Wasn’t Jack always wanting to be loved?

    And for good measure Kevin Williamson made sure to write in the supporting cast. Gale, Bessie, Deputy Doug, and Grams (who I adore).

    A quick mention of some plotlines…

    1) Jack & Doug… I was leery at first, mainly because of the age difference. But Kerr Smith and Dylan Neal pulled it off. And, being a long time Dawson’s Creek fan, I can’t tell you how awesome of a twist it was to see Deputy Doug being gay!

    2) Jen’s Death… When I first heard about this (before the episode aired) I can’t tell you how upset I was. Jen was my favorite character on the show. I did not want her to die! But Kevin wrote it brilliantly. With Jen and Jack’s friendship perfectly woven into the storyline.

    3) Dawson/Joey/Pacey… You can’t talk about Dawson’s Creek without talking about the famous triangle. I will not go into any great detail but I loved the way Kevin resolved the triangle. It ended the way I thought it should. With Joey realizing Dawson was her childhood sweetheart but Pacey being her future, the one she grew to love. With Dawson accepting this fact, and being happy for his dear friend, Pacey and Joey.

    A perfect ending to a great series! I could not have asked for anything better!
  • They Got it Right!

    This might be one of my favorite series finales ever. I love the 5 years later angle. They wrapped up the season in the second to last episode and then ended the series in this episode, therefore there weren’t all of these loose ends to tie up.

    Let me just say, They finally got it right!!! Pacey and Joey forever! I love them as a couple. I love Pacey in general. It was nice to see that they gave up on that pathetic Dawson and Joey soul mate nonsense. Those two together was like incest.

    As for the Jen story line, I bawled my eyes out. Poor Jen Lindley, she always got the short end. She really was the outsider, the woman who stirred up the creek. I felt bad that she was never truly happy. At least she had Jack.

    Jack and Deputy Doug, how fabulous. It was a great end to the show. My only wish is that Andie was there.
  • The end of the show, but never an end to their lifelong friendships.

    The series finale to Dawson's Creek can be described as the perfect Capeside ending. ...Must Come to an End was a piece of well written genius. The viewers were reminded of the timeless love triangles, endless friendships, bright humor and wit.

    The friends were brought back to Capeside as adults, when they very much as still the same teenagers. They were simply friends again. There were no petty differences to seperate them. They are brought even closer when one of the friends falls ill and ends up in the hospital.

    The friends are forced to say goodbye to Jen, as well as the show. In this time, they also realize not to let go of the things important to them, so they hold on to each other. At last, we are left with the same people we began with.

    Dawson, Joey, and Pacey. The love, and the friendships.
  • and I still cry every time...

    So, it was the end of something big on the WB the night Dawson's Creek drifted away into television history. I popped popcorn (before I remembered exactly how much I hate the stuff) and after that I scooped out ice cream instead. I made sure all my supplies were in reach in. I told my mother, who for some reason decided she wanted to watch the series finale with me, even though she would never deign to watch any of the episodes leading up to it with me. It reminded me of when 90210 ended, and I locked myself in my room for the entire episode. I didn't speak to anyone all night, not even after it ended. When a show that you're so completely devoted to ends, it's hard to cope with the loss of the characters. After all, these characters give you weekly updates, and you see into the deepest most intimately personal moments of their lives. That's more than some friends and family members do. So with the loss of the television show comes the loss of much beloved friends... and ones that you put up with for some reason you couldn't understand.
    I'll always remember the first episode, and how much I loved it. I remember the way it began and ended and how I just knew that it was the beginning of something, and everybody knew it.
    I'm still so heartbroken that Jen died. I still cry everytime I watch it, every scene of her in the hospital, those lines she and Pacey share about her dying are the beginning of the waterworks. It's crying from then on out. With each bittersweet scene I'm reminded of rebellious Jen, telling Grams off, getting drunk with Abby, telling Joey off, trying to seduce Dawson. When she died I almost have to leave the room, the funeral tears me up. And Joey and Dawson realizing how they tried to make more out of their friendship than was there, and how much they hurt each other in the process. Finally Joey and Pacey were back together and everything was as it should be between the three of them. They were all friends again. Sadly Jen wasn't there to see it.
    The only thing that will keep me from missing the show too much is the fact that it will be in syndication forever!
    Goodbye Dawson, Joey, Pacey, Jen and Jack. We'll all miss you deeply!
  • What keeps this episode from being a 10 is the ever boring love triangle.

    With the exception of the triangle that never made sense, this episode is a brilliant ending to a tv-show.

    I liked the "5 years later" touch as it gives more insight as to what happens in the characters' lives. The parody the show makes of itself (with "the Creek") was a great touch, I found that quite entertaining. Except for the bit about Dawson getting a meeting with Spielberg. I could have lived without that "he got a happy ending too" bit.

    The love triangle was as usual a let down. This storyline doesn't work simply because no two guys would fight like that over a person like Joey. She's never been quite likeable and I think Pacey said it perfectly when he broke up with her back in the episode "Promicide". Now she's brought a third guy into play and all of them are hanging on to the hope that she will choose them, not caring a bit that she loves two other guys as well. The truth is that the only realistic ending would have been for Pacey and Dawson to realise that Joey is not worth their love and above all their friendship with each other. In real life Joey would have ended up alone and that's just the way it is. It doesn't help that Katie Holmes delivers yet another performance which is meek at best. Someone ought to tell this woman that "angry" does not mean "croach forward and squint". Holmes never brought a shred of depth into her character which is one of the main reasons why Joey is a much less loveable character than the others.

    The rest of the cast did a great job with the acting though. Kerr Smith, James Van Der Beek and Michelle Williams in particular. The chemistry between Jack and Jen never fails, they are a great pair of friends and the two actors seem to bring out the best in each other.

    It was a great touch to bring Andie back for the finally. She was a big part of the show at one point and I always missed her once she was gone. Glad we got to see what happened to her.

    The storyine of Jen's death was really the one to carry the emotional weight in this episode. It really cast a light on how pointless the love triangle is and how little we ought to care about it. Throughout the episode my focus was on the Jen storyline and the triangle scenes were just fillers. Although I don't quite buy into the whole "suddenly she's dying and not even Jack had guessed it" thing I think that every scene in the storyline past that point was beautifully written and very realistic. I'm especially glad that Jack will be raising baby Amy. It seems like no one else could.

    An emotional episode which nicely ties up some loose ends and allows us to see what the future has in store for our characters. It brought back some old characters for the old fans, it introduced some new ones. And it ended with a good montage sequence. Had it not been for the triangle then I would have given this episode a 10.

  • The End

    Five years later, the gang reunited. I'm sad that Jen died, she'll always be one of my favorite characters. To me, Joey picking Pacey was a big middle finger to all the Dawson & Joey shippers. But I think that's cute that they are together once again. Originally, the show would've finished on it's 10th season, but due to the ratings being declined, The WB decided to end the show's production, making Season 6 the last season. Dawson's Creek creator Kevin Williamson, returned to make the 2-hour series finale after learning that the show is cancelled. This episode, without a doubt, was one of the greatest series finales in television history. I love how they add the clip show at the end. Really amazing.
  • Joey and Pacey end up together. Joey is a sucessful book editor. Pacey re-opened the Icehouse. Dawson has his own television show. Jen has become very ill and is awaiting her death. Jack is a teacher at Capeside High.

    Dawson's Creek is one of the best teenage drama's ever created. I'm really happy with the way they ended the show. To me, this show is stupendous and there's nothing worse than a great show ending badly. So the big, humungous question fans are waiting to have answered is, “Who will Joey end up with?!� The answer is: Pacey Witter! Woo! When I was watching the show I thought Dawson and Joey were just so meant to be together, but now that I look back I realize that Pacey and Joey were really for each other. That’s why I think this series finale was so great. The best scene is when Joey and Dawson are reminiscing about their past together and they say to each other, “You and me, always.� I love that part because it’s so true about them. Dawsons and Joey will always be there for each other, but the guy she’s really meant to be with is Pacey. I love Pacey’s character. He’s a whole lot of trouble, but at the end of the day he’s a sweet boy that would do anything for the woman he loves. Dawson and Joey are childhood sweethearts, but I don’t think they were as meant for each other as Pacey and Joey. Pacey and Joey have the chemistry. So I was happy that in the end, she chose Pacey. Pacey’s family always told him when he was growing up that he was nothing and he will mount to nothing. That’s why he never tried in school, except when Andy encouraged him. He always refered to himself as the black sheep, but in the end he is the most successful one in the family. He is doing what he loves and he’s happy too. So take that Witter’s! I’m so happy that Pacey’s life ended up great because he’s a fantastic character.

    Dawson, Dawson, Dawson. Hm, well I can’t say that I was surprised he had his very own television show. That was the only predictable thing in the finale. Of course he has his own show and of course it’s about his and Joey’s relationship. Even though I never cared for his character, I’m happy that his life was on the right track and he’s having fun doing what he loves. Jen is another favorite character of mine. She’s awesome and she really shouldn’t have died. I wanted to see some resolve in her life after all this time. But in the end, her only resolve was death. I wanted to see Jen having a really really happy, successful life like the rest of the gang. She always is upset or having problems with herself. It’s really too bad that she was killed off. She would have been a great mother of her child. I’m happy she left her kid with Jack. Like I said though, she really shouldn’t have died. This was the only bad part of the finale. Jack McPhee is a teacher at Capeside and from what we saw on the finale, he is really good at it. He’s also in love with Doug Witter. Despite Doug’s fear of finally revealing his sexuality to Capeside, Jack and Doug end up together taking care of Jen’s child. This was a happy part of the finale. Yay!

    Oh, and Andy who is another one of my favorite character’s comes back for the shortest period of time ever. We find out that she’s a doctor, of course, and that she’s successful and happy. I’m happy Andy ended up great, but she should’ve had more time on the finale. All in all, the series finale was fantastic besides Jen’s death and Andy’s short farewell. The writer’s did a great job ending this unforgettable series. I still enjoy watching reruns of Dawson’s Creek today. :)
  • A really good ending!

    I was never a huge fan of "Dawson's Creek", because sometimes it was just too much to listen to these 17-year-olds talking as if they already had a lifetime of experience to rely on. But nevertheless, I was interested in the relationships of these people. And it made me very happy when I realized that it was going to be Joey and Pacey and not Joey and Dawson. Although Dawson was the main character who gave the show its name, he was the one I absolutely could not stand. But since he didn't get the girl I could live with him. Pacey was always the more appealing character and I was very happy to see him happy and owning his own business.
    That was the great thing about the series finale. It was set five years in the future. That really brought a new aspect to it.
    And it was also very emotional. To see Jen die was very sad. I really had to cry although she wasn't my favorite character at all.
    So all in all, this was the perfect ending for a not so perfect show.
  • Tearjerker. Good closure.

    I knew that I should cry out loud. I knew that it would make me feel better. But I didn't because even though I had tears in my eyes, the writers made sure that the ending was not sad and depressing.

    Jen's death was one of the most moving storylines I have come across on Dawson's Creek. The last conversation she and Jack have was very very special and lo behold, Dawson and Joey were not the only soul mates on this show.

    I loved how Jen's death put things in perspective for the other characters. Dawson had grown up and he and Joey finally understood what the feelings they have been battling about for so long really are. Their love is something very special and it is completely understandable how confusing a love like that can be.

    I was never obsessed with this show so I never had in mind a particular guy Joey should choose. But when she and Pacey got together it was as if a puzzle was finally completed. And it was jen's death that prompted both of them to come clean about their feelings.

    I thought the ending was corny with Spilberg thrown in. But the mere fact that the love triangle survived the final test was heartening enough to finally let go of Dawson's Creek.
  • Dawson's Creek series finale stole my heart...again

    I started watching Dawson's creek a few years ago, and I can say that I was immedialty hooked. I think I already knew then that the writing was bad and stuff, but I loved the characters and more importantly their love-interests. I bought the first 3 seasons on DVD. Then I stopped. I found new shows and found out that Dawson's Creek is fun to watch but just not really well written, and defenitly not the best show around. After a year or so I watched All good things...Must come to an end a week ago. And I'm stunned. I missed season 4,5 and 6 but they didn't even talked about that(they talked a lot about the past, but it was only about things that I saw. Wich I guess means that not a lot happened in season 4,5 and 6). You see Joey, Pacey, Jen, Jack and offcourse Dawson five years after what happened in the previous episode. Joey has a boyfriend and lives in New York, Pacey has his own restaurant in Capeside, Jen spent her time raising her child, Jack is gay with ( and this is really funny) with Pacey's brother, and dawson has his own show. I think all these thing are really real. The characters are real and these futures are too. jen death killed me. It was so incredibly sad, especially the part when she makes a video for her child and she says she wants her to be a dreamer. I cried, and I definitly don't cry a lot. This episode was a thank you to the fans and an ode to the show. It answered all your questions, made you cry and laugh. After seeing it I think I finally figured out that I really like Joey/Dawson better then Joey/Pacey. But I still loved the ending. These episodes made me see realise why I love(d) this show, and it makes me wanna watch more. All hail to Dawson's Creek, for making the best show finale I've ever seen ( wich is pretty brilliant to make me say that, after I hadn't watch it for a year where I discovered Alias, Buffy and Angel ) Thanks for the witers for giving the best end tis show could have, and thank you for making me finally love Jen at the very end of the show. You made me see that you really can write good episodes. Too bad All good things must come to an end. Adios.
  • An inspid love triangle finally resolves itself after five stupid years, and yet...

    In the midst of all the soap opera dreck, Michelle Williams, Kerr Smith, and Mary Beth Peil manage to make a silk purse from a sow's ear. Quite frankly, I had lost all interest in the show when the finale aired, as it seemed to be doing nothing but slowly circling the drain. I tuned in to the finale expecting to have a good time mocking it, and saying goodbye to a pleasure that had gotten increasingly guilty.

    And I ended up a sobbing mess.

    There are no words to describe how little I cared about the resolution to the Dawson/Joey/Pacey triangle that had been going on far too many years at that point. What made the episode for me was watching Jen, Grams, and Jack, each quietly dealing with Jen's death. Her actual death scenes were hackneyed, but were played with such aching sincerity by Ms. Williams and Ms. Peil, it's still hard for me to watch and remained dry-eyed today.
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