Dawson's Creek

Season 6 Episode 24

...Must Come to an End (2)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 14, 2003 on The WB

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  • This episode is the last EVER episode of dawsons creek!!! It is set 5 years later and includes many shock discoveries and suprising choices especialy when it comes to the joey,pacey and dawson love triangle!!!

    I hate but love this episode!!! Dont get me wrong but i love it because it is a classic episode of dawsons creek but i hate it, one, because joey ends up choosin pacy over dawson and i for one have always thought she and dawson would make the perfect couple. Two, it's the last ever episode which means no more dawsons creek on a sunday afternoon. And i for one am very sad about this!!!

    I couldn't believe it when Jen died. I never saw that coming and i cried so hard while she was doing that film message for her daughter.

    Any way this was a very special episode of dawsons creek for me and i will be very sad over the departure of this fantastic programme that has entertained me for 6 glorious years!! But i gain some comfort knowing that i can buy all the box sets and therefore keep the spirit of dawsons creek alive for ever!!