Dawson's Creek

Season 3 Episode 3

None of the Above

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 1999 on The WB

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  • Dawson gets his hands on the PSAT, which gets stolen, and now he has to find out who has it.

    "None of the Above" is one of my favourite season 3 episodes. I mainly love this episod because of the character Andie. Anyways, I love how Eve shows with the PSAT and everybody has the chance to look at the PSAT. It's so interesting how the fire alarm goes off and Dawson accidentally leaves the PSAT on the table, and then when he gets back, the PSATs are gone. It's fascinating that any one int he group could have stole the PSAT. I mean Joey needs a scholarship in order for her to affor college. Andie needs to get into Harvard and she also needs to prove that she's not completely crazy anymore. I love the ending of this episode. I love how Andie is the one who stole the PSAT. She's the least likely character to it. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • Eve finds the SAT Test answers.

    Eve has found the answers to the SAT test. Dawson shows the envelope to the gang in order to get perspective on whether to use it or not. When a fire drill happens the principal is standing over Dawsons shoulders so he has to leave the packet behind. When he comes back the envelope has disappeared.

    This becomes a search for the missing envelope. Eve puts the idea in Dawsons head that one out of the 5 have stolen it. She makes Dawson think its Pacey who stole it. He goes confronts Pacey at the Ice House. They exchange some hurtful conversation and Pacey hits him. Dawson hits him back. Joey comes out and stops the whole conflict between the two.

    To me the whole Dawson/Pacey friendship was getting a little boring so i was excited to see them fight for once. To see that Dawson doesn't exactly trust him. I love how once this happened Pacey is leaning on Joey for help. They make a really good friendship.

    It seems that Andy/Pacey relationship is over for good. I am so glad about that. They didn't make a good match.

    In the ending conclusion Andy is cheating on the test so she stole the answers. I would of never expected that. But then again she really wants to get into Harvard.