Dawson's Creek

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 1998 on The WB

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  • You don't jump into that kind of drama from the first episode.

    An overall AVERAGE pilot. A little too desperate in my oponion. It's like the writers are saying Please please watch our show, we have everything. We have hot characters and sex talk and lots of other drama in store for you and as pathetic as all the drama being mixed together was, it worked. I mean seriousley the writers just took a huge ball of drama and threw it in our faces. The Joey turning into a woman and being jealous of Jen and Jen being an athiast and Jen's relegious grandmother and Pacey's encounter with that teacher and Dawson's mother cheating on her father and Dawson not getting into the film making class. It was just too much. It was like getting an overdose of what you wanted from the first episode. They also made Joey's charater more obnoxious than she should be. He rudness towards Jen on that date wasn't funny or entertainging. It was just like Joey was saying saying " I'm a b!tch ". How do you expect me to like and feel for a main character like Joey if you make her act this way on the first episode. As a critic I saw it was AVERAGE and flawed in many ways but as a fan.....I loved it. Fun to watch and very heartwarming.
  • Jen, the new girl, arrives in Capeside and Dawson falls in love at first sight. Joey has trouble telling Dawson that things can't be the same between them. Pacey flirts with Tamara Jacobs, the new teacher at Capeside High.

    The "Pilot" episode was great way to start the series. It establishes the unique characters and the issues that they deal with. I love how all the teenagers are really smart and they use vocabulary that teenagers on other shows wouldn't use. I love Dawson and Joey's friendship and how it's establishes right away that they are the type of friends who tell each other everything. I love how Dawson jokes around about his mom having an affair. It's so interesting how Joey catches Gail having an affair with another mom. I love how Jen is introduced with Dawson falling in love at first sight and Joey completley jealous. I thought it was so funny how Jen stated that she was an atheist and the look on Gram's face is hysterical. I love how Dawson is filming a movie in this episode. I love that he's a film buff because I can really relate to his character. Pacey/Tamara kiss is genious. I love how there's a student/teacher relationship in show that's not afraid to make risk especially a show made in 1998.
  • Addictive!

    The pilot episode showed right at the beginning that Joey and Dawson were close friends but their friendship was changing as they grew. Interesting how Dawson didn't think it mattered when he shared a bed when with Joey. Climbing up the ladder to his window really is something that I found very intimate between them, which hopefully will not go away in the future episodes which I will keep watching. The conversations between Joey and Dawson were just great. Or should I say, I got addictived to this show just by what she has to say to him all the time.
    How come Dawson didn't see Joey getting jealous? I am sure Pacey got that part.
  • Classic Episode. The End Of Everything Simple; The Beginning Of Everything Else...

    In the pilot episode we learn that Dawson and Joey are best frtiends entering the 10th grade. Dawson's bff is Pacey, who is a slacker who thinks he is a ladies man. We meet the NY vixen Jen Lindley who is the object of Dawson's desire, much to the unliking of Joey.

    Jen has a crazy, fanatical religious extremist grandma who keeps her on a tight leash. We learned that Dawson's dad is a stud, and Dawson's mom is a sexy adultress.

    But the highlight of the pilot was the relationship of Pacey, and his englisg teacher Tamara Jacobs. I remember when this episode first aired, people were mad about this storyline; saying that is was to "unrealistic", but in actuality it was a brutally honest storyline. Unless you never watch the news, you will see that teachers are in relationships with high school students all the time. Thank you Paul Stupin, and Kevin Williamson for shedding light on this sexy topic. I wish hot teachers were doing that when I was in school.
  • the beginning of a great show

    Well overall I thought this episode was great. We are introduced to the great Friendship of Dawson and Joey, and the troubled feeling that they feel at a weird time in their life (they are around 15 and Joey feels that they are now too old to share a bed etc - even though the real reason is that she really likes Dawson!!)

    I think this episode gives a good taster to what is to come, the stories are great and the show is brilliant, espcially Joey's reaction to Jen appearing into their lives by moving in next door to her love Dawson!

    You can tell from watching this episode that there is a lot of drama to come!
  • The beginning

    Joey fears that she and Dawson are growing apart because of their horomones. Dawson tries to convince her that nothing will change. Jen, a new girl, becomes a love interest for Dawson. Pacey falls for an older woman who turns out to be his teacher. Dawson loves film, but is angry that he can't get into the class. Dawson suspects that his mother is sleeping with her co-worker. Joey sees them kiss outside. Jen's grandfather is dying.

    This was a good episode! It was a little mature, but it seems like a good show! This episode gets an 8.5 out of 10!
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  • Loved it! Brilliant start to the show

    Dawson's creek is one of my favourite shows. Its one of the few shows on tv which i find remotely believable. The dynamic between Joey Pacey and Dawson is believable and good to watch.

    The pilot episode is a brilliant start to a brilliant series. We are introduced to one of the greatest friendships on tv- Joey and Dawson. They are always there for each other - no matter what. I love Joey's line "hormones are destined to alter our relatonship and i'm trying to limit the fallout". It kind of sums up all of the angst which comes from having a best friend of the opposite sex during your teenage years. (believe me it sucks but it is worth it in the end!)

    Joey, Dawson and Pacey represent the bulk of teenagers and i think everyone can related to one of them in particular. For me its always been Joey- almost every situation she's been in i have found myself in at some point.

    Dawson's Creek is an excellent show with some great characters. Its believable and enjoyable. Despite the angst there are always good times and friendship is a key theme. DC is so different from most other shows aimed at a teen audience- and thats definitley a good thing!

    The pilot is a great episode and everyone should watch it!
  • Again and Again

    The aired pilot is a really sweet episode. I think it is on of the best ever. The dialog between joey and dawson is one of the great talks between growing teens. Love this one. Peasy and the beginning love to his english teacher is also a very nice part of the plot. The most favorate thing in the show is besides the really great location (North Carolina) the really really amazing soundtrack. Unfortunatelly the producers did not save the rights for all aired songs, so the dvd collections contains some different songs, but they are also great. I can see it again and again.
  • Enough to keep me wanting to watch the show.

    This was the first episode of Dawson's Creek, so as with any tv show pilot, you meet the characters.
    Joey and Dawson who live accross the creek from eachother and have been best friends since they were little.
    Pacey, Dawson's male best friend who Joey doesn't like too much.
    And Jen, the attractive neighbor of Dawson's who has just moved to Capeside from New York to live with her grandmother and dying grandfather.
    In the begining of the episode, Joey and Dawson are hanging out in his room and talking about starting high school the following day. Dawson asks Joey to sleep over, as she has many times before, and Joey tells Dawson that she thinks they're now too old for that kind of thing, they're getting to the age where no matter how long they've known eachother, eventually their teenage hormones will get the best of them and make things awkward.
    Later in the episode, Dawson, who is obsessed with one day becoming a director, is shooting his first movie with Pacey and Joey when Jen arrives from New York. They introduce themselves and there is definate flirting between Dawson and his attractive new neighbor from the big city. This immediately causes Joey to become jealous, and so now we know that Joey has feelings for Dawson on something other than a friendship level.
    While working in the video store, Pacey meets a beautiful older woman and she seems to be just as interested in him as he is in her. Later, however, he finds out the woman, Tamara Jacobs, is actually a teacher at his high school.

    This episode was pretty good. It's not my favorite of the whole series, but it was good enough to keep me wanting to watch the show. I think you learn a lot about the characters and what exactly their role is. I knew immediately Joey wasn't going to be my favorite person. Right from the first episode she's angry all the time for no reason and over thinks everything. It's annoying.
  • Let the angst begin.

    I was a closet Creek fan throughout all of my high school years, never sure if I should admit to my friends that I in fact, dug a teen melodrama. But I did, and I still do to this day. While the Creek hit a rough patch later in its run, the first couple of seasons were quality teen melodrama, something I have a sadly have a soft spot for.

    In Pilot, we get our introduction to the gang at Capeside. Joey is uber jealous of Dawson\'s attraction to Jen, the new girl in town/girl next door while Pacey falls for, and kisses, his teacher! Score one for Pacey.

    Joey\'s jealousy over Jen stealing away Dawson\'s attention was nicely done. We\'ve all been in the situation where someone we like has had their attention diverted elsewhere and we\'ve done things that aren\'t normally something we do.

    The Pacey/Ms. Jacobs storyline is also pretty good. There was some criticism over that storyline when the show first aired, but lets face it people... these kinds of things happen. It\'s rare but it does happen and I\'m glad that they tackled this storyline with a main character, not just some minor character that all of the main ones have to frown at and tell them the error of their ways.

    I find little to complain about in this episode, it was a pretty solid start for the show.
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