Dawson's Creek

Season 4 Episode 20


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 04, 2001 on The WB

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  • It's Prom! Pacey is acting weird and Joey wants to find out what's wrong with him. Gretchen is not in love with Dawson. Jen goes to prom with Drue and in result she drinks. Jack has feelings for Tobey.

    Can you say worst prom ever? Let's start off with Joey and Pacey. Joey is sensing there's something not right with Pacey. Pacey then decides to blame being so depressed because of Joey. It's all because Joey is going to Boston and Pacey wants to stay in Capeside. I love the drama, but I so don't understand Pacey at all. I really hope they resolve all those issues because Pacey and Joey are my favourite couple. Let's go onto Dawson and Gretchen. Dawson feels ready to sleep with Gretchen, but at the end of prom night Gretchen practically breaks up with Dawson. I love the drama there, and I'm actually on Gretchen's side. Now let's go to what makes this episode so much better. Jen lies to Tobey and says Jack is just to shy to ask him to the prom, so Jack pays Drue and tells Drue that Jen is just to shy to go to the prom. Best Scene Ever. Let't start off with Jack and Tobey. Their first kiss was awesome. Let's go to Drue and Jen. Jen is drunk. I like how she was sharing some personal stuff with Drue. I give this episode a 9/10 because of all the drama.
  • Great!

    Finally a good episode in season 4. We all expected the prom to be something great and unforgettable. Dawson went to the prom with Gretchen who was 4 years older and thinking of her future. Joey was of course with Pacey who came with a dried flower, and forgot the limo. While thinking of his future he ended up putting his anger on Joey. Geez, what a day. Jen ended up with Drue, her nightmare, but ended up being saved by him before she ended up just like Abby. Jack and Tobey had the best time together going on the next level as a couple, and finally get to the word "boyfriend." "Prom," a day to remember, or "Promicide," a day to completely forget?
  • Just another prom at Capeside. Also the problems in the class couple's relationship comes out in a not so private place. Also Jack is finally growing to understand his sexuality a lot more than last years prom.

    The script and the acting wasn't bad. Everything was rather great. No the painful part to watch was the whole break up with Pacey and Joey. That was a very unlike Pacey thing to do. My theory is that maybe the writers had build up Pacey's character so much that they couldn't possibly just make the break up civil they had to make sure they ended the relationship with a horrible bang, making Pacey seem like a jerk and Dawson the most supporting best friend. Knowing full well he was enjoying the whole break up.
  • Ad everyone gets ready for the prom, things are getting bumpy for the class couple, Joey & Pacey. The evenings plans don't go so smoothly when Pacey puts a damper on every one. Jack takes Toby and Jen decides to drown her sorrows, but is saved by Drue

    This was one of the reasons I didn't particularly like the series finale. Pacey is too stand-offish, but still in love. Overall I liked the episode because of the end results with Joey & Pacey and Dawson & Gretchen.

    Personally I'm a Dawson-Joey fan but I have my moments with Joey & Pacey. I think this was just one of the inevitable moments we were waiting for to happen with Joey & Pacey, and I think it was for the better.
  • When the prom is here Jen knows' how to get a date for Jack.We also learned how much Jack and Tobey have in common.With this we see many ways people shpw their ways they do for proms.

    What I thought of this would be "Oh My Gosh". I reallyed loved this episode. It made a new point of view for when you saw it with the first prom and how some people didnt like it and how this one nothing was wrong.Also in this one Jack wasnt afraid of talking and doing stuff with Tobey . I enjoyed on how Jack kissed Tobey and how much to learned what Jack and Tobey have in common.