Dawson's Creek

Season 2 Episode 17

Psychic Friends

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 1999 on The WB

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  • I found this episode to be a little bit hoaky.

    Most of this episode takes place at the town fair.
    You discover how close Joey and Jack have become despite everything they've been through. When Joey visits a psychic hoping for a glimpse into her future, she is told a tall dark man will be entering her life soon so she jumps at the opportunity to spend time with the next handsome man who shows interest in her. However, she is disappointed when he turns out to actually be interested in Jack. Jack then faces the reality that he's not ready to jump head first into being gay yet.
    Dawson is intimidated and excited when the new film teacher ends up being an actual hollywood director. He takes a chance and shows her his movie in the making and is crushed when she has nothing nice to say about it. Later, the psychic gives Dawson something to think about when she tells him there is still hope for him and Joey.
    The psychic tells Andie that the pain from her past is only a preview of the pain to come, and of course, she is then comforted by Pacey.
    Jen and grams share a special moment when grams is asked out on a date by a man she knew in high school, Jen talks her into accepting his offer and spends the evening giving her a makeover for her big night. Later, grams finds out that the man actually just wanted to catch up on old times, and is married. Needless to say she is disappointed, but she tells Jen the experience has taught her she needs to live more, and is glad it happened.

    I love Dawson's Creek, but this was definately not one of my favorite episodes. It wasn't bad, it just didn't live up to my standards. Not a whole lot got accomplished in this episode, it was a lot of talking and forshadowing of future episodes. Plus, I found the whole psychic thing extremely hoaky. However, the episode, in my opinion, redeemed itself in the very end with an amazing cliffhanger!
  • A fortune teller comes to capeside.

    "Psychic Friends" is probably my least favourite episode of Dawson's Creek season 2. It's still very enjoyable, but it's not as good as the rest as season 2. I don't like Dawson's new film teacher. She's such a jerk to Dawson. I do like how this episode foreshadows Andie's character going crazy. The best part of this episode was Joey posing for some pictures. I like how photographer ended up being more interested in Jack than in Joey. Some guy was flirting with Grams in this episode and it was all very inappropriate but it was funny the things Jen said. I love how Jen convinced Grams to go on that date. Grams looked really beautiful when she got all dressed up. I give this episode a 8/10.
  • One of the worst episodes, of the "Classic Years"

    Granted, when you watch seasons 5 and 6, this will not look as bad, but this is not a good episode.

    The Joey storyline is laughable. It starts out well, but then [spoiler] the guy she likes ends up being gay AND then they have this completely false heart to heart about how, 'he broke up with this guy who he was good friends with before they went out,' I dang near passed out from that laughably forced scene.

    Otherwise, the Dawson storyline is very important, and is sadly, the best in the episode. Jen and Grams little bonding makeover was alright, but really, not that good or interesting...

    Terrible episode from a great season.
  • Psychic Friends

    This was not one of my favorite story lines.
    At the fair, Joey thinks that a photographer likes her, when in fact he is interested in Jack.
    Dawson's film teacher rips apart his movie.
    There is a sweet moment between Jen and her grams.
    A psychic tells Andie that the problems of her past, are just a preview of what is to come (a foreshawdoing of the upcoming episodes)
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