Dawson's Creek

Season 2 Episode 20


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 12, 1999 on The WB

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  • Andie starts seeing her brother Tim. Dawson, Joey, and Jen try to set up Mitch and Gail.

    "Reunited" is so close to being my favourite episode of season 2. Andie is my favourite character and my favourite storyline of hers is when she goes completely crazy. I love how she starts seeing Tim. My favourite scene and definitely one of the most memorable Andie scenes is when she has to choose between Pacey and Tim and she chooses Pacey. The one thing that I didn't like about this episode was Jen, Dawson and Joey, trying to set up Micth and Gail. I didn't mind the subplot at all, but for this episode I would have loved a more intense subplot. I give this episode a 9.5/10.
  • The whole Leery clan end up eating at the same restaurant; must be the only fancy one in the small town of Capeside. Pacey is changing, again.

    Dawson & Joey are back together. Dawson takes her out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate. Jenn and Mrs. Leery decide to go out to eat. Mr. Leery takes the teacher out to eat. They all choose to eat at the same restaurant, which you know is gonna cause some good drama. On the other side of town, at the McPhee house some major drama goes down. Andy has been seeing Brown behind Pacey's back. When Pacey finds out who Brown is he gets scared, but he doesn't run off. Instead, he shows us that he is becoming a man right before our eyes by convincing Andy to let go of Brown and choose life.
  • The whole Leery family dines out at the same restaurant on accident

    For me this episode didn't do much for me. Yes it was great but not over the top great.

    Dawson surprises Joey with a eating out at an expensive restaurant for their one month anniversary. This comes out as a rather surprise to her.

    Mr. Leery takes out Mrs. Kennedy (Dawson's teacher) to the same restaurant. The hostess does not realize that their are 2 Leery parties dining their tonight. The hostess seats them all at the same table.

    Jen and Mrs. Leery are greeving over lost ones so they are doing it together. The thing that should cheer them up is going out for a nice dinner so they decide to eat at *gasp* Guess what the same restaurant as Dawson and Mr. Leery.

    Jen, Dawson and Joey come up with a plan to get rid of Mrs. Kenndy by Joey antaganizing her and making her want to leave. She excuses herself so they think the job is done. Mr. Leery asks Mrs. Leery to dance and they are pleased with themselves. But we all know this is a drama series so it just can't end there. We see Mrs. Kennedy reappears.

    Andy is hullucinating when she sees her brother Tim at school. Not Again.....Oh but of course this is a teen drama. Pacey walks in on her talking to herself and thats when it starts the downward spiral. She is crying in the bathroom and Tim tells her she has to choose between him and Pacey and Pacey is telling her the same thing so reluctantly she chooses Pacey instead of well her brain. In the ending credits Mrs. Leery things that everything is working out well in the getting back together process but Mr. Leery is still with Mrs. Kennedy.

    I wish they would just grow up a little and see that they both belong together and stop messing around.