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  • One of the best shows ever made

    "Dawson's Creek" is one of the greatest tv shows in television history. This beautiful tv show started from 1998 to 2003. Back then, this show was the signature series as well as the defining show of the defunct network known as The WB. Thanks to ABC Family, the show is back on television. Now I know that this show was made 2 years after the year I was born, but I hear it's really good, no doubt about it. Dawson is just like me: the both of us are strong enthusiasts of filming and we take our future as screenwriting/filmmaking very seriously. This show was the first teen show that ever target it's audience, the others include: Degrassi, One Tree Hill, The OC and Glee. My favorite characters on the show are: Dawson, Pacey, Jack and Jen. Also, I don't like how this show occasionally focuses on Pacey because obviously this show is called "Dawson's Creek", and Dawson is the title character & main protagonist of this show. Pacey is good, but they kinda focus on him way too much. Anyways, I think this show is really awesome and this series serves as one of the best influences to all the aspiring TV and Moviemakers out there, including me.

    I give this show an A++ and a 10 out of 10 for perfection.
  • Dawson's Creek in a Webseries!

    Hello Dawson's Creek Fans. If you're interest in Dawson's Creek Fan Fiction, here's a WebSeries featuring the irreplaceable Dawson's Creek: 7fF6k

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  • somewhat a teen drama

    Dawson's creek is a great show to watch if you want to relive high school and live vicariously through the 5 very dynamic and usually likeable teens. Season 3 and 4 were probably the best because everyone knows Pacey and Joey were the crowd pleaser couple. Dawson, a flm finatic, PAcey, a lovable class clown, Joey, an ambitious but slightly self depricating girl, Jenn the wise one with a dark past, and Jack, the gay athlete are 5 people you want to get to know. The show is so 90s in every perfect way. The teenagers talk about real issues and the dialogue is witty and intelligent. It is a high school show, so after graduating high school, the show does go downhill. But the finale is beautifully done. It is a little dramatic but overall a real and relatable show. I wish shows like this existed today, but they don't.
  • I'm a dude.. and I love show!

    Best teen drama of the late 90's! best coming of age show of all coming of age shows. Dawson's Creek managed to take the genre to another level, and no-one has yet managed to do it better.

  • Dawson's Creek

    the best show of all times of it's kind !
  • Great Love stories!

    A Must Watch!
  • The best teen drama of the late 90's and early 00's to watch! The drama is about three friends and a new girl living in Capeside, MA. Jack and Andie McPhee arrived in Capeside in season 2. Andie left Capeside to visit her aunt in Italy.

    I was a fan of the show in a long time, since high school. I was seventeen and a junior in high school, when the drama started. I was twenty-two, when the drama ended. I watched every season, when it started when the characters were fifteen year olds in high school and when they were in college. The series was filmed on location in Wilmington, North Carolina. I remember watching every season on dvd. One of my favorite characters on the show are Josephine "Joey" Potter and Dawson Leery. Dawson and Joey had the best chemistry in every episode. My favorite episode is "Detention", where the gang gets locked up in Saturday Detention, which is a take off of "The Breakfast Club". The show is now rerunning on TBS Superstation and The N respectively.
  • Warning. This review will be long, but I'll do anything to avoid spoilers.

    There's no manual for love or life. While being friends since their childhood, Dawson, Joey, Pacey and their new high school friends soon gets the problems of relationships, young love and desire to handle.

    I'm getting old. Next summer I'll reach the big 3 0, and yet I've just spent the last week watching this teen drama from the very first episode to the 128th and very last goodbye to the Capeside gang, in something only to be described as a TV-show marathon. Each episodes being around 42 minutes makes it a manifest to how addictive and enjoyable the show is, even being 10-15 years from my own days of young love and confusions.

    I'm old enough to admit I'm nothing short of a romantic, and this show is all about romance. It's by far the biggest strenght of this show, and despite like Beverly Hills 90210 and other simular shows it touches on many different subjects of life problems and especially teen problems, Dawson's Creek never forget the spirit its created in.

    From the very first scene this show touches on childhood friends growing into teens, and with the new problems that comes along for friends of different gender as well as the same. From there it only goes uphill as a show and downhill as an easy experience for the characters, and if you dare allowing yourself the pleasure of giving your heart to the characters, you'll soon find yourself deeply emotionally cruising on this rollercoaster of teen romances, heartbreaks and friends.

    I'll be the first to admit there was some episodes in the middle of the show where I felt it was just transportation, but I'll also be to first to admit that was mainly because my heart was set on 2 of the characters finding eachother and then I just longed for them to come back in the frame figuring out their problems. Whether they did or not doesn't mather at all, as I soon found myself interested in other aspects as well, and the life of the Creek teens moved on. The reason I first had a 9 as the show score was mainly because of that feeling during those episodes, but as I now write this review I know in my heart that is no reason to slash the score.

    I guess some will disagree deeply in the characters credibility, the reacurring plots or the solutions their favourite characters choose. Others might find their problems, solutions or their declarations of love cheesy, dupe or unbelievable. I just want to remind you all there are rarely anything more important to a 16 year old than their crushes, boyfriend/girlfriend, lovelife or lack of such... And there sure is nothing more confusing.

    There is rarely easy answers to those questions in life, and I would never say this show answers any of them, but I've found this show helping me think, rethink and feel when it comes to my own life. That's quite huge from a teen drama. Added with the wellwritten dialogues, oneliners and the human growth of this show, I've never had more deep emotions gained by a TV-show than this. The Rachel and Ross saga of Friends can't even reach the knee of some of the relations brought by Dawson's Creek. There's every reason to be thankful for that and then give this show all the respect in the world because of it.

    I'm not ashamed to admit this show is by far the one touching my heart most often, and along with that also bringing me most heartwarming moments of any TV-show ever. I've had tears from good heartfelt emotions as well as tears of heartbreaks, and few shows can be given that description from me. I'll challenge you to give it your heart, and I truly hope you'll find the same experience I did.
  • Dawson's Creek season's 1-2.

    I can't express how much i love watching this show. It has to be my second favorite. It posses a great wit and charm aswell as having a emotional pull beyond a normal extent. The first time i watched it my eyes were opened to a tv experience beyond sitcoms. It took me forever to go to sleep after the night i watched the first episode on season 2 i meen come on Dawson and Joey what a couple i couldn't help but be soo upset when they ended i only have 3 discs of season 2 so i was left on the pain staking cliff hanger of Joey seeing her father outside of her house. But just remincing about drunk dawson lol lol how funny seeing dawson sing the blue's and how Joey "left me for a guy who turned out to be gay and Andie and Jack what great new characters i can't wait till i finsh this season and start begging for season 3. the only thing i dont like about the show is when im left on a cliffhanger. The producer do such a grate job on those. how i can take the anxiety of what will happen next is sooooooooooo..... unbelieveable. I still can't get over the fact that dawson is now the one dealing with his love for joey. It is sooooooo..... great just writing about this show makes me want to watch it i meen OMG!!!!! I could go on for hours about this show but im going to try not to and end this review right now.
  • The coming of age show of all coming of age shows. Dawson's Creek managed to take the genre to another level, and no-one has yet managed to do it better.

    Beverly Hills, 90210 was the classic coming of age story. It opened the road for a lot of shows trying to do the same, but not until Dawson's Creek did anyone manage to do something well enough to be remembered as a classic. Dawson's Creek is to me the show everyone else is compared to.

    The first interesting part of Dawson's Creek (DC) is the fact they didn't do the one thing everyone else seems to do to give them options. None of the shows characters comes from rich families or within the popular crowd, and like that DC had to stay within the limits created. Others like Beverly Hills, 90210, The O.C., Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill make sure they have the money within the original cast. The money and reputation that allows them freedom to take everyone on trips or to beach houses or summerhouses for parties. The four main characters comes from regular families and are far from the popular crowd. Well, unless you count boys chasing Jen. It's impressing how these four and their friends still managed to keep the interest of the world for six seasons. Maybe something to remember for all those creating new shows today.

    Three lifelong friends prepare to start high school. It's as they say the end of something simple, and the beginning of everything else. Then NY girl Jen moves in with her grandparents next door to Dawson, and everything really changes. Mistakes are made, hearts are broken, harsh lessons are learned and friendships are tested. Hormones, feelings and love comes into play, and suddenly nothing is easy anymore.

    I really enjoy three of the four original main characters, and it's enough not to kill the experience. I can survive the fourth, because it's essential to the other three and the storyline. These teenager foursome with wit, sarcasm and SAT vocabulary takes on the world, and the intelligent allusive dialogues drives this show all the way.

    Most important of all. This show stays true to it's own way. It's created with heart, and never loses itself during the six seasons made. To me the main reason it's such a brilliant show is how well it takes on the emotional roller coaster of young romance. Good acting, wholehearted scripted and doesn't ever allow itself to take on the easy answers.

    I could probably spend hours writing this review, but I still wouldn't be able to find all the words worthy of describing it. It used to be my only tv-show rated 10 here at tv.com, and it's not even the best show I've ever seen. The ratings I give are mostly given based on the shows quality, but there's still some part of the points reserved for the way a show manage to reach out from being a show, to how it touch on your own life. Dawson's Creek is one of my all time top shows, but the reason it stands out isn't only on its own merit. It also stands out because of how I've grown with the show and how the characters of Dawson, Pacey, Jen and most of all Little Joey Potter have managed to become like beloved friends.

    Dawson's Creek sets the bar for every show within the genre. It got to take the full circle and tell the entire story it was supposed to. If it had been canceled a season earlier or run a season more, it might not have managed to get the balance correct. Now to me it's forever the true classic coming of age story, and I'll still again and again be coming back to it years from now, like I've been doing the past couple of years.

    Dawson's Creek might by now be somewhat outdated, but the heart of the show is an everlasting one. If you haven't yet met the Capeside foursome, I strongly suggest you visit them soon.

    Edit: As time passes by I still fondly remember the Capeside foursome, but I must also admit to the show's lesser qualities as well. That's why I'm demoting it today. I'll always hold this coming of age story very dear, but it's far from perfect. Still, unless I get to script one of my own ideas one day, it'll probably always remain my go-to show whenever I need the heartbreaking fix of youthful love.
  • Dawson's Creek was to TV what boy bands are to music - completely unnecessary !

    I tried to get into this show when it first premiered, but it wasn't possible. All the characters were so-one dimensional. And there names- Pacey (Pasty), Joey ? I mean, come on. The whole Joey and Dawson love affair was so predictable. I don't understand why anyone liked/likes this show. I was in HS when this show debuted, and even as a teenager I could see that the writers, and indeed the WB network as a whole were completely insulting my intelligence and pandering to a crowd whom they thought only cared about, clothes, music and insipid celebredom. Felicity, of course, was the counter-balance of Dawson's Creek. Even though the theme song was unforgettable (no matter how hard you try) the show isn't.
  • It's the only show of it's genre that I would watch, wchich IMO says it all.

    The first premise of the show is the relationship between the three main characters Joey, Dawson and Pacey and the effects it has on the relationship between these three individuals. It's about growing up,self-discovery, first-love etc. It's also an ensemble show as the the other characters like Andy & Jack Mcphee, Jen Lindley play a full role in the show and are more than mere wallpaper. The only charcter I did not care for was Audrey. Subsequent shows like the OC and One Tree Hill don't come close to its quality. I have the complete set on Dvd and have watched the complete series on more than one occasion.
  • Still 10 years down the track i love watching this show. The characters, the story lines and the dialogue may not be great at times, but a classic all the same.

    Dawson's Creek is one of those shows that i literally grew up watching, and it grew up with me. Although the later seasons may have been a little far fetched so to speak, however, as the relationships between the characters mature, which was a nice advancement of the series. I loved the Joey and Pacey dynamic that was played pretty much up to season 5 and some of season 6. Dawson, on the other hand would be one of the most annoying title characters of all time!At times i wish he would stop talking the psychobabble and actually grow up...ironic i know considering they all spoke like they were 15 going on 30!This show is timeless, and will probably continue to watch it for very many years to come.
  • A girl and a boy. Best friends. Soulmates and a lot of emotions!

    One of my favorite shows ever ! It is a show that all others follow . I grew up with it , it marked my whole adolesent period . It was wourth every single second I spent watchin' it and I could watch it over and over again. I simply don't have the good enough words to describe it . It is the perfect blend of emotions, sarcasm , humor and an everlasting tale of soulmates that has a place in anyones heart . And with a cast that worked perfectly together made a show that will be remember for many years to come!
  • A great show that wasn't afraid to make fun of itself... or anyone else.

    Dawson's Creek was a great show. It didn't have the best actors, or the best storylines, or the best scripts. The true value of this show was the way that it wasn't afraid to knock itself, its genre, and anything that its actors had previously been in. Episodes regularly had satirical references to other TV shows and movies.

    It was also a trendsetter - It was one of the first teenage shows to really deal with sex, and the way teenagers think about, and deal with, sex. It was also one of the first shows to have a regular gay character.

    Main downside - Dawson was probably the worst character on the show and it would have been better off without him - a problem since the show was named after him, and revolved around him.
  • Dawson's Creek is the coming of age story of four friends on the verge of adulthood.Dawson, Joey, and Pacey are life long friends, whose lives start to rapidly change when a new girl, Jen, moves in next door to Dawson Leery.

    I didn't watch the series when it first aired because I was not interest after watching a few episodes even though some of the episodes were good. But after the characters went off to college in the series I started watching it weekly. Anyway, enjoy watching the episodes I thought was good. The series was not that bad and to anyone who like drama along with other life issues, might like to try to find the show. I am glad I was able to see the series when I could. Finally, good luck to anyone who tries to find this series.
  • Dawson came and went before I was able to watch him at his regular time on the WB, but I was so happy when I stumbled upon it one morning while flipping through the channels and landed on TBS.

    The young cast with big vocabularies kept me glued to the screen as I wondered what would happen as the story continued. This was a show everyone loved to hate, because it was unrealistic at times, but I still loved it. With a title like "Dawson's Creek" I immediately think soap opera, which is exactly what it was. Love, sex, self discovery, and growing up, were all the main themes of this teen drama. The question on everyone's minds through all 6 seasons was "Who will Joey end up with?" I even fought with this question. The first time I watched the season finale I was extremely upset, but the more I watched it, the more it became clear to me how the ending seemed to work. I strongly miss my summer mornings where I would turn on the tv to TBS and enjoy my breakfast with Dawson, Joey, Pacey, Jen and Jack. I guess I will just have to go to Capeside by renting the dvds or watching online. Maybe one day as I'm flipping through the channels I will see Dawson and Joey, laying on Dawson's bed, having a philosophical debate about young love..oh how I miss it!

    Although I only started watching it last year, it's one of my favourites tv shows already and I wanna own every DVD.
    The show talks about three sixteen years old who live in a small town in Massachusetts called Capeside. They are: Dawson Leery, a young and passionate film-buff, who loves Steven Spielberg and dreams about becoming a filmmaker. He is funny and naive. Josephine "Joey" Potter, Dawson's best friend. She lives on the other side of the creek with her older pregnant sister. Her mother died when she was young and her dad was arrested for drug dealing. She is ironic and has suffered a lot for someone her age. Joey has a crush on Dawson. Pacey Witter is the family's loser, with bad grades and no future plans. He is Dawson's best friend. But it all changes when Jennifer "Jen" Lindley, a beautiful girl who was sent there to live with her grandmother because she was a bad girl in NY (including sex, drinking, drugs, parties etc.), comes to town. Dawson develops a crush on her right ahead, making Joey unhappy. But that's just the beginning of this WONDERFUL coming of age drama. You must watch every single episode, to see how they deal with life and its problems, while going into adulthood.
  • Its a show that set the bar for many shows after it and I absolutely love it!

    Dawson's Creek is amazing! You really fall in love with the characters and feel what they feel, and despite all their adult talk the show is truly about love. I was hooked on to it by the first time I saw one of the episodes. I couldn't help it when the characters are so diverse and all of them are different from one another! They all have their personal interests and you can really relate to most of it! The drama is excellent and the love in it is overwhelming. There is however always something wrong with each of their relationships, but it wouldn't be Dawson's Creek without it all.
  • Its a soul stirring show

    There are a million reasons to hate this show: it is WAY too predictable, the characters grow at a snail's pace and when you watch it after watching any of the recent shows, it seems a million years old. But I'm still crazy about this show.. I'm just on Season 4 and its the only show I haven't seen like an insane maniac, season after season, but I actually savoured each episode. Its simply because behind all those big words and never ending speeches is the sheer beauty of the fact that someone out there actually understood what you were going through and the made a show on that, reflecting 'growing up' Its a show you can acually connect to. It doesn't have any wildly idiotic storylines, nor does it rely on the backup most of the shows resort to aka 'kiddie porn' to woo the viewers. The sheer simplicity of this show is amazing. Dawson makes you believe in soulmates and optimism, Pacey makes you realise that all the guys aren't jerks and the sheer beauty of love, Joey makes you believe that you can be vunerable and strong at the same time and Jen makes you believe that standing up for yourself is something you owe to yourself. The whole show re-instills my faith in love and friendship. From the technical point of view, the show is far from perfect. But if you're on the threshold of adulthood and you don't know whether you want to leap ahead or step back, you'll fall in love with this show. Because at the end of the day, perfect just doesn't have to be perfect....
  • The beginning of the beginning of Drama.

    I blame Dawson and more than one inhabitant of Capeside for beginning the end of good TV. While Dawson's Creek was an excellent bowl of drama its follow ups, not so much. Since the beginning and way after its end people have tried to reproduce the excellence that was "The Creek" but have failed miserably, come one people, leave well enough alone, you can't duplicate drama like that. But if you look close in almost every show there is always some one pulling a Dawson, a Dawson is when you're secretly in love with your best friend for a number of years but are too afraid to make a move feeling it would "ruin the friendship" it should be called pulling Joey but no one would know what I'm talking about. If I was given a chance to go back to Capeside I'd be there in a heartbeat but to all those agencies giving away free tickets to a place quite similar, I won't be fooled by any imitations.
  • this show is about a guy named Dawson and some other people to. it's about teen and the way there life goose.

    This show was one of the best shows ever.it made a great story line.there is always something new everyone should see this show from the start to the end.I know i did and i love it.it was everything i hoped it would be.it was fun,different,breath taking.the only thing that i did not really like was the series final.It was nothing that i hoped it would be it was so different then i thought...they should have really thought trow that it ending.other then that is show was great and i hope they make something else like it.they are sends it is a teen drama.
  • The drama of Capeside

    This show was by far the guiltiest pleasure that ever was. I watched the entire series on repeat one summer on TBS in the morning and my mother would watch sometimes and comment on how unbelievably bad it was, but I really could not stop watching. Joey was the most annoying protagonist of all time and her self-centered and melodramatic dialog were great. Dawson's moody attempting to be deep film maker persona was awful, but again I just kept on watching. I think the best part of this show came from Jen and Jack whose relationship with each other and with grams really gave this show heart and a depth past the high school drama. The guest stars on this show over the years really added a lot to this show and it was nice to see them pop up on other WB shows along the way. Finally I was always a Pacey and Joey fan and when they end up together it is amazing. All in all an excellent hight school melodrama
  • "What would we miss from the land of poorly scripted melodramas? Recycled plot lines, tiresome self-realizations."once said Pacey Witter on a boat directing its way to Capeside.It is a partially right assessment, however Dawson's Creek was more than that.

    There are several reasons why Dawson's Creek can still be considered to have it all. During its hay day, it was nothing to be compared to other teen shows on TV with its sophisticated English dialogues and candid characters. The first season perfectly depicted the core definition of growing up while the other seasons sustained the balance between growing up and growing apart. Even the cast apart from the three leading love birds required serious attention. We had the first gay main lead Jack and the radiant Jen who was more mature than any 16 year-old could be.Hardly any show even today could offer sympathetic characters that had their own interesting story lines like Dawson's Creek did its time. But again in my humble opinion, what made Dawson's Creek the series that unlikely-to-be-forgotten is its tone of portraying growing pains, teen angst, dissappointments and life expactations. The combination of words and facial expressions is what it makes this show enduring. Yes, we owe it to Dawson's Creek to have shows like One Tree Hill or The OC. Yes, maybe without DC, music and teen shows would not be going hand in hand. But yet again, you have the sentences and the emotions that define this show and this is, arguably, DC's strongest suit.
  • http://s18.photobucket.com/albums/b106/vi3smariahgirl/Dawsons%20Creek/?action=view¤t=dcbegin.gif


    followed the continuing relationships of five longtime friends. In 1997, viewers were introduced to Dawson and Joey, life-long friends and soul mates. This wholesome friendship, beginning with years of Joey climbing through Dawson's bedroom window, grew increasingly complicated when the two matured. As their relationship would swing between longtime companions and love interests, their friendship was tested by Joey's relationship with Pacey, and Dawson's relationship with Jen. Dawson Leery, first introduced as an aspiring filmmaker with a Spielberg fixation, grew in many ways over the last several years. Still contemplating his last kiss with his lifelong friend and confidante Joey, Dawson followed his Hollywood dream and embarked on an internship in the film industry. The unexpected death of his father changed Dawson's plans, and he found himself moving to Boston and producing a student film. Joey, the ultimate girl-next-door, suffered a difficult childhood in which she lost her mother to cancer and faced her father's imprisonment. She was raised by her sister, a single mother, and like many of today's children, Joey was forced to grow-up far too quickly. Having become an honorary member of Dawson's family early on led to problems when the two became romantically involved. After high school, Joey enrolled at Worthington College in Boston and began the challenges of living up to her own academic expectations. Along the way she found some new loves, but none measured up to those in Capeside. Pacey navigated high school the best he could, but sharing feelings for Joey with his best friend, Dawson, made things tense. As time unfolded, Pacey had his share of love along the way, but he continued to pine away for Joey. Always in trouble, Pacey was labeled the naughty one, the mess up with the heart of gold. He eventually landed in Boston and decided to test the waters in this cosmopolitan city. While his friends were all in college, he found work as an assistant chef and contemplated his uncertain future. Despite some questionable decisions along the way, Pacey eventually landed on his feet, and in the arms of his one true love, Joey. Throughout the years, Jack not only endured family hardships, but he struggled with his own inner conflicts and ultimately made history by becoming the first teen character on a television drama to announce that he was gay Viewers witnessed Jack face homophobia at school, go on his first date and join the football team. The transition to college was not easy for him. He pledged a fraternity and found comfort with a brotherhood of friends who were accepting of his sexuality. However, his new partying life came at a price. Jack's grades suffered until he was on the verge of being kicked out of school, and he developed a problem with binge drinking. He managed to clean up his act and become quite a noble young man who stepped up to theplate when friends needed him. Jen began Boston Bay College secretly yearning for a relationship but greeting all romantic advances with pessimism. However, while working at the college radio station she began dating Charlie, a wild-man bass player who wasted no time breaking her heart. Jen found comfort in her friendship with Dawson, which appeared to be the love she has always longed for. However, the romance was brief as their bond of friendship proved stronger. Jen's grandmother (Mary Beth Piel) also took on a significant role. "Grams" served as sounding board and surrogate mother to Jen and her friends and provided the stability of some semblance of home and family to the group. Through great uncertainty, self-evaluation and self-doubt, these five young adults alternately danced and trudged through their adolescence and dealt with all that college and young adulthood had to offer, including the trials, tribulations and responsibilities of being on their own. In the end, the lessons they learned enabled them to move forward, stronger and more confident than ever, and above all else, life-long friends
  • classic teen drama

    this show is a classic. i remember growing up and watching this show with my two sisters and not understanding it until i got the dvds and i realised how good it is. it show is the classic verison from the 90's. i think that one tree hill is a updated show for our time(which is my fav show)

    it funny to watch dawsons creek and look that the things they did and clothes they wore and relising that we wore the same things and did the silly things they did. it bring back the 90's. i wasn't very happy with the ending(season 6 final) i was really hoping that joey and dawson would end up together cause i think they belong. i really like the whole thing that joey and dawsons had. no one can beat fiendship but in the end it just wasn't ment to be.
  • Teenagers with a lot of drama and really complex dialogues.

    Dawson's Creek is the story of Dawson Leery, Joey Potter, Pacey Witter and the newest neightbour Jennifer Lindley. Along the first season the're joined by the McPhee's: Jack and Andrea (Andie). Andrea leaves after a lot of drama with Pacey and her menthal health, and when the creekers go to college, a new member shows up: Joey's roomate - Audrey Liddell. We get to see all of this kids having relationships, drama, love deceptions, problems of all kind, including not being able to study, the death of a parent or someone going to jail... But mainly, we get to see hoe strong their frindship is and in the end they overcome all their problems... except the death of one of them, which by the way also forces Joey to make a choice between the two loves of her life (Pacey or Dawson?) giving total closure to one of the best shows in the history of television. I can't lie.. I cried when it ended, because that last episode is amazing.. and I still cry when I watch it again... *This is to DC: A show that was ahead oh his time, but will stay in our hearts 'til the end of our time.*
  • Want a come back

    This show was absolutely amazing. It felt great growing up with these people. Joey, Dawson, Pacey, and Jen felt like people that you really knew. I think this show was and is defenitely one of a kind. They always kept you hanging just dying to know what was going to happen next. Even when you didn't agree with whatever was happening on the show, you never really ended up dissapointed. It was a great cast, and great characters. Even down to the parents, and Bessie. There was atleast one character that everyone from the age of 13-21 could find a way to relate to. It was defenitely hard to pick a favorite. I still don't think I could to this day. I have every season on dvd, and still do not get tired of watching it all. It's great. Nothing like this will probably ever come along again. It's a shame too. The next generation will defenitely be missing out on something great. I loved it. Most people I know loved it. You couldn't not love it. Or the people.
  • A show that makes me cry every time!

    Whenever I watch this show, I cry so hard. It's an amazing show that inspired so many other writers to write shows like this. You can't get teen drams better than this one! I loved Dawson and Joey, they should of ended up together. They also did things no one else would have dared to do. Like Jack being gay It is an amazing show that I'll love from centurys to come. I have all the DVDS and love watching them to remember the moments. Move over One Tree Hill, this is the original teen drama on a river. I'll always love it.
  • Teeange show...with a twist :D

    I never really thought Dawson's Creek was a show worth watching, i knew about it but considered it as yet just another teen show. Im glad though when of the channels decided to show it(yes very late I know!). Still, I'm always eager to catch another Dawson episode. The plot is so great and the acting is better, the scenarios are all sophisticated and they tackle issues that sadly never end. Betrayal, Adultry and Trust are main plot keys here. They are discussed in a mature and serious style...The main character Dawson is a smart, handsome(lol well HOTT) and friendly guy who has an irresistable charm. HIs friends'Joey and Pacey, along with his next door crush Jen are all a fun loving pack with problems all teenagers face and/or have trouble facing. This show presents a clear view of a teenager's life and of ways how to fix many various problems....
    so i advise EVERYONE to watch it!!:) its well worth it:D
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