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  • best teen drama show ever!!

    ive enjoyeed it snese it came on.

    actucally ive jsut been buying the seasons.

    ever sense i bought the first season.

    i couldnt wait to see what was gonna happen next.

    james van der beek, kaite holmes, josh jackson, and michelle williams all do an outstnading job asd the main focus of the show.

    van derk beek is cool cause i can relate to him cause i ahve a stong passion for movies too.

    i wouldnt say steven speilberg is my favorite diretor.

    he is offly good though.

    yeah him paying dawson lealry and entering the capside competion for best fimmaker and ocisally winnign is pretty sweet.

    josh jackson id say is the comic relief of the show.

    kaite holes id say is smarter than michelle williams jsut cause shes cuter lol.

    kerr smith does really good starting out as a guest star and moving up to one of the portagonist
  • "Love is a leap."

    Dawson's Creek was the perfect accompaniment to my teenage years. I grew up with this show. It is a part of me.

    I loved the smart, quippy dialogue; that they used words beyond the comprehension of most of the viewers. I loved that they actually showed them in school, in their classes. What a shock students having homework and projects to do! Then came their after school dramatics. I loved the romanctic storylines.

    At times, though, the show got repetitive especially towards the later seasons. There's only so many times that four straight people can hook up with each other.

    The characters were great. Even when I hated them I loved them. Haha.

    Most of all I loved the message of true love, friendship, and soul mates. It just really touches that sentimental part of me.

    For the pre-teens&teens watching the CW now, who were too young when this show was at it's peak, you should really check out this WB classic currently in syndication near you.
  • Dawson's Creeks is about a boy fanatic about movies and this show tells us about how this boy Dawson deals with his love, family, friendship well in all relationships in his life.

    This is a show that must be watched in my opnion. Its a series that you really get attached to. It can be funny at times, moving at times, sad at times. This is what makes a great series in my opnion. That it should be able to captivate you that if you have the whole season you cant stop watching it till the end. This is what it did to me and this is why Dawson's Creek is somethings you must watch. It can really move you and its shows you the problems that a teenager might face as he grows up through life.
  • Once I started watching, I could not stop!

    Dawson’s Creek is a very cute show. Although the way that the characters talk is not very believable, the problems that they face are. It is a great story about several friends growing up in a small town and go through all of the changes that teenagers go through. Two of the friends, Dawson and Joey, are soul mates; but Joey and Pacey are lovers. Jack is the only local homosexual boy and Jen is the troubled girl from New York that is living with her grandmother. These five teenagers, along with a couple extra throughout the show, learn to deal with life and love together. I think that it is a very positive show that you would not mind your teenagers watching.
  • As much as it reminds me of a soap opera, it's so much more.

    Though it has many soap opera like qualities it has so much more. Similar to a coming of age story Joey, Dawson, Jen, Jack, and Pacey are all relatable to someone.

    Wether your in love with your best friend, a soon to be Spielburg, a tortured over-sexed teenager, a gay struggling teenager, or the underestimated underappreciated side kick you can find yourself on the creek. We're all one of the characters in some way or another.
  • 3 life long friends battle teenage life in Capeside, MA. A girl moves in next door soon being added to the group. Brother and sister join 2nd season to the group where the brother becomes really part of the group and finds out hes gay.

    I've known about this show since it started because my older next door neighbor watched it (more like lived off it). I was 5 at the time meaning I could care less if it wasn't in cartoon. This summer I started to watch Saved by the Bell on TBS in the morning which is right before Dawson's Creek. I didn't give it a chance at the begginning but a few weeks into summer I was half asleep and didn't turn the TV off. I watched it and loved it to death! Ever sense then I watched it every morning at 8 then started to tape it when school started. I'm a die hard fan now.
  • Dawson's Creek is about six friends growing up in a small town called Capeside. Dawson, Joey, Pacey, Jen, Jack, and Andi all play important parts in a show based on teenage drama and problems that come up in every day life. It's an amazing show. Watch it!

    Dawson's Creek was the original Teen agnst show it's what inspired plots for hit shows like the OC, or One Tree Hill. The characters in this show you can really relate to. It isn't fake and the drama is the kinds teens face in everyday life. The characters are also likeable. You route for a certain relationship. It's just a fantastic show, though the end was sad it sparked a generation of television.
  • Whoa! i luv Dawson's Creek! its reli good, n i luv watching it. ive seen a lot of the episodes..n now that its on the-n im getting to watch it frum the beginning!

    Definitely one of WB's classic shows. i mean wow! i luv this show! its reli good, n i dont knoe how anyone wouldnt lke it. i watch it everyday when its on the-n. if you havent watchd this show..i reli think that you should chek it out! if you lke One Tree Hill, then im pretty sure you wil lke this show too!
  • Dawsons creek is a coming of age show about 6 teenagers going through hard times in their love lives and other problems.

    I love Dawsons Creek! It is my all-time favorite show! I loved Pacey! He was funny, cute, and nice! I always wanted Joey and Pacey to be together! I am sorry but I did not like Dawson too much. If jen had not died, then I would have wanted them together! It was sooooo sad when she died! My favorite season was the 3rd for obvious reasons! If you do not know why, it is because that is when Joey and Pacey got together. Also, there were just good episodes in it. So this is a great show and everyone should watch it! I was so excited when it started coming on the-n!
  • It definitely hooks you the first two seasons... but then watch out. Seasons Three and Four got me pretty close to addicted to this "teen soap". Those four seasons (and a brilliantly daring - yet perfect- finale), I adore it.

    This show introduced to me one of my favorite fictional couples of all time: Pacey Witter and Joey Potter. I am in love with these two characters together, whether it be their early days of biting banter to the sweetest declarations of love.

    Some think this show's about a guy named Dawson. It's truly not. It's about the Pacey/Joey romance. Trust me.

    Just skip seasons 5 and 6... except the finale.
  • It Gives Me A Headache:

    It Gives Me A Headache... I just hate shows and people that are like this... But this show is a great reflection of the 90s. But the 90s sucked.. It was filled with hair gel and shaved heads and concert music and boy bands like The Backseat Boys, N Stink And Boys To Infants. It is nice to finally have it over... Actually, it has been over for many years... so why do we have to put up with shows that are like every 90s stereotype. So why do we need to unnecessarily bring up the worst part of the past?! But this show is so boring... and uninteresting.. All of the people on it will bother anybody that watches it that is sane. Like I said, it gets on my nerves..
  • Dawson Leery, Joey Potter, and Pacey Witter had been friends for years ,but their life are turned upside down when Jen Lindley moves in next door to Dawson. Along the way they meet Andie and Jack McPhee.

    Dawson Leery was introduced as an aspiring filmmaker and a Spielberg fanatic. In the start people said Dawson and Joey were meant for each other that was until Dawson's best friend Pacey fell for Joey. In the end he got his dream as a Hollywood director but he didn't get the girl.

    Joey Potter's home life was far from perfect, Joey's mother had died from cancer, and her father was in jail for dealing drugs, so she lived with her sister who was unmarried and had a baby. Joey had loved Dawson for years that was before she fell for Pacey and had to choose between Pacey and Dawson. But in the end she chose Pacey but Dawson was still her soul mate depending on how you look at it.

    Pacey Witter was known as the slacker and his family called an embarrassment and in his sophomore year Pacey got in some trouble for having an affair with his english teacher, and then there was his romance with Andie the first who believed in him. But then Pacey fell in love with Joey, which made his relationship with Dawson very tense. In the end Pacey got the girl.

    Jen Lindley was the girl from New York who had a very scandalous past that made her the outsider in the Dawson, Joey,Pacey clique but after the death of her friend Abby Jen decided to get her life back on track. In the end Jen had a baby girl but sadly to due to health issues Jen Died.

    Jack McPhee was the guy who stole Joey from Dawson but after reading a poem he wrote for class and finding out a painful secret about himself Jack was known as the only gay kid in Capeside High. After Jen's death Jack became the guardian of her daughter and he ended up dating Pacey's older brother and becoming a teacher at Capeside High.
  • I loved this show. It was my favorite show of all time. I started watching it when I was 10 and didnt stop until it went off the air! :(

    Dawson's Creek was a great show. I just loved watching it every week just to see what would happen. I was sad when It went off the air. I wish it would come back. I learned alot from this show, especially since I was not a teenager yet. I wish they made the show longer somehow adn that they didnt take it off the air. I miss it. Now, I am glad that you can buy it on DVD and watch it over and over again. That is great. That is worth it all. I loved Dawson's Creek very much!
  • This is one of those shows you hate at first, (as in I saw all of one episode while the show was on the air) but then after watching again, it\\\'s not so bad.

    This show was at points addictive. (It might be one of those shows you\\\'d never admit you\\\'ve watched?) You wanted to see if Joey\\\'s unrequited love would finally be returned by the apiring film writer/director(/geek) Dawson Leery. Everyone loved Dawson and Joey together...except me. Some people just make more sense being friends, and those two definitely were in that category. (Though it does prove the point that a guy and girl can\\\'t just be friends. One always has more feelings than the other.) I guess it gave back the belief of the term soul mates (or is that just a term used in movies?) and the true meaning of friendship. I honestly thought the first season there was a little too much behind the characters. Take Joey (a.k.a Josephine Potter) Her dad, who is now in prison, was cheating on her dying mother with a cocktail waitress and now Joey lives with her unmarried sister who is impregnated by her black boyfriend. I just always thought it was funny whenever she\\\'d explain her life story with people. (Funny in a bunny boiler kinda way.) Still, I\\\'m a secret Joey/Pacey fan...though the first episode, first scene will always be my favorite.
  • Nice character development and good stories.

    I really wish there was another \"Dawson\" on television, these stories were true to real life and brought to reality the inner workings of an American family. I thought Dawson had a great relationship with his mother (Mary Margaret Humes), and I loved the relationship between Pacey and Joey, also need to mention that this show was very ahead of it\'s time for it\'s \"look\", it was actually shot on Super 16 film in the early days which a lot of people don\'t know, and the lighting on this show was really quite gorgeous for television at the time it aired.
  • A group of intelectual beings who happen to bond within themselfves throughout the show, both personally, phisically, and mentaly.

    I think this show influnced- *influences* who I am and who I become. I beleived Joey when she said \"My future lies with you, Pacey\" and I\'ll never forget the summer those two sailed away in True Love for three months or my personal favorite episode- A winter\'s Tale, so true, so charming. I think this senario is every person\'s dream... leading this life where everyone thinks a bit to much for their age... and maybe even loves a bit too much... I have related so much with this, and some of the decitions I take have often been connected to the ones taken by one of the stars. I had myself stuck in a messy love tiangle just like Joey- and that\'s why I hooked up with the show on the first place... so obsesivley I now own all the seasons and the season finale... In conclution... Dawson\'s Creek has a special space in my-- *scrtch that* OUR heart, and it has indeed earned it... I think it should never be fortaken.
  • the good old days when dawsons haircut was cute, pacey was nerdy and katie holmes was still normal...

    when this show first started i absolutely loved it. my friends and i would watch it every week and talk about it at school. but the show was good because of kevin williamson, so after he left things kinda went downhill. i only own the first 2 seasons on dvd and havent even seen all of the other episodes yet. towards the end of the show it did grab my attention again, but only cause it reminded me of my youth... lol... sometimes the show just felt too out there, like they were trying too hard or they just didnt try at all to continue making a good and interesting show. i just feel that they took a good show and lots interest. but at least the first season was perfect.
  • They just don't make teen drama shows like they used to, it seemed ahead of it's time when it began and now it brings back nostalgic memories.

    I remember when I first started watching Dawson's Creek religiously - the Season 3 finale. The Joey and Pacey romance sucked me in, and kept me watching until the end. I was able to catch up on season three over that summer and seasons one and two later on. It is why I am such a big fan of Pacey & Joey and I just can’t see them with anyone else but each other. There are still episodes that I watch on DVD and tears come to my eyes. The moment at the dock after Dawson finds out and Joey tells Pacey that it has to be over, the dance at the Anti-Prom, the moment between them in the kitchen at Jen’s funeral. Pacey was always the one who was going to get hurt, and so while I hate the way they break up in Season 4, I can see how it could happen. He ruined his friendship with Dawson for her, and then he ends up feeling inadequate because he can’t get over that she picked him over Dawson. He ends up all alone, and I just ache for him. I was ecstatic that he and Joey ended up in the finale. Dawson is Joey’s soul mate, but Pacey is her true love. Now, as for the show as a whole, it was simple but fun, you have Dawson and his two best friends. Pacey is his guy friend with whom he works at the video store. Joey is his other best friend, who just happens to be a girl, and for the past 14 years this has been fine, but now all the boy/girl issues of life start getting in the way. I think the friendship between Dawson and Pacey was my second favourite part of the show. Every time Pacey and Dawson were at odds, I felt that something was wrong with the world. Pacey was my favourite character. I loved how wonderful and sweet he was with Andie. Of course I loved his relationship with Joey. I never really got him and Audrey – she was a fun distraction, but I never really connected to her character. I know that the show faltered as they headed off to college – maybe it was because they tried to have them all end up in the same city, if not the same college, or maybe it was all the extra people that got involved. The show was never as good as it was when it was the small world of Pacey/Joey/Dawson/Jen with a little Andie/Jack for fun. The show was full of great music as well. I know that I will continue to watch this show over and over on DVD.
  • That last of its generation! What do the kids watch these days?

    I'm not quite sure until today if the show was really as good as I thought or was it just that I was growing up with them... Every kiss, every fight, every tear, all of it was happening to me too and it felt like a friend to me, to discuss all those issues I wasn't confortable discussing with my parents, teachers or friends! Personally, I identified to Pacey (he's a boy, I know, but get over it), and every time he cried, I cried. Now, my 15 years old brother turns on the Tv and watches The OC and when I seat beside him during it, I can't help wondering: Is that what the Teen Shows turned into? Are we back to Beverly Hills 90210? What will be left of these tenns if that's what's left for them to watch?! Where is the pure, inocent love? Where is the hard working kids trying to go to college? What has happened to the Daydream Believers of today?
  • Where did it all go wrong?

    I should emphasise firstly that I was not a fan of the later seasons. Although season 3 was passable, the rest of the series would be more aptly titled Joey's Creek and the character's interminable on/off relationship with Pacey was milked dry while Dawson turned into a deeply unpleasant, egotistical moron. Jen was really the only character that remained likeable for the entire run of the series...and look where that got her in the end.

    However for the first two seasons, Dawson's Creek was without doubt one of the most touching shows on air. Okay, it's been mocked and parodied for its unabashed sentimentality but the second season finale always rate for me as the most poignant episode -- and when helmed by Kevin Williamson the skill DC utilised was that it didn't feel emotive but merely that the story was progressing naturally. Even the series finale that Williamson penned was undoubtedly designed for maximum weepie points but it flows as a natural study of a group of friends dealing with loss and change.
  • Dawsons Creek is a story about a love triangle,or square, between the main characters Pacey, Joey, Dawson, and Jen. It is filled with laughter, romance, and drama.

    Dawsons Creek is a story about a love triangle,or square, between the main characters Pacey, Joey, Dawson, and Jen.
    It is filled with laughter, romance, and drama. It will keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen, or better yet who will happen. Dawsons Creek shows real life problems and issues for teens is an entertaining and captivating way.
  • so its about a group of teenagers growing up and learning how to control their emotions. There all best frinds and all have alot of drama in their pasts.

    This show is fantastic and i cant believe it no longer shows!!!! It kept me gripped througout all 6 series and i still think that Joy and Dawson are meant for each other and that Joey should have picked Dawson instead of Pacey at the end of the 6th series, i mean why did she pick Pacey when her and Dawson are soul mates!!!!
    Any way i love this show and am not ashamed to say i own all 6 series on DVD!!! I wish they would re-show all the episodes from all the series in england again because they never get old!!!!
    Also the way they coped with some of the more sensitive issues like the death of Dawson\'s farther was nothing short of amazing. They dealt with each one appropriatly and didnt make them too over dramatic like some of the tv shows do know!!!
    This is a truely fantastic show and i will miss it sooo much!!!!!
  • Great series with great dialogue; beats anything the WB has ever shown!

    I love Dawson\\\'s creek and honestly think it\\\'s one of the most well written teen shows I\\\'ve ever watched; it beats anything that the WB has shown before. I loved how it defined itself by it\\\'s SAT grammar and how witty and intelligent the conversations would be. I love how it was fun and dramatic at the same time but also taught you life lessons... It had depth and the character development over the six years it aired was phenomenal. I hope more shows follow this pattern and so far all the stars of this series have become well known.
  • they should of let dawson and joey be together.

    i think that show was very good and that it could of lasted longer than it did. the characters were good they were emotional and that brought the sesetive parts out in people after they watched that show. They could of had it someone end up together like dawson and joey but they did not i think they should of. I loved the show when it was on tv and i think that the actors that they put on were so cute and the show i think was original when the show first came out they didn't have anything like that at the time. I think that, that show was good beacsue now we have to romantic type of show like that today.
  • 10
    its weird when the show first came out i never watched it but then one morning i was up really early so i decided to check out dawsons creek.Ive loved the show ever since that and i would wake up every morning very early to watch the show its such a good show that deals with every day issues young people face all the time unfortuntly there is a lot of epoisodes i havent had the pleasure to watch im hoping to very soon own the whole collection it would be so awsome
  • Ah the love triangle between Pacey-Joey-Dawson.

    When it first aired, Dawson's Creek was soap opera for the younger generations. We watched this show over the years and saw the characters grow up and fall in love.

    We all had our preferance on which character should be with whom, and my favourite - Pacey and Joey prevailed...or at least that was implied at the series finale.

    They had their ups and downs, mostly downs after Pacey and Joey broke up in season 4, season 5 for me was a waste. It was like their relationship was bygones and both moved on way too quickly.

    Series finale had some great quips and made fun of the show itself by perpetuating the love triangle of Pacey-Joey-Dawson into Dawson's own tv show. There is a rumor that Dawson's Creek is a representation of Kevin Smith's teenage period. So it went on in a three generation type: Smith's life translating into Dawson's Creek, and Dawson's character translating it into his own show.

    Dawson's Creek is a classic to watch because these stars went on to being bigger stars, well Michelle Williams and Katie Holmes did. See it from the beginning to end, because every teenager should have this to watch as entertainment.
  • Absolutely awful!! Change the channel immediately!

    Some years ago a friend of mine talked to me about this show and so I decided to watch it. Well I still regret it. This show talks about some unrealistic 16yrs old dealing with a cruel life and an oppressing society, growing to the real adult world. Man this show is lame! The characters are some perfect stereotipes and have no "depth". The story is boring and predictable and when it's not it' sonly because you don't expect some kid with even a little brains act like they do on the show. Awful man, go watch something real, trust me!
  • Teenagers that grow together and deal with problems that everyday people face.

    This show is in my top five for sure. I grew up watching this show and I could relate to almost everything that happened to them. When the show finally ended I didnt even want to see that last episode because I couldnt take the fact that their lives on the tv were over. I did watch it and I even bought the dvd of the last episdoe, but never watched it.
  • Great show

    I always loved this serie from the start. But in the Netherlands they never broadcasted the last season what was very frustrating but finnaly they broadcast it!! So I watch it every sunday now. I really love the show and I hope the rest of the last season keeps being this good! Even I love this serie I dont think the should bring it back because 6 season were enough.
  • Good..

    Fun, exciting, predictable. Dawson's Creek is a good show for teenagers that teaches a lot of life lessons. It is sometimes creative and can be quite an enjoyment to watch. The show has a few predictable parts to it, however. At times, you can predict exactly what will happen at the beginning of an episode. The series was very good until the last season, when they were all at college, which made the show somewhat confusing and made it lose some of its appeal. The series finale, however, is an amazing episode that every Dawson's Creek fan show definately watch.
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