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  • Dawson's Creek season's 1-2.

    I can't express how much i love watching this show. It has to be my second favorite. It posses a great wit and charm aswell as having a emotional pull beyond a normal extent. The first time i watched it my eyes were opened to a tv experience beyond sitcoms. It took me forever to go to sleep after the night i watched the first episode on season 2 i meen come on Dawson and Joey what a couple i couldn't help but be soo upset when they ended i only have 3 discs of season 2 so i was left on the pain staking cliff hanger of Joey seeing her father outside of her house. But just remincing about drunk dawson lol lol how funny seeing dawson sing the blue's and how Joey "left me for a guy who turned out to be gay and Andie and Jack what great new characters i can't wait till i finsh this season and start begging for season 3. the only thing i dont like about the show is when im left on a cliffhanger. The producer do such a grate job on those. how i can take the anxiety of what will happen next is sooooooooooo..... unbelieveable. I still can't get over the fact that dawson is now the one dealing with his love for joey. It is sooooooo..... great just writing about this show makes me want to watch it i meen OMG!!!!! I could go on for hours about this show but im going to try not to and end this review right now.
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