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  • Warning. This review will be long, but I'll do anything to avoid spoilers.

    There's no manual for love or life. While being friends since their childhood, Dawson, Joey, Pacey and their new high school friends soon gets the problems of relationships, young love and desire to handle.

    I'm getting old. Next summer I'll reach the big 3 0, and yet I've just spent the last week watching this teen drama from the very first episode to the 128th and very last goodbye to the Capeside gang, in something only to be described as a TV-show marathon. Each episodes being around 42 minutes makes it a manifest to how addictive and enjoyable the show is, even being 10-15 years from my own days of young love and confusions.

    I'm old enough to admit I'm nothing short of a romantic, and this show is all about romance. It's by far the biggest strenght of this show, and despite like Beverly Hills 90210 and other simular shows it touches on many different subjects of life problems and especially teen problems, Dawson's Creek never forget the spirit its created in.

    From the very first scene this show touches on childhood friends growing into teens, and with the new problems that comes along for friends of different gender as well as the same. From there it only goes uphill as a show and downhill as an easy experience for the characters, and if you dare allowing yourself the pleasure of giving your heart to the characters, you'll soon find yourself deeply emotionally cruising on this rollercoaster of teen romances, heartbreaks and friends.

    I'll be the first to admit there was some episodes in the middle of the show where I felt it was just transportation, but I'll also be to first to admit that was mainly because my heart was set on 2 of the characters finding eachother and then I just longed for them to come back in the frame figuring out their problems. Whether they did or not doesn't mather at all, as I soon found myself interested in other aspects as well, and the life of the Creek teens moved on. The reason I first had a 9 as the show score was mainly because of that feeling during those episodes, but as I now write this review I know in my heart that is no reason to slash the score.

    I guess some will disagree deeply in the characters credibility, the reacurring plots or the solutions their favourite characters choose. Others might find their problems, solutions or their declarations of love cheesy, dupe or unbelievable. I just want to remind you all there are rarely anything more important to a 16 year old than their crushes, boyfriend/girlfriend, lovelife or lack of such... And there sure is nothing more confusing.

    There is rarely easy answers to those questions in life, and I would never say this show answers any of them, but I've found this show helping me think, rethink and feel when it comes to my own life. That's quite huge from a teen drama. Added with the wellwritten dialogues, oneliners and the human growth of this show, I've never had more deep emotions gained by a TV-show than this. The Rachel and Ross saga of Friends can't even reach the knee of some of the relations brought by Dawson's Creek. There's every reason to be thankful for that and then give this show all the respect in the world because of it.

    I'm not ashamed to admit this show is by far the one touching my heart most often, and along with that also bringing me most heartwarming moments of any TV-show ever. I've had tears from good heartfelt emotions as well as tears of heartbreaks, and few shows can be given that description from me. I'll challenge you to give it your heart, and I truly hope you'll find the same experience I did.
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