Dawson's Creek

Season 6 Episode 13

Rock Bottom

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2003 on The WB

Episode Recap

Joey and Audrey say goodbye. Audrey is heading off to LA for rehab. They have a touching moment and Audrey leaves, though she doesn't seem as dedicated to the idea and you would hope. Later, Eddie shows up. He tells Joey that he is going to California. The phone rings. It is Audrey's mother telling Joey that Audrey never made it to rehab. Joey freaks. She and Eddie find her at a guy named Bob's apartment. After thinking that she is dead - she is fine - she agrees to drive across country with Joey and Eddie - but only if Bob can come. She's not going to rehab, but she'll go on the road trip. They finally agree.

Across country they go, Audrey berating Eddie along the way. Finally bored, Audrey and Bob steal the car. Later we catch up to them at a bar where Audrey is singing. She gets hit on by a redneck who takes her out to see his truck. Out there, he gets overly aggressive and Audrey beats the living sh*t out of him, just as Joey and Eddie arrive. Audrey sobs that she is ready to go to rehab.

In LA, Audrey apologizes to Eddie and tells him that he will always be on of the great loves of Joey Potter's life. Eddie and Joey leave Audrey and Bob - who are planning to pretend to be married to freak out Audrey's parents - and go downtown. They talk about how they love each other and Joey admits that she doesn't want to let him go. They plan to meet in Paris in one year - Joey calls it a nice daydream. They kiss.

Grams comes home and tells Jen that she and Clifton Smalls and she have broken up because he wanted her to convert. Later Jen is talking about it to C.J. and he tells her about his uncle who lost his wife recently. Jen says they should set them up. C.J. doesn't think it's a good idea, but goes along with it. At dinner, C.J.'s uncle is crass and rude and offensive and Grams loves it. After dinner the older couple goes for a walk and C.J. commends her on her instincts about the other two. She says she wishes she had such luck in her own lovelife. They last guy she liked slept with her friend. He tells her that if he knew how great she was, that never would have happened. They kiss.

Dawson is shooting the movie. His Director of Photography (DP) disrespects him if front of everyone. Natasha jumps on board, making it worse - slamming the script and refusing to do the nudity that they are requesting. Dawson's nerves are on edge. Natasha tells him that they won't respect him if he doesn't prove he deserve it. When the DP goes off on him the next time, Dawson fires him and puts Natasha right in her place. They finish the movie. Later he and Natasha have sex and talk about how they are just sex-buddies but that's not so bad. They joke about the affair that they'll have in the future and Natasha leaves.