Dawson's Creek - Season 5

The WB (ended 2003)




Episode Guide

  • The Long Goodbye
    Episode 4
    Lifelong friends Dawson, Joey and Pacey put past grudges behind them in the wake of the tragic death of one of their fathers. Along with Jack, Jen and Grams, each tries to find the words and actions to comfort their friend.
  • 12/19/01
    Pacey offers to cook for the gang on their weekly dinner (an event they always plan on doing but always fail to). Jen and Dawson return early and decide to keep what happened between them, but they are caught by everyone making out at the door. The dinner goes on in a very awkward way for everyone as Audrey and Dawson worry about Joey. But surprisingly she seems to be fine with it. Charlie also drops by, causing some tension for Dawson. At the end, they all decide that keeping their long lasting friendships is more important than having a weekly dinner, and Joey confesses to Pacey how she really feels about the whole Dawson-Jen thing.moreless
  • Capeside Revisited
    Episode 3
    Dawson is hit with tragedy after he heads home to Capeside to break the news to his parents that he is dropping out of USC to be with Joey, who is in shock herself after she realizes Pacey has been in Boston for weeks but hasn't bothered to get in touch with her.moreless
  • The Bostonians
    Episode 1
    Dawson is a freshman film student in Los Angeles, while Joey starts college at an Ivy League university in Boston. Instead of focusing on the new lives they have worked a lifetime for, they find themselves distracted by the distance between them and their unsettling last kiss.
  • Four Scary Stories
    Episode 9
    After watching scary movies, Joey, Pacey and Jack talk about their creepiest experiences and urban legends. Joey shares her story of how she was almost attacked by the librarian on Halloween and saved by the creepy man she was running from. Jack tells the story of when he was helping clean the frat house basement and found a guy strapped, who later he found out to be a ghost. Pacey reveals that he was chased by a black car while giving Karen a ride home, but there was nobody driving the car. Grams arrives and says she has the scariest story: the time when Jen got locked out of the radio booth.moreless
  • 11/28/01

    Dawson takes Jen on a road trip to a small film festival in New Hampshire where his documentary is being honored. The spotlight is intoxicating for both of them as they share one of the single most momentous events in a boy's life.

    Meanwhile, Jack brings Joey and Audrey to a frat party under false pretenses; and Pacey takes Karen on a non-romantic date.

  • Swan Song
    Episode 23
    As summer approaches, everyone gets ready for various travels. Dawson prepares to head out for LA with Audrey, while Jack and Jen get ready for their Costa Rica vacation. Left behind in Capeside for the summer, Joey and Pacey lament their fates, until they make a crucial last-minute decision that changes everything.moreless
  • Something Wilder
    Episode 13
    At Dawson's first day at his new film school he meets a guy named Oliver, who shows him around. Oliver wastes no time asking Dawson to direct a movie he wrote. Reluctant to direct someone else's work, Dawson starts giving notes to Oliver on the script and ends up accepting the job, thanks to Jen's incentive. Jen is having some problems of her own and her current state of happiness from the relationship with Dawson is reflecting on her on-air performance. She decides to go back to the sharp-tongued, edgy advice she used to give instead of the romantic, love-themed ones. Meanwhile, Elliott finally has the courage to ask Joey out, but Joey makes plans for a get together with Professor Wilder. Joey makes a fake excuse not to go out with Elliott, and her evening takes an unexpected turn when she and Professor Wilder kiss. Elsewhere, Jack is reprehended by his brothers for being on academic probation. Irritated, he goes out and has a few too many drinks, which results in a fight with his fraternity brothers.moreless
  • Something Wild
    Episode 11
    Joey and Audrey go to a nightclub to celebrate both Joey's grades and fall break. There, Audrey tries to convince Joey to have some real fun. Charlie is also there and he hits on Joey, who turns him down for what he did to Jen. But Charlie doesn't give up so easily and dares Joey to do something wild. She accepts the dare and goes on the stage to sing with the band. Excited about it, she kisses Charlie. Meanwhile, Pacey sees himself hanging out with Audrey after he joins the ladies at the club to celebrate his new promotion. And Dawson and Jen go back to Capeside, where they have their first fight over what Dawson will do with his life. At the end he decides to move in to Grams' attic in Boston and move on with his life.moreless
  • 2/6/02
    While directing Oliver's movie, Dawson has to deal with Audrey's complaints about Oliver's kissing skills and he has to recast the other lead role after watching the footages and discovering that Oliver stinks as an actor. Not only must he find someone who can act, but also someone who is hot, and charismatic in less than 6 hours. He ends up hiring Charlie, who fit the profile perfectly. During the shoot, Audrey has a crisis and locks herself in the bathroom because she kissed Pacey and felt like she was betraying her best friend. They have to call Joey, who was over at Professor Wilder's house, for help. After Joey's blessing, Audrey is back on the set so they can finally finish the shoot. Meanwhile, Jack is fed up with his brothers and decides to move out of the fraternity house. He and Eric have a moment and later in front of the other guys Eric accuses Jack of trying to kiss him.moreless
  • The Lost Weekend
    Episode 2
    Pacey gets a job at a resturant and meets an attractive Hispanic waitress named Karen. Although Karen has a very unfriendly boyfriend, that doesn't stop Pacey from feeling attracted to her. Dawson arrives to visit Joey, and is misled by Audrey when she decides to set her sights on him herself. Jen's compassion gets her to help Charlie and be on the college radio station.moreless
  • 11/7/01
    Dawson takes Joey up on her invitation for a weekend in Boston, but the two have reservations once there. Meanwhile, Jack is surprised when his boyfriend Tobey shows up unexpectedly forcing Jack to choose between fraternity hell week and spending time with Tobey.
  • The Abby
    Episode 22
    Pacey leads a revolt against Alex at Civilization. Dawson, Joey and Audrey return to Capeside, leaving Audrey to wonder about their pasts. Joey decides to see her father for the first time since his latest incarceration, while Dawson finally pays a visit to his father's grave. Jack and Jen wonder how they'll spend the summer.moreless
  • 4/17/02
    It's spring break and everyone heads for the beach except for Dawson. Audrey and Pacey go through their first relationship test when Audrey's high school boyfriend, and her first true love, shows up at her parent's house because he heard she was in town. He shows up with tickets for the M2M concert hoping to woo her back. She is torn with the memories of the past, and eventually kisses Chris, who confessed to Pacey that he was still in love with her. Pacey asks Audrey to be his official girlfriend after she confesses she loves him not Chris. Meanwhile, Charlie shows up and pursues Joey relentlessly. She continually rebuffs his advances but eventually gives in to him. Jen tries to warn her about him but that causes a fight between them. Meanwhile, Dawson and Oliver hit to road to NYC to meet a film agent who's interested in their movie, however, they never make it there. Dawson starts to tell Oliver the story of his relationship with Joey and decides to surprise her in Miami hoping to rekindle their romance. When he gets there, all he finds is a suicidal Jack and Pacey, who tells him Joey is out with Charlie. Charlie and Joey end up spending the night together and sharing a kiss. Dawson is left with nowhere to go and a broken heart.moreless
  • Highway To Hell
    Episode 17
    Charlie asks Joey to sing with his band at a distant club, which requires Pacey to give them a ride. Pacey and Charlie hate each other, and it takes a patient Audrey to keep them from going at each other's throats. Joey is nervous and isn't well received by the audience, until Charlie helps her with a duet. Still, he doesn't give up putting his moves on her. Audrey and Pacey seem to be more compatible. Meanwhile, Dawson, Jen, Jack and Grams drive up to Capeside for Lily's 1st birthday and Dawson finds out his mother has a new boyfriend. Meanwhile, Jen confesses to Jack that she wants to break up with Dawson, while he is conflicted with the possibility of loving Joey again.moreless
  • 1/23/02
    Dawson and Jen realize that living together is not as much fun as they hoped it would be. Between ruined toothbrushes and bathroom overcrowding, they're getting on each other's nerves. Jen faces a new challenge at work after she turns her regular show into an advice show. In her new show she mainly gives advice to other girls with problems and in the process ends up making statements about men that hurt Dawson's feelings. She comes home expecting a fight, but Dawson surprises her saying he won't fight or lie or cheat on her. Meanwhile Melanie, Pacey's summer flame, shows at his boat, offering Pacey a job working on her uncle's new boat. She wants him to sail around the Greek Islands. After a lot of thinking, Pacey decides not to go, since he has developed a successful life in Boston working at Civilization. Jack moves into the fraternity house and gets his own room, but has some problems staying there after he discovers he was supposed to be rooming with another guy who felt uncomfortable living with a gay guy. Joey decides to give Elliott Sawyer another chance after Audrey tells her they never slept together the night Joey and he met.moreless
  • 4/24/02
    Charlie's band lands a deal for a tour and Charlie asks Joey to go with him, but she doesn't want to leave college in the middle of the semester. Charlie then decides to quit the band and stay with her, which freaks Joey, who thinks they're jumping too many steps. She breaks up with him so he can go with his band on tour. Meanwhile, Oliver and Dawson finally get to NY to meet with an agent, but Oliver ruins the meeting. Dawson threats to end their partnership and Oliver begs for another chance. Civilization is sold and Alex Pearl takes over as the new manager. She promotes Pacey as head chef and fires Audrey. Pacey tries to get Audrey her job back, but all he gets is an inadvertent kiss from Alex.moreless
  • In A Lonely Place
    Episode 16
    Jen and Audrey are tempted to risk their new relationships with Dawson and Pacey after interviewing a couple of cute musicians. Meanwhile, Pacey's caught by surprise when he realizes Jack has taken him to a gay bar, and Dawson's curious upon seeing Joey's reaction when she catches Professor Wilder on a date.moreless
  • Cigarette Burns
    Episode 18
    Oliver tells Dawson he's arranged a screening for their movie, which is yet to be finished. Dawson freaks out, but Joey comforts him saying the movie is brilliant. Everybody attends to the screening and solve their conflicts while waiting for it to start. Dawson meets a beautiful woman, and after exchanging insults she reveals herself to be Amy Lloyd, movie critic for Boston Weekly, whom Oliver secretly invited for the screening. She storms out of the theater, and it's up to Dawson to bring her back. They go out for coffee, have a heart-to-heart talk and even make out! Meanwhile, Joey is scared about her feelings towards Charlie and goes to Jen for advice. Jen says it doesn't matter if the guy is a jerk; at the end of her life there might always be a Clifton Smalls (the new African American boyfriend of Grams). Pacey asks Audrey how many men she's slept with, and she tests him by saying 27, then 57, when it was really only 5. Pacey passes the test and tells Audrey he's in love with her. Oliver decides to ask Jen out. She turns him down, but he plays her into being curious about him.moreless
  • High Anxiety
    Episode 6
    Dawson is having trouble with anxiety attacks since his father's death, so he tries to escape reality with a night of debauchery with Jack and his fraternity brothers, which ends with Dawson accusing Joey of causing his father's death.

     Meanwhile, Jen seeks revenge on Charlie, Audrey's mom visits and Pacey makes a discovery about Danny.moreless
  • After Hours
    Episode 21
    Pacey's new boss proposes more professionalism in the workplace and promises to leave behind her attraction towards him, even offering Audrey her job back. Audrey suspects something is going on between them and refuses to return to Civilization. Later, Alex drops by at Pacey's and Audrey walks on them talking about their kiss. She storms out in anger, leaving the future of their relationship unknown while Pacey struggles with the growing attraction he feels for Alex. Meanwhile, Dawson runs into Amy Lloyd, the movie critic, and they end up in bed together. After sex, they talk about movies and she lends him her movie. Joey and Jack focus on studies, and while she has problems concentrating, he has to catch up an entire semester and even goes back to the fraternity house asking for help. Luckily, Eric (the same guy that caused Jack his expulsion) shows up at Grams with the needed notes.moreless
  • 11/21/01
    Jen helps Dawson go to the shrink he ran away from the week before. Dawson still thinks that the whole idea of sharing his thoughts with a complete stranger is weird, but he is surprised with how much he learns from it. Back home, he has to handle the problem with his father will, which does not include Lily. Meanwhile, Joey is working on a project about old love letters written by an obscure writer, and with the help of Audrey's audition tape for "The Real World: Ibiza", she manages to catch something no one of the fellow students caught. Pacey confronts Karen about the risks she is taking for having an affair with Danny, and Karen is hurt when Danny's wife shows up at a dinner party and he blows her off completely.moreless
  • 2/13/02
    Joey is forced at gunpoint to clean out her account by a street mugger, who is accidentally run over by a car just after mugging Joey. The merciful girl from Capeside stands by her aggressor, checking up on him and trying to get an ambulance and get him to the hospital after seeing the similarities between him and her own father. When the cops and paramedics arrive, Joey faints and is taken to the hospital. After recovering, she accidentally meets the mugger's estranged wife and daughter. Joey stands by her dying mugger as she tries to learn more about her own father. After his death, she makes a choice of sparing the guy's little daughter's feelings by telling her he jumped in front of the car to save her life.moreless