Dawson's Creek

Season 2 Episode 11

Sex, She Wrote

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 1999 on The WB

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  • Someone leaves a mysterious note in the classroom and Abby tries to figure out who wrote it.

    "Sex, she Wrote" is a very creative episode. I love the character Abby. She's one of my favourite side characters. I love the montage at the beginning where you think everyone had sex but they didn't. I love how Abby decides to solve the mystery of who wrote th note. I love how Abby and Chris try to get Pacey, Andie, Joey, Jack, Dawson and Jen to admit about what happened the other night and none of them admit anything. I love how Abby gathers everyone in a classroom and everybodys night was revealed. With JOey sketching Jack nude, Jen and Dawson's night, then finally revealing that Pacey wrote the note. I'm so glad that Abby didn't show her project to class. It showed that Andie never tried to ruin her life and so she won't ruin Andie's life. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • One of the best episodes!

    I Loved this episode! It was AMAZING! Dawson's Creeks done it again! Abby was yet again being a witch! And almost ruined everyone's lives! Her and she nosy backside is prying into others lives when Chris finds a note on the ground (talking about the previous night then saying sex changes everything so maybe we should slow things down)and gives it to Abby and she thinks of it a mystery, game, and project for school to figure out who wrote the note and who it was meant for! I was completely shocked by ending of the episode and the very end was very sweet when Pacey was talking about how scared he was and how he was falling hopelessly in Love with Andie! I Loved that part! The episode made Andie and Pacey grow closer. Even Joey and Dawson, well it made them grow!
  • Good example of Dawson and Joey continuing to wreak havoc in each other's lives.

    This episode had some great moments. The fact that Pacey is scared because he is falling for Andie is cute, and I like their relationship despite the fact that I am a Joey/Pacey fan for life. I love the dramatic moment where both Dawson and Joey yell, "YES" in answer to the question if either one of them had sex. The shock on both of their faces is completely heartbreaking before Jen says that it's not true, and that this display just emphasizes that fact. Abby shows some semblance of a conscience when she doesn't bring Pacey and Andie out, but another great part of this episode is when Jen talks about Abby's viciousness.