Dawson's Creek

Season 5 Episode 11

Something Wild

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 16, 2002 on The WB

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  • Audrey, Joey, and Pacey go to a night club and Joey shows her wild side. Dawson takes Jen home for the break.

    There's not too much drama in this episode, but there's a lot of excitement. I'm guessing this is Winter Break, or Christmas Break. Pacey shows up at Joey's door, brings her back to Boston in his new car, and when they get to the dorms, there's Audrey. I love how Joey get's an A in every class. Audrey and Joey go to a nightclub where Charlie's band is playing. Charlie decides to flirt with Joey until she tells him about Jen. I love how witty Joey is. I also love the wild streak in Joey. I love that she sings in front of everyone and her singing has improved since the last time she sang. I also love how she just kissed Charlie for no reason. I also love how she threatens Charlie to not tell anyone. I like how Audrey and and Pacey have a moment. And I like that Pacey's dad said he was proud of him. Dawson takes Jen back to Capeside for the some vacation time. Dawson was so rude to Jen, but I love how they made up in the end. I am glad that Dawson decided to go back to school. I give this episode a 9/10.
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