Dawson's Creek

Season 5 Episode 13

Something Wilder

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 2002 on The WB

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  • Dawson's first day at film school, and Oliver asks him to direct his film. Jen has lost her edge of giving advice on the radio. Joey makes two dates in for the same night. Jack is on academic probation and frat are treating him different because of it.

    Finally, this season is finally getting started with some drama. I mean besides Mitch's death. Anyways, Dawson goes back to school in this episode. He meets Oliver who was at that film festival. Oliver wants him to direct his film. Oliver was funny in the last episode he was in, but in this episode he was a little rude. But I guess he's kind of an anti social, and it's seems like he has a man crush on Dawson. I am glad that Dawson and Oliver worked things out. It's going to be nice seeing Dawson happy again, and filming. Jen has lost her edge at the radio station. She's giving bad advice, and if she doesn't change she could lose her job. I found her to be very funny in this episode, and I do love that Dawson and Oliver ignoring her at dinner, made her get her edge back. Elliot asks Joey out on a date and Joey says yes. Joey's English Lit professor asks Joey to go to a group dinner the same night and Joey says yes. She decides t blow off Elliot and fake sick, and go out with her professor. I really wish Joey didn't do that because I like Elliot. I can't believe Joey kissed her professor. I love how everything goes awkward after that. Jack is on academic probation. I am actually glad that the frat is on his back about his grades. He seems that Jack has a stereotype of what a Frat should be like, and as soon as it's not a stereotype he gets mad about it. I don't like him drunk. I love the fight he had. I hope he realizes that he's changed as a person and moves out of the frat.