Dawson's Creek

Season 3 Episode 19

Stolen Kisses

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 26, 2000 on The WB

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  • Dawson Leery, get over yourself

    Dawson Leery, get over yourself.

    Leery, Potter, and Witter are best friends. The admiration each feels for the other two is (presumably) reciprocal. They all share many values. For Witter to fall in love with Potter is perfectly reasonable and natural. For Leery to perceive an emotional attraction between Witter and Potter as betrayal is frankly ridiculous. Especially since Potter was not even with Leery at the time.

    Leery's conception of romantic love is rife with misconceptions. Witter did not steal Potter's love from Leery. Her emotional responses to the two boys/men are separate and independent responses to two separate and independent sets of character traits. They are not interchangeable. What Potter felt for Witter had nothing to do with what she felt for Leery. It was not deducted, so to speak, from what she felt for Leery.

    I know the name of the series is Dawson's Creek. I know the plot/theme was written with Dawson Leery at the hub, and all the other characters revolving around him. But frankly, I'm really not sure that was such a great idea. Dawson Leery has to be one of the most self-absorbed, infantile, narcissistic characters in TV history. Everything is me, me, me!

    Even series creator Kevin Williamson, who modeled Leery after himself, realizes this. That's why in one episode Witter said he was tired of being part of Leery's storyline.

    On another level, the episode is a useful illustration of the selfish nature of romantic love. Romantic love is basically the declaration I love you, followed by a long expectant wait for the response, Yeah, I love you too.

    Contrast this with unconditional love, which gives love without any expectation of quid pro quo. The way Potter treated AJ Moller and Morgan in the episode Cinderella Story came close to unconditional love.
  • Pure romance or utter cornball? You decide.

    This joy of an episode is so exquisitely romantic that it occasionally strays into the realms of the laugh-out-loud corny, the reprise of the acoustic version of Sleepy Jean at the very end of the show being the prime example -- a confluence of the sublime and the ridiculous in one perfect moment, which somehow *is* Dawson's Creek, perhaps because it doesn't actually involve Dawson himself. Which is a relief, because in any case we always sense the eponymous hero's brooding -- some would say irritating -- presence nearby. We're always aware that his arrival on screen is imminent. So there's simply no need to spoil a quintessentially Creeky moment like this perfect, stolen kiss with a jarring and unnecessary appearance by his Leeryness. Thank goodness the writers recognised this.
  • Dawson, Joey, Pacey, and Andie go to Dawson's Aunt's.

    "Stolen Kisses" is an interesting Dawson's Creek episode. It has some really terrific and amazing scenes. But it also has some awful scenes. I love Pacey and Joey in this episode. I love how they constantly flirt. I love how Joey kisses Pacey back at the end of the episode. Jen getting jealous of a waitress who was flirting with Henry was hilarious to watch. I like the character Will. He's very cute and mysterious. I didn't mind that he was flirting with Andie. Now, the part that I hated about this episode was Dawson's Aunt. She was so annoying. She kept talking about Dawson and Joey as if they were a couple. I give this episode a 9/10 for the good parts.
  • This episode is one that keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time!

    Joey finally admits to herself how she truly feels about Pacey. She has tried to squash her feelings for the past few episodes but the feelings are just too powerful. While the episode is a fun one it is also a very tense one, especially when Aunt Gwen sees Pacey and Joey kissing. While Joey and Dawson are only friends she makes them feel like they are doing something wrong.
    This is a great episode which captures the feel of young love and the trials and tribulations of falling in love with your best friend\'s girl.
  • It's about time!

    Finally, the wait is over. We all suspected Joey had the hots for Pacey, and now we know. What a sweet and life changing episode. Pacey's feelings for Joey haven't been a secret to the audience since they were confirmed in "A Weekend In The Country". Joey's feelings for Pacey however are never fully expressed until now. But it was well worth the wait. Though there is still one small problem... Dawson. Will she be able to explain her feelings for Pacey? Will he ever forgive them? Or accept them as a couple? Who knows, or cares at this particular moment. Joey finally kisses Pacey! While an acoustic version of Sleepy Jean plays in the backround. It doesn't get any better than this.
  • Amasing!

    I love this episode ! It's in my top 5 . It is the first episode where Joey kissed Pacey . Dawson's aunt appears (she is played by Julie Bowen) and she's a great caracter , too bad she was only in this episode , because she was great . And the karaoke night was very fun . I laughed so hard watching Joshua sing Wild thing ! Dawson and Joey sing Daydream beliver . This is the first time that this song is mentioned , but later in the show Joey says the this is her all time favorite song.
  • Pacey and Joey really begin.

    Really watching Joey and Pacey begin their relationship was one of the best parts of the whole series. This episode in particular really show cased their natural chemistry and intensity with one another. Joshua and Katie really had some natural heat that came off in their scenes and episodes together.
  • Awesome with minor glitches...

    Really great!

    All characters are shown from the real side. Dawson is the ultimate daydreamer, Andie shows her empathetic person, Pacey is frustrated and lonely and jealously Jen is not the strong person that she will always be to the others.

    I’m really a big fan of the Joey/Pacey relationship. But one question is open: Joey is clever! Why does she realize her feeling first in this episode? There are so many obvious situations in the last two or three episodes – maybe also in the first season! Additionally Jen and Andie (!) have told her, what's going on! Anyway - she didn’t see it.

    One the other hand overall it is the all-dominate beginning of the "True Love Story". And that why I am looking on...
  • I love this episode. So much emotion in one week.

    I like how Pacey and Joey finally figure out how they feel. I wish they had told Dawson though. Thats about the only part I don't like. I feel that if they had told Dawson it might have worked out a little better than it did in the end. I do however like how sweet Pacey was to Joey especially how he counted to ten before he kissed her a second time.
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