Dawson's Creek

Season 5 Episode 23

Swan Song

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 15, 2002 on The WB

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  • Dawson still has feelings for Joey, and Joey still has feelings for Dawson. Pacey tries to get Audrey back. Jen and Jack decide not to go to Costa Rica.

    Season finale of Dawson's Creek season 5. Surprisingly very good. Summer is almost here and everyone's has plans for the summer that change for fast. Let's start off with Joey. Joey was going to stay at the Yacht Club all summer, she reads Dawson's letter, goes to the airport, and she gets Dawson back. Now on to Dawson. Dawson still has feelings for Joey. He writes her a letter. And then they end up together in the end. I hated how he talked Jen out of going to Costa Rica. I think she's going to spend the summer with her parents, which I think is an awful idea. I like Eric and Jack as an idea. So I'm kind of glad that Jack stayed but I really wanted him to go Costa Rick with Jen. Audrey was going to go with Dawson to LA. Pacey was going be security for the Yacht Club. Then Pacey follows Audrey to the airport. Makes the best apology, and they end up driving to LA together. I give this episode a 8.5/10.
  • Crazy ending to a crazy season!!! People this does'nt happen in real life. JAJAJA :)

    I really love this seasons ending, it was amazing how this friends always end up together like this. People admit that all this coincidence doesnt happen to real people only this dawson's world could do this.

    Joey:(She's so dramatic about Dawson in this episode)Finally let her emotions run and take over her.

    Dawson:(His dream was fantastic and thats why he kisses her, because his affraid to miss his chance with her)Expresses her love to Joey but she does'nt kiss him back before the very end.

    Pacey:(I love you) He realized almost to late that he really loves Audrey and that he needs to fight for her... And he did so amazingly ROMANTIC...

    Jen:(She's messed up but everyone is) She finally embraced her families wishes to go with them for the summer. This is really good for her.

    Jack:(I love this guy) Does'nt go to Costa Rica and stay to help Eric a almost out of the closet, friend from the fratternity.

    In conclusion a really nice and warming episode. I really enjoy Pacey's speech in the episode and how all the characters hear it, it was beautifull...