Dawson's Creek

Season 2 Episode 4

Tamara's Return

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 28, 1998 on The WB

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  • Doesn't the episode title say it all?

    Tamara Jacobs is back and stirrs up things for Pacey. But he really acted like a man towards her. I always liked them together, but all that "I don't want a girl, I want a woman"-crap needs to be over. I really think Pacey should get with Andie. And I think the episode ending showed that I'll be getting that soon :)

    You wanna know what's really stupid? Joey and Dawson. I mean they're finally together and now Joey's unsatisfied with everything he does or they do. She doesn't know herself why she's pushing himself away. It's just a little ridiculous that she drew one picture and suddenly finds herself in a life crisis...
  • Tamara's Return was an excellent episode. Tamara Jacobs returns to Capeside and Pacey is shocked while Andie is starting to have feelings for him.

    Andie seems like she hates Pacey in this episode at first, so who would've figured that she had feelings for Pacey of all people? I mean, she's a straight-a student and Pacey is barely holding on to passing, but hey I guess anything can happen if he slept with his teacher. Meanwhile, Joey has a new interest in Art and Dawson is not really feeling the Art thing and they have a minor argument. Joey gets Jack, the new guy to go with her, and they will soon become closer. Overall, it was a great episode and it will be interesting to see where Andie and Pacey will go from here. I mean, can Andie possibly make him a better student?
  • Tamara Returns. Joey reveals her interest in art. Abby tries to cheer up Jen after Jen throwing herself at Dawson failed.

    "Tamara Returns" was a good episode with the Tamara and Pacey reunion. Other parts of this episode weren't so good. First of all I love all the Tamara and Pacey scenes. I'm glad that their storyline had a final conclusion in this episode. I love that Pacey starts realizing he has feelings for Andie because it's good that he can date someone his age and someone not 40 years old. I love Joey's interest in art. I really thought it could be her life's passion as with Dawson's life passion is with film. I love Joey finding out that Jack has an interest in art as well. I didn't like Jen and Abby in this episode. Re-watching season 2 I love the character Jen a lot more, but I still don't like her in this episode. I just don't like how they were flirting with an older guy. I give this episode 8/10.