Dawson's Creek

Season 2 Episode 7

The All-Nighter

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 1998 on The WB

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  • Everyone goes to Chris's house for all-night study session.

    I love how how Andie takes charge of their study session but they still get know where on studying and they all take a purity test instead. It was fun getting to know everybody's score. It was sad that Andie had to hear about Pacey and Ms. Jacobs. Dawson is so funny worrying about Chris seducing Jen and then Jen telling Dawson that she has her own agenda for Chris. Chris's little sister's crush on Dawson was funny. I love how Joey said she fell in love twice but it was both with Dawson. I love how everyone fell asleep and then Andie wakes up to realize that one really studied. I love how it jumps from scene to scene where it shows them all studying and doing various activities. I love when they all jump into the pool and I love the ending of the episode where they go to the football field and lie down to go to sleep. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • The gang pulls and All-Nighter, well not really...

    The gang pulls and All-Nighter, well not really because they fell asleep with out even studying, and took a purity test, which leads Andie to learn some interesting news about Pacey! Well I loved this episode! It started off they needed to study for an exam and Chris wants Jen and him to go back to his house to "study" but Jen says something like she woun't be there with JUST him so he ends up asking Pacey and Andie, and Pacey just wants to go because Chris is rich and has like 100 channels on his tv. Pacey goes off and asks Dawson to come and Andies asks Joey, which was definitely a bad thing! When they get to the house and nieve Andie still thinks she's in charge and that they're actually going to study but no one is actually studying then when they actually do sit down to study CHris finds a Purity tests in her back pack, and the whole purity test thing was very funny, the way they passed the test around and read questions and Pacey got all the animal questions! Well Jen and Chris get the lowest scores(around the 60s), Dawson and Joey get basically the same score (around an 86) and Andie gets the highest (around a 92), but Pacey didn't turn his in! Which causes craziness when Andie figures out why he didn't and Dawson goes crazy when he finds out Joey answered that she's been in love twice on her test. So Everyones either fighting or "getting some" and I bet you can guess who was doing that! But in this episode Pacey just keeps proving he's such an amazing guy, he actually told Andie the truth about Tamara because he didn't want to lie to her! I thought Pacey was SO hot in this season, and thats why it just broke my heart even more for what happened between him and Andy in the 3rd season! (sorry went off topic)
    and Dawson and Joey fight, and Andie ends up not talking to Pacey and somehow they all fall asleep and wwhen they wake up they realize none of them have studied for their exam and guess who comes to the rescue? Pacey! But it turns out the test was rescheduled!