Dawson's Creek

Season 3 Episode 22

The Anti-Prom

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 17, 2000 on The WB

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  • It's Prom!

    "The Anti-Prom" is one of my favourite episodes from season 3 of Dawason's Creek. I found it so rude of Barbara not to give prom tickets to Jack because he wanted to bring Ethan. I love that Dawson came up with idea for an alternative prom. The Ethan and Jack plot was just so intense with how they get into a fight and Jack won't kiss Ethan, and so Ethan leaves, and Jack's crying. I'm not a fan of Dawson trying to win back Joey. But that doesn't ruin the episode for me. I like Joey dancing with Pacey. They belong together. Though, it was also hard to watch Andie as she still in love with Pacey. But I love how understanding she is with not being mad Pacey. Jen and Henry were very entertaining. I love Jen freaking out because Henry is going to football camp in the summer. It's so crazy how Gail and Mitch fall back in love and decide to get married again. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • Amasing!

    This is one of the best episodes of the whole show ! ok, here is what you need to know : Jo goes with Dawson to the prom as friends Pacey takes Andy because no one asked her . Joey takes Jacks advice to try and be friends with bouth of them . So she asks Pacey to dance . . . and that part is so beautiful . . . when they dance . . . I think a blind man could see they were in love . But a blind man didn't see them , Dawson did and whined again ofcourse , I mean dude , get a grip ! But as far as Josh and Katie go they did an amasing job in this episode .
  • One of my top 5 favorite Dawson's Creek episodes ever!

    I love this episode. The pain that's evident when Pacey and Joey are dancing is just heartbreaking. I feel sorry for Dawson, but he seems whiny, and at this point it seems clear that Joey should move on. In addition to the perfect "I remember everything" speech which amazed me the first time I saw it because it was so touching, I also like the part where Andie recognizes the depth of Pacey's feelings for Joey because previously she had acted like it was Pacey's fault for falling in love. I don't really like how possessive of Joey Dawson seems, especially when he claims that Pacey shouldn't even be at the Anti-Prom which he organized. I can't believe that any Dawson and Joey fans wouldn't be swayed by how heartbroken Pacey seems throughout this episode and several others.
  • One of my personal favorites.

    This episode is really sweet and shows yet another side of the Joey-Pacey saga. He loves her, obviously, by the way he remembers something she said to him six months ago. How he knows that the earrings she's wearing aren't hers. How he dances with her cheek to cheek getting lost in the moment. And we see that her feelings are still there, but still hindered by Dawson. We also see Andi's feelings are still going strong for Pacey. And though he cares about her and always will, Joey's his true love now. All in all the Anti-prom doesn't end on a high note for any member of the gang.
  • As the junior-prom nears the Joey/Pacey/Dawson love triangle has a new obstacle when Joey agrees to attend the Dance with Dawson, albeit under the pretense of re-affirming their troubled friendship.

    I know that there are a lot of Dawson and Joey fans out there, but I'm sorry after this episode how could anyone not want Joey to end up with Pacey? This episode is classic.I never particularly cared for the Joey character (I was more of a Jen fan as far as the female characters went), but Pacey was the best character on that show and he totally deserved to get whatever he wanted, even if it happened to be someone lackluster like Joey. How could any girl watch the scene at the dance where Pacey delivers the now much-quoted "I remember everything" line and not want him to win. Man, you gotta have a heart of stone to watch that and still want Dawson to win. I love me some the Anti-Prom. Hands down one of the top 3 best Dawson's Creek episodes ever.
  • How will you choose?

    Watching Joey struggle with her teenage ideals of what she wanted and her new found love and friendship of Pacey really felt as though it was happening. This episode, which encomposed that, made you forget you were watching a television. You felt as though you were right there torn with Joey, hurting so deeply with Pacey, and being angered with Dawson. Everyone sided with different characters and had their own ideas about where Joey should end up but that was the beauty of the over all story line. It divided the fans in some ways but gave us all something we really ejoyed watching and could discuss. That's a true mark of a good story line.
  • Touching...

    The triangle at one of his bests...
    In this episode we experience the love triangle from the Joey point of view, wanting everything to go back to the way things were and all.
    We have 2 beautiful moments, and although at first this episode is nothing but a bunch of stuff going on, the last part makes one of the highest moments on this show.
    The "I remember everything" scene is just pure Pjer love...
    And the "How the evening was suposed to end"... Dawson desperated for Joey, giving her one of the sweetest kiss on Djer history...
    This is a really touching episode that prepares you to the finale and for everything that's coming...
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