Dawson's Creek

Season 5 Episode 1

The Bostonians

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2001 on The WB

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  • Dawson starts school in Los Angeles and he gets an internship in Hollywood possibly. Joey is spending all her time studying, while her rooomate Audrey think she should have a little fun. Jack thinks he and Jen should experience some college fun.

    This episode was good, and enjoyable, but it's a little boring. Where's all the drama? I bet all the drama will be here in episodes to come. So Dawson is is going to school in LA. It's probably a film school. He get's an internship at some move making place. That director is a huge jerk. I am so glad Dawson stood up for himself. I liked when everyone clapped after Dawson's speech. It's too bad that he got fired. I'm glad that he ended up in Boston at Joey's door. Joey is in University and all she's been doing is studying. She has a roommate named Audrey which I first thought was going to be a horrible character. But she's not that bad. I like that moment their shared about leaving their boyfriends behind. Jen and Jack are checking out their college experience by going to a frat party. I don't think the long-distance relationship between Tobey and Jack will last long. That guy named Charlie seems cool. I'm not sure if I would like him to go out with Jen though. I have no clue what Pacey is doing. I mean him skipping graduation. And now his a fisherman? I don't understand why he can't just get of the boat and be with his friends. Anyways I give this episode a 7.5/10.
  • Dawson's creek is losing it, I am afraid.

    Actually I was expected that, no more Capeside, welcome to the college guys!

    Unfortunately everybody knows that changing something is not really the best thing to do and Dawson's creek is totally jumping the shark..

    Joey is a... (with an horrible t-shirt which shows her breast!) humm... she is without Pacey, so she is a bad character and I'd rather like Jen now.
    Pacey is a fisherman (super!! what's a big deal!) and doesn't want that people knows that he's back! (super!)
    Jen is still Jen, Jack is still Jack, Dawson is still...Dawson, what's a pity...

    Discover the new Dawson's creek... the end of a wonderful serie...
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