Dawson's Creek

Season 6 Episode 3

The Importance of Not Being Too Earnest

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

Joey types a horribly overwritten email to Dawson analyzing their night together. Unfortunately (and unbelievably) she accidentally sends it to the Worthington campus-wide distribution address instead of Dawson. Professor Crankypants mocks her in class and people Boston-wide seem to be discussing her love life. In typical Joey fashion, she goes off on Eddie, only to find out that he never read the email. This is, apparently, enough to endear cardboard boy to her and they bond over their supposed hatred of Sophie B. Hawkins' As I Lay Me Down. The next day in class, when Professor Crankypants attempts to attack her, Joey gives him a taste of his own medicine, mocking him. This seems to garner respect from him and he moves on to the lecture for the day.

Jack is totally hot for Professor Pretty Boy (heretofore referred to as PPB), shushing Jen and a visiting Audrey in Pop Culture In an attempt to be close to him, he attends an "Ugly Ducklings Into Beautiful Swans" marathon at the local Cineplex that PPB assigned as extra credit. Afterwards, he sends Jen and Audrey for the car while he chats up PPB, and his over enthusiasm is relatively transparent to PPB, leading him to question whether Jack's statement regarding wanting to get more involved is referring to involvement in the ... or with him. Jack tries to cover, albeit not particularly successfully, and later tells Emma that he is afraid that he might have tipped his hand - but does admit that he is hot for teacher.

Pacey arrives late to work (actually, everyone else is early), so he is stuck with the dregs list, which includes all the cheapskates that they can never get to buy stock. His smarmy boss plays greasy mentor with him, questioning Pacey's choice of automobile, while he himself is fetching his new wheels - of the variety reserved for only those with big bank accounts and small genitals. Back at the office, when Pacey bags one of their most elusive prospects, boss man is the first to congratulate him and tell Pacey his has what it takes, but later he takes the credit ... and the commission ... for the sale. When confronted, boss man spews the typical "it's how it is - deal with it ... I did" line. He expects Pacey to leave the company, but after talking it out with Audrey, he goes back ready, and the next day surprises boss man by beating him into the office.

In the final scene Dawson takes time out of his busy schedule clandestinely finishing up his shocking portrayal as a Machiavellian college drug-dealer in Rules of Attraction - explaining his marked absence from the episode, to sit and write an email to Joey (as he never received hers). He does not finish, however, as he is called back to work by Satan (a.k.a. Todd).