Dawson's Creek

Season 6 Episode 3

The Importance of Not Being Too Earnest

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 2002 on The WB

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  • this episode was a let down

    This is the episode that Joey realizes that the words she said to Dawson were the right words. But then sends to everybody. That sucks. Word that was meant for Dawson are going to be read by everybody. Plus i really don't like the whole jack, Pacey and there roommate thing going on and Pacey new look, it doesn't look good. I felt bad for Joey which is the first time I have since what she did to Joey I really didn't like her teacher when he read it out. To tell the truth I could really watch the rest until I saw a Joey and Dawson moment which took forever. I think that Pacey and Audrey make a good couple (better than Joey and Pacey).finally a Dawson moment and he has the same Idea as her clear sign there meant to be.
    I don't really like this episode because the first 2 set out the whole Joey and Dawson thing and this episode just lets it down.
  • Joey writes a very personal letter to Dawson and she accidentally sends it to everyone on campus. Pacey's new boss doesn't play by the rules. Jen takes an interest in his teacher.

    I really enjoyed this episode. Not very dramatic, but very relatable. Joey writes an email to Dawson, and when she sends the email, she accidentally sends it to everyone on campus. That would suck if that happened to me. Her teacher is big jerk and very unprofessional. That Eddie guy doesn't seem that bad of a character. Pacey starts on his new job, and it's not what he expected. His new boss is unfair, and in the real world, would be fired by now. I really wish Pacey would quit that job. There are millions of jobs out there, he doesn't have to work there. It also seems that Audrey hasn't been going to classes. I think we are going see something happen to her in episodes to comes about not going to classes and all. Jack is definitely crushing on his teacher. Though they had a very awkward moment. I also liked the ending of this episode where Dawson is writing an email to Joey but he hands no words to write with so he doesn't. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • After her night with Dawson and his relevation that he was still dating someone when they slept together Joey decides to send Dawson an email telling him how she felt.

    Joey decides to send Dawson an email but accidentally sends it to the whole school instead. Her horror is magified by the fact that her teacher reads it outloud in class. If you've ever sent an email to the wrong person this episode will get you in the heart no matter what your email might have dealt with. Not only does she have the humiliation of finding out that Dawson had a girlfriend but now the whole school knows. This was a great episode but a nerve-wracking one because you feel Joey's pain and embarrassment. Some scenes are hard to watch because they are so painful.