Dawson's Creek

Season 6 Episode 5

The Impostors

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 2002 on The WB



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    • Jen: Little private teacher conference. What was that all about?
      Jack: I'm just getting that thing with my paper straightened out.
      Jen: Oh, yeah. Is it?
      Jack: Straight? Yeah. Perfectly.

    • Jack: Just do me a favor and have one of the T.A.s grade my papers from now on, please.
      Professor Freeman: No problem.

    • Professor Freeman: You have no idea, do you, of how much the world has changed?
      Jack: Look, if the world's changed, it's because people are willing to stand up and be honest about things, not hide behind things that are easier.

    • Professor Freeman: (To Jack) Look, maybe I did let my emotions affect the way that I graded your paper. If I did, that's inexcusable.

    • Eddie: (To Joey) Hey, maybe you're not as dumb as Hetson thinks you are.

    • Joey: (To Eddie) How do you accidentally sit in on a class and pretend to be a student?

    • Emma: Let's not hug or anything. Your pig of a boyfriend's likely to enjoy that.
      Audrey: He would, actually.

    • Audrey: You know, I really should thank you.
      Emma: What for?
      Audrey: For taking a chance on me.

    • Dawson: (To Natasha) You were the only hot girl in the room who looked like she might have actually read a book at some point in her life.

    • Dawson: Your mom wanted you to be a kindergarten teacher?
      Natasha: (Laughs) Yeah.
      Dawson: Ha,ha!
      Natasha: There's a lot she doesn't know about my teen years.

    • Natasha: It's generally not a good sign when the director leaves the set at lunch with someone who's just arrived from L.A. What'd you guys do, go shoe shopping? Start auditioning my replacement?

    • (About the gig)
      Audrey: Oh, my god, that was amazing!
      Emma: Yeah, well, it didn't suck!

    • Eddie: (To Joey) Look, Joey, I'm sorry I didn't turn out to be the person you thought I was, but you know what? Probably not too wise to invest that much in people you barely know.

    • Eddie: (To Joey) I'm sure you're only seconds away from breaking through Hetson's crusty exterior, earning his undying respect, and graduating magna cum laude. Or you could just save yourself a lot of trouble and sleep with the man.

    • Emma: Screw this up, and I'll kill you.
      Audrey: Ok. Sure.

    • (To her band)
      Emma: Ok, ladies, enough checkin' your makeup. I think the crowd's suitably drunk by now.

    • (Pacey is missing Audrey's gig)
      Audrey: So you checked. I mean, he's out there, right?
      Jen: Well, I'm not exactly sure. It's... it's kind of too crowded to tell.

    • Professor Freeman: Not everybody's willing to spend their lives being part of a despised minority.
      Jack: Yeah. (Laughs) Well... that's true. But maybe you should ask yourself who's doin' the despising.

    • Jack: (To Professor Freeman about his homosexuality) You know, it's one thing to be some scared teenager, afraid of his... his friends, his family, afraid of what everybody he meets might think and say about him. You know, I can forgive that. Hell, I can expect that. But you, you're an adult. Ok, somebody's married to you. You're... you're ruining lives here on a much larger scale.

    • Jack: (To Professor Freeman) If I hadn't been so shocked about what you said to me the other night, would this C-minus have been any higher?

    • Todd: Whose job are you tryin' to save here?
      Dawson: Everyone's.

    • (To Joey when she tries to help him)
      Eddie: Maybe the best thing for you to do is just mind your own damn business.

    • Professor Hetson: Miss Potter, who... may now return to boring us to death.
      Eddie: Hey, you know, maybe if you laid off her for 2 seconds at a time, she might not be so nervous.
      Professor Hetson: What was that? A little criticism of my teaching techniques? Because I have to say I've always considered myself pretty lenient, pretty willing to overlook certain things other, more traditional, by-the-book teachers might not appreciate.
      Eddie: Whatever.

    • Professor Hetson: I'm so bored, I'm losing my pulse here, Potter.

    • Audrey: The absolute best thing in the world has happened, and I wouldn't have come by if it weren't completely major.
      Pacey: How major?
      Audrey: Emma has asked me to be in her band. Me. For real. I mean, well, it's sort of on a trial basis, 'cause, you know, basically she still can't stand me.

    • Natasha: Is something wrong, Dawson?
      Dawson: No, nothin', other than you being naked when I walked in.
      Natasha: Such a prude. If we're gonna work together, you're gonna have to learn to get over things like that.

    • (About Natasha)
      Dawson: I thought you liked her.
      Todd: I do. Not as much as you do, of course, which may be clouding your judgment on this matter.

    • Dawson: For a horror movie like this to work, the heroine's gotta be both sexy and intelligent. Natasha is that girl.
      Heather: Why do I care what he thinks?
      Todd: He is the target demographic.

    • Eddie: (To Joey) No. The, uh, incident, as you so clinically refer to it, was you kissing me on the mouth with some sort of twisted intent we've yet to clarify. Agreeable, yes, but hardly nice.

    • Eddie: You know, if you think I'm being a jerk, just tell me.
      Joey: And how is that gonna help us get along any better?

    • Audrey: Is what good?
      Pacey: The book.
      Audrey: Honey, it's required. How can it be good?

    • Todd: Leery, your inability to relax disturbs me.

    • (About Emma and the kiss Joey gave him)
      Eddie: Why would I tell her?
      Joey: To embarrass me?
      Eddie: Oh, now, you're doin' a pretty good job of that all by yourself.

    • Joey: (To Eddie) Social conventions dictate that when something embarrassing happens, we all tacitly agree to never speak of them again. It's what keeps us going as a society. That...and alcohol.

    • Eddie: Guess I find you a little intimidating now that you've tried to ram your tongue down my throat.

    • Emma: If you let me do a little work on that t-shirt of yours. A few rips, a few tears. Do wonders for your tips.
      Joey: My what?
      Emma: Your tips. Your gratuities. (Laughs) What did you think I said?
      Joey: Nothing!

  • Notes

    • Music featured in the episode included:
      Bye Bye Baby by Schnockered
      Spaceshot by Brian Sullivan
      On 2 by Heavy Stud
      Only Human by Mike Freedman
      Frustrated by Catfight
      California Dreamin by Busy Philipps
      Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Busy Philipps
      Turn Your Lights Down Low by Reed Foehl
      Lately by Binge
      Reunion by Jonah

    • Guest stars Bianca Kajlich and Nicole Bilderback played Toros cheerleaders Carver and Whitney in the movie Bring It On.

  • Allusions

    • Todd: It wasn't some other Prada-wearing nightmare I accidentally shagged!

      Prada is an Italian fashion label specialized in luxury goods.

    • Professor Hetson: When Hubert gets called away for the urgent phone call, he returns to find Lolita doing what with the likes of Clare Quilty?

      This is a reference to Vladimir Nabokov's 1955 novel Lolita.

    • Jack: C-minus seems a little low for a paper that you enjoyed.
      Professor Freeman: I said that, did I?
      Jack: Yeah, you did the other night.
      Jack: If I hadn't been so shocked about what you said to me the other night, would this C-minus have been any higher?

      These are references to episode 6x04 Instant Karma!.

    • Jack: Jack Tripper was the only gay man in America, right?

      Jack Tripper is a character on the sitcoms Three's Company and Three's a Crowd, played by John Ritter.

    • Pacey: I just want to know if perhaps you and Jen might've gotten into a little bit of trouble at that party last week.

      This is a reference to episode 6x04 Instant Karma!.

    • Eddie: Guess I find you a little intimidating now that you've tried to ram your tongue down my throat.

      This is a reference to episode 6x04 Instant Karma!.