Dawson's Creek

Season 6 Episode 1

The Kids Are Alright (1)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2002 on The WB

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  • Marks the beggining of the Final Season!!!

    What better way to mark the beggining of the End that with our main 2 characters together, once and for all.

    Joey seemed very very interested in seen Dawson and he almost didnt make it in time, but she waited and waited for him, almost for all the episode.

    How can no one remembers Joey's birthday, that's so wrong and uncharacter like, for all of them.

    Loved all the Jack scenes with all the boys, very very nice, Jack. Also loved the Jen scenes with her grandma, very hillarious.

    I loved the speeches between Pacey and Joey because they make many references about when they where together, and you can see the tension that's allways around this relationship.

    Pacey and Joey FOREVER!!! JAJAJA...
  • Dawson and Joey finally have sex...but it seems too late.

    Most of this episode focused on the fact that Joey and Dawson hadn't talked all summer, while she spent her time in Capeside and he was out in California. This episode does introduce Eddie when he disagrees with Joey about the book that she only read part of to get into the advanced class. As revealed in the next episode, no one actually forgot Joey's birthday, they were just trying to surprise her, but the fact that Dawson is the only one that seemed to remember really registers with her. When he gives her the snowglobe, at first they just seem to be having a friendly hug, but then they decide to sleep together. At this point they don't really seem to have that much chemistry so the whole scene is pretty awkward, which is why I only gave this episode a 9. Considering they were talking about sleeping together since they were 15, it seems a little late in the story line when Joey is turning 19.
  • season 6 beinging

    I just finish watching this episode and I loved every bit of the ending. It was perfect. I was sooo Joey and Dawson as soon as he got up and changed the clock so it was after midnight for her birthday I began to cry it was sooo great. I love every minute of it. At the start I was a bit sad that Dawson didn't meet Joey first and how he was late to show up at hell's kitchen but when he showed up it made me happy. I think that there meet to be but from what I read they don't end up together. My Dawson Creek season 6 continues I can't wait until the next episode.
  • It's Joey's birthday and Dawson comes to Boston as he is the only one that remembers. Grams is taking a class and Jen is surprised she's in one of her classes. Pacey is tired of Audrey and wants some sleep. Jack is sneaking around with other guys.

    Great season opener! It's obvious that the show is all about Joey now. So Let's star off with Joey. It's her birthday and nobody remembers except for Dawson. I love the present he gave her. I am so glad that they had sex. Hopefully the becomes a couple again. Dawson sounds like a jerk though, with him and Oliver not working and all. But Oliver sounds kind of crazy. I like the Jen part of this episode. I love how she reacts to Grams taking the same class as her. Audrey and Pacey return and it seems that Pacey is tired of Audrey. But Pacey just wants some sleep. I like that Audrey decides to get them a hotel and just let him sleep. I love how Jack has been sneaking around with Grams. I like that Pacey wants him to be his room mate. Anyways I give this episode a 9/10, just because of how it ended.