Dawson's Creek

Season 2 Episode 1

The Kiss

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 1998 on The WB

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  • Dawson wants to kiss Joey again. Jen's grandfather just died and Jen's not taking it too well. Pacey tries to gets Christy's attention but only gets the attention of new girl Andie.

    "The Kiss" was definitely a great season 2 opener! I love how season 2 starts off where it left off from season one with Dawson and Joey having their first kiss. It was entertaining to watch Dawson struggle with trying to kiss Joey for a second time. I liked th end of the episode where they finally kissed again on the swingset. It was very sad how Jen's grandfatehr died. I like the the scene with Jen and Grams, and Grams is describing her first date with Gramps. I love the introduction of Andie. She's my favourite character on the show. I love how Pacey pretended to be police officer and then Andie finding out that he's really a stundent at Capeside High. It was funny how Andie told Christy that Pacey had some sort of heart disease. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • Dawson and Joey - finally!

    The second season premiere picks up where we were left last season: Joey and Dawson finally kiss. I must say I don't really feel the chemistry there so much. When they went on their date and then had their complicated second kiss... I didn't feel it. Well, maybe it'll come to me once I've gotten used to seeing them.
    Of course Jen is annoying as always. Getting in between Joey and Dawson. I can't help that I don't like her that much...
    That Andy chick is kinda weird, but maybe a weird girl is just right for Pacey, he should get a little settled...
  • Great season premiere! The whole DJ storyline a little slow, but very enticing & the Jen storyline had me gripping on for more.

    Great season premiere! The whole DJ storyline a little slow, but very enticing & the Jen storyline had me gripping on for more. Joey & Dawson were sure yet hesitant about them being a couple, Jen mourns her grandfathers death trying to get back into Dawson's life & Pacey frosts his tips...... & attempts to ask out a popular girl. The continuation from Season 1 finale 'Decisions' was very well carried & didn't rush back in to things too soon but in fact dealt with the immediate aftermath of DJ(Dawson/Joey)'s kiss. One great thing about this episode is about how it mainly deals with very realistic feelings for American teens & you feel like that's what you would do if you were placed in the character's position. All in all, a really nice episode that entertains while still needing some work & more storylines. ALSO: A great introduction for Andie & it's great to see some new characters on the show.
  • Joey & Dawson....kiss!

    Sooo... Joey and Dawson are kissing now....does this mean they're dating? I suppose so! Jen is OBVIOUSLY wanting Dawson back....shouldn't have dumped him sistah! =P Anywayyyy, introducing: Andy McPhee! I really like this girl. She has a run in with "Officer Pacey", haha. Anyways, this is a good episode, but of course, I love all episodes! I am just a guilty Dawson's Creek lover. It's one of my favorite shows. While The Kiss isn't my favorite episode, it's still a greattt episode, regardless, therefore, I find it hard to give this episode of Dawson's Creek anything other than a much deserving 10!
  • Great !

    An excelent episode ! I loved it ! Even when they got confused about te kiss . Joey went for the window but Dawson chased her and just said " Don't even think about climbing trough that window " , it was so cute . And then they compared two conversations between Joey and Bessie and Pacey and Dawson . It was so funny the way Bessie and Pacey kept asking questions that Dawson and Joey wouldn't answer . Later thay went out on they first date , and Joey was all nervous about the second kiss but Dawson just said : it's gonna be so simple Jo " loved it!
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