Dawson's Creek

Season 5 Episode 4

The Long Goodbye

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 2001 on The WB

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  • Mitch is dead. Gale, Dawson, Joey, and Pacey have flashbacks of him. Jen, Jack, and Grams try to be supportive.

    RIP Mitch Leary :( This is such a sad episode. I am juts kind of speechless of what to write. Let's start of with Dawson. Dawson has all this emotions stuck in him and he won't let him out. I like the flashback of Mitch giving him his first camera. I liked how Dawson freaked out when the answering machine was on. And I liked how he cried and just let it all out at the end of the episode. Now onto to Joey. I feel so bad for Joey. I mean, she's gone through everything Dawson is going through, and Dawson just wanted to be alone. It was so sad when she was crying. I also liked the flashback of Mitch and Joey On to Gale, I feel even worse for her. I mean when she asked Dawson to go get some milk, then she throw that milk carton into the garbage and started bawling her eyes out, it was very sad. I liked her flashback of Mitch too. Pacey is such a good guy in this episode. I like how he takes Dawson to the spot where his dad died. I liked how he told Dawson that it's not his fault. I liked the flashback of Mitch teaching Pacey to drive. Jen, Jack, and Grams aren't as close to Mitch as Gale, Joey, Pacey and Dawson. It was so sad when Grams said that she's not on speaking terms with the lord. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • The aftermath of Mitch Leery's death. Dawson and the gang return to Capeside for the funeral.

    This episode had me in floods as there were lost of flashback sequences of Mitch's encounters with the various members of the gang over the years and it reminded me of what a nice character he was, particularly the scene where he is reflecting on how lovely his own life was. Dawson, of course blames himself for the death, firstly because he left for Boston against his dad's advice which meant that Mitch would have been driving him to the airport to go back to LA at the time of the accident if he had followed his advice. Secondly he believes himself to be responsible because he had milk with his cereal in the morning, resulting in the Leery family running out of milk and Mitch was killed on the way to the shops to buy some more. All in all, pack some tissues and enjoy!
  • This was an incredibly sad episode.

    I can’t believe Mitch is gone. I never expected for this to happen. How will Gail go on? She has Lilly now and she will have to raise her without Mitch. Sooo sad. Loosing his father is going to turn Dawson’s life upside down. The parts that get me the most though are when Dawson, Joey and Gail see Mitch after he dies. Dawson is 12 again and Mitch is giving him a camera to shoot movies on, for his birthday. Also, when Joey sees Mitch putting up the ladder to Dawson’s room and Gail is watching him put together Dawson’s crib, I almost cried. All of these scenes were big moments in their lives. Mitch and Gail preparing for Dawson’s arrival was the start of it all. The ladder was Joey’s access to Dawson and the start to their endless love and the camera was what started Dawson’s need to become a director. I loved how, at the end of Mitch’s life, they showed how he contributed to the start of everyone else’s. It was very big of Pacey to go to the funeral; I wondered if he would. Pacey was Dawson’s best friend forever and although he doesn’t know it, Dawson needed him there. I can’t believe that Pacey would take Dawson to the place that his dad died. Pacey has a way of doing things for people that help them in ways that they could not even imagine, but the way he does it always seems to surprise me. I just wonder how Dawson will react to this when it is all over. I really hope that they will become friends again. Now is the time in both of their lives that they need each other. I am glad that Dawson finally cried at the end. It was not good for him to keep his emotions bottled up. I think that what the clerk at the store told him was what he needed to hear to let go.
  • Such a sad episode.

    The way this episode is done is incredible. I mean at the beginning with the sad music, a couple walking up to the restaurant, and then the sign. "Closed Death in the familly" So incredibly sad. I love how each individual one of the friends has this visual of them Dawson and the camera, Joey and the ladder, etc. Also when Dawson is standing there talking to the woman and the phone rings and Mitch's voice comes on and Dawson kind of loses it, that's where I always cry. Just seeing a young teenage kid who loved their father so much and is trying so hard to keep it together for their family. I don't know what else to say about this episode other than it is one of the saddest Dawson's Creek Episodes ever.
  • One sad episode.

    In this episode, the gang goes back to Capeside for Mitch's funeral and Dawson feel gulity for his father's death because of how he told his parents about wanting to drop out of USC and move to Boston to be near his friends and Joey.

    As the episode wore on, I found myself not liking how Joey was acting towards Dawson, like she was always around him, wanting and trying too hard to be his shoulder to cry on. I found her to be too overbearing in wanting to help, just because of how she went through the grieving processs when her mother died.

    However, how his friends and their family were there for Dawson and his family is what made the episode, special, yet sad. I found it a little sad that it took a death in one of their family's to bring them together in Capeside.

    In all, this was one well written episode.
  • Ghosts of his father haunt Dawson as he handles arrangements for his father’s funeral. He represses his sense of loss instead carrying guilt feeling that his decision to drop out of USC was the cause of his father’s death.

    As usual the writing and acting are superb while the characters recall memories of Mitch. One by one Dawson’s friends show their affection for Dawson but it is Pacey who forces Dawson to visit the scene of the accident and realize that he was not responsible. This episode forces Dawson to finally face the reality of adulthood. It is a very special episode.