Dawson's Creek

Season 3 Episode 20

The Longest Day

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 03, 2000 on The WB

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  • DC gets the "Go" treatment which also starred Katie Holmes.

    This one of my favorite episodes and one of the show's best. We get everyone's perspective in this episode which means the storyline repeats itself until the final ending. This is the episode where everyone finds out about Joey and Pacey's secret love affair. Dawson finds out form Jen because she thought he already knew. The scene between Joey and Andie at the library was funny. Both ladies played that scene well. Dawson was a jerk and Joey was stupid. You're going to choose the guy who told you, you had to choose? You have no backbone. Doug was a bad big brother in this. Who tells their young sibling something like that? You're supposed to take his side. What Jen told Henry was funny. Jen cares about her friends. This episode is very re watchable.
  • End.....

    The beginning of the end....

    one of the top episodes
  • Pacey and Joey struggle to tell Dawson about their relationship.

    "The Longest Day" is one of the best Dawson's Creek episodes. The episode was shot very beautifully. I love how this episode was shot in different points of view. I love how the day restarts each time it's a different person's point of view. One of of the most amazing things happen in this episode: Joey and Pacey fall in love. It's official. It's so funny how Jen accidentally tells Dawson about Joey and Pacey. Then it gets kind of sad because I love the character Andie and Pacey and Andie are still one of my favourite couples on the show. But, anyways, she reveals that she still has feelings for Pacey. I love the ending of this episode. I just love how everyone finds out about Pacey and Joey. The only thing that I didn't like was Henry being a jerk to Jen and not listening to her. But I love Jen kicking Henry out of her house. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • One of the best episodes of the series

    This episode, with the four different perspectives of the day, is amazing. The acting is brilliant, the storylines fabulous, and the music, as always, perfect.
    First, Joey and Pacey are struggling to tell Dawson about their blossoming relationship. They start in the boat shack making out and trying to find the right way to tell Dawson about their relationship. We then see poor Andie in the library telling Joey that something may be happening again between her and Pacey. Shoot to another scene where Jen accidentally lets it slip to Dawson that something's up. And finally, bring in Dawson, Joey, Pacey, and Andie (with her date) in the most emotional scene of the episode. Joey and Pacey are arguing on Dawson's front lawn as neither of them can bring themselves to tell him what is going on. Enter Andie with her date, who also does not know that Pacey and Joey are "together." The looks of heartbreak on the faces of Dawson and Andie are absolutely priceless. Brilliant work by James Vanderbeek and Meredith Monroe.
    A sad, pivotal episode in the brilliant series that is Dawson.
  • This episode changes everything.

    Joey and Pacey finally show us that this is more than a hormonal glitch. Their feelings for each other are very real. Possibly stronger than even they ever imagined. Now they have to tell Dawson about their newly developed relationship. However, Dawson finds out before they can tell him, when Jen spills the beans accidentally. Pacey goes to tell Dawson and is stopped abrubptly by Joey. He then catched them outside his bedroom window arguing about the future of their relationship. When confronted, Pacey tells Dawson about he and Joey. Only for Dawson to reveal he already knows. Enter Andi, who is on a date with Will. She too is crushed by the news of Pacey and Joey. Needless to say, this doesn't end well... for anyone.
  • 4 person perspective

    This episode did something that the series had never done before, and had never done again, the four person perspective. Pacey, Joey, and Jenn's perspective of one day are all shown in one episode. It was very fitting with the Pacey/Joey relationship coming out of the dark and under the scrutiny of practucly everyone in Capeside.
  • This one will make your heart hurt no matter who you are rooting for.....

    This is definitely one of the best episodes of Dawson's Creek. It will make your heart hurt because even if you are rooting for Pacey/Joey relationship you have to admit that the way Dawson found out isn't right. In the beginning of the episode when Joey and Pacey are trying to decide who will tell Dawson about them the look on Pacey's face and the tone of his voice when he tells Joey he will be the one to tell Dawson is absolutely heartbreaking. You know from the look on his face and the tone of his voice that it will break his heart to tell Dawson and that he knows it will hurt Dawson and that he doesn't want to hurt his best friend but will do it so Joey won't have to. It's a wonderful "Pacey" moment.
  • "The Longest Day" or "I Know What You Did Last Summer"?

    It is a totally another episode than all others in this series that I see the other day. Confused like “Pulp Fiction” you will get the opportunity to see many scenes from different views later again. So you get the chance to learn more and more why Dawson “knows” what’s going on between his best friends: Joey and Pacey.

    But why he “knows”? Yeah, I am very surprised! Joey used to be talk never about her private life, but now she seems pride to recognize that there something strong going on between Pacey and her. So Jen, which is not nearby her best friend, “knows” it as the first. Remarkable! Anything else can be interpreted by mischance. It also declares why Dawson deals severely with Joey as she comes by, while he was watching the first movie, which they seen together earlier. Specially the content it seems not best one in this situation and also not at the beginning of there romance...
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